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92 Hoovers in South Los Angeles

92 Hoover [9 Deuce / Nine Duece Hoover / ] are a predominately African-American street gang located in South Los Angeles and are the consensus oldest of all Hoover sets. The original Hoovers formed in and around Manchester Park (now Algin Sutton Recreation Center) located on Hoover Avenue between 88th and 90th Streets around 1970. This area eventually took on the Nine Deuce Hoover identity in 1973 becoming the first individual Hoover set started by Melvin “Bloodstone” Calloway. He was later shot and killed in 1979.

Deceased members

  1. 2-Shay
  2. Melvin “Bloodstone” Calloway, 24 (April 25, 1955 – July 10, 1979)
  3. Lil H-Wood
  4. Derrick “OG Vamp” Hargress, 50 (1963 – 2013) shot and killed in Seattle, Washington.

52 Comments for “92 Hoovers in South Los Angeles”


  2. kool aid

    Big ups to all grovers, from the one and only HarrdTimes keep it peaceful next year, black love always.

  3. Ws18st

    Fuk snoovers ws18stpwws tinylocos clicka
    Fuk snoovers catch us Dc8s anytime anywhere

  4. burnie

    mr. 18st yu never heard of 18st hoover locos

  5. Twice Gr52ve

    Sxuthside bkitches

  6. Twice Gr52ve

    I dont like 18st bkitches

  7. ebk

    f#@$k feitones f#@$k ssl 187 on you levas ws 92 hcg 18k sk nk bk

  8. 5th street

    home of the og gun claP

  9. mia

    hoova love sexy mia 323 513 4562

  10. $733Py 70C 9II HCGZ groovin

    West Grooving its NY sleepy locc… Dulowz!!!!! Everything else K I’m I dont likeing with th 9duce HCG up guyz s/o H & R BkLoCC

  11. HK-CITY 98MSMC

    E/S MAIN ST MAFIA CRIP 98!! FUHK SN716V’S AND fooS92K77K!!!


  12. real1

    I dont like snoovas!

  13. snapdeuce

    f#@$k slobks, nkaps, ckrabs, and skcraps its H.C.G or D.I.E.

    West f#@$k’nk Seattle

  14. real1

    Snoovas is fake yall put c blank and Bk but yall chick blank guys get along with eight trays ( crips ) inglewood families ( bloods) ! Snoova blank guys don’t know what yall want to do fake blank chick blank snoovas ! Put sh*% like that up when yall really beef with everybody I dont likein priccs I dont like snoovas

  15. Fonzie crim

    Patersøn nj we grøøve hard øut here

  16. HkallDay


  17. Yung Groove

    What’s all this werido sh*%. This 92 HooveR crim f#@$k out here shoe laces ain’t doing sh*% groove nappk bashing f#@$k skirts , waflos cK bK AK
    Hoover Criminal Gang 52,59,74,83,92,94,107 Grooveing ya’ll know what’s Hatning
    Ps. guy this Orange gang bang

  18. mk mack

    f#@$k skirts nd yo dead homies

  19. Pacmank Jay

    Im trying join da Hooverz bkut its no hoover set in South Carolina i dont want to join these napps nor slobk

  20. grumpy

    weast coast 90 orchard blocc

  21. black lives M

    why did all the hoover clicks get together to smash the west coast 90 . boo manson said it himself on you tube and he metioned a few other gangs . but yet all hoover clicks cant get together to smash on south X los 13 a Mexican gang. but hoovers did it to a small black gang on orchard blocc.

  22. 6cannon

    I love this hxxver sh*% 92 tx I die

  23. 6cannon

    Its hxxver sets in Raleigh and we go hard so what the f#@$k y’all mean Do Low game for life Orange game

  24. mikeyang

    92 and buttlong my blank is out I’m real I dont like southside locosk Pomona bisexual gang we on 92 and buttlong real is bi

  25. Lil Pete

    Was with Big Vampire in Seattle the homie did 14 on his head in Washington anyone know where his brother at Lil Vamp?

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