Neighbor Hood 90 Crips

Neighbor Hood 90 Crips

52 Comments for “Neighbor Hood 90 Crips”

  1. frank brown

    Hey grape cuzo this stretch get at me cuzz i need to speak wit u loc im still in new mexico

  2. frank brown

    9’s up cuz this stretch from tiny toons cuz whats hood baby mando grape baby kaos get at me cuz i need to speak to one of u cuz its stertch from Albuquerque im out the pen cuz get at me fuc ramps , i been gettin in to it wit then 40 ave niggas out here cuz its gun play cuzz i lost all my numbers and need to talk to the homies

  3. Hard Knocc 9

    what 40 aves you talkin bout cuhh?

    come bac to the land homie

    W/S RNC bk hk 3k gk

  4. wettyloc, you been exposed too, so quit actin, if i ever hear where you r imma send someone and bring u too oakland.

    • YGSlimDuce15OOi


  5. what hood cuz this stretch get at me cuzz im trying to get to the house hard knocc get cac at me cuzo fuc HK 3K BK PK and fuc the bay cuz im trying to grt cac next week so get at me when u get a chance cuzo R.N.C till i die cuzz whats up wit lil9ball and yc and 45 tell the homies 9’s up and im b coming cac soon but till then love one stay h90d cuz

  6. Hard Knocc 9

    don’t trip loc, just come cac home, everythang gonna ce alright

  7. shiit loc u find some shit where niggaz smoke punks fo they kicks n shit get at me NBCC/231 posted up on that corner slangin that rock homie’s gettin that paper chase, come find me fo real loc start that set trippin gang bangin war u know what im sayin

  8. 231 blocc bangin crip walkin crab killa murk dem damu’s n crips if u wanna tustle homeboy


    WESTSIDE 109 AVE PIRU FUKK nachosK nappyheadsK uglygirlsK happytimesK ricecrispysK r100K

  10. Western love

    Naybah90d…..west side xc gang…..fuc tramps fuc faggets fUc snoovaz and fuc crs cuzz

  11. cripXLife

    hey wassup “harrdtimes” what u must get paid to preach on this website or just have nothing to do but i aint knocking u brotha im just curious to y preach on a website full of knuckle heads with there mind already made up and half the niggaz and mexicans r bustaz in they hood!!!!! if u gonna preach i feel u should do it in person what u think?

  12. frank chulou

    where yall from

  13. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to provide something again and help others like you helped me.

    • rvc

      whats the difference in NHOOD 90’s and Rollin 90’s?

      • gucc loc aka gucc90

        cuz thre is no difference we started out as snoova 90s thn whn the beef brke out we separated and went to the west side 90s wich is the westcoast 90s to day better knwn as orchard blocc thn yu had the rollin 90 nhc frm the 90 st on to the 100th street orchard blocc is knwn as the westcoast rollin 90s those are our cacc runnas

      • money, hoe’s and a real hustle.

  14. loc zo

    R.N.C cuz memphis chapter N-h90d

  15. Spoety

    h40dsta love cuhk.. Rich Rollin Owe’s 40/60/90/100 fuc diru’s trampks snoovk 2k bk

    • frankbrown aka stretch

      Owe luv cuzz what’s hood wit ur homies out here n.h.c tripin out in albuquerque I got in to it wit ur homie baby. Aveleno what’s up wit cuzz get cac h90dsta love cuz GK3KHkBkPk

  16. 90's GkIRL

    R0llingk 0we gKangK … NHC Thoee

    • wild child loc

      What’s h90d this wild Child Loc from the east coast South Carolina me n my Loc’s tryn 2 link up with all 90’$ everywhere 864-421-7093

  17. j[]kaL[]C^

    W3$t $id3 RiC^lxl R[]lliN 90’s N3iglxlbk[]rlxl90d C^ripk gaNg

  18. Sleep

    This life of banging isn’t a game… Put the guns down, pick up your peoples homie. There’s more to life than beefin with Hoovers and ETG’s

  19. Lep3k

    W.S R9u0g`s NHkC Stkay Rollin BK HK 3K

  20. popa trampk

    You must be a old ass busta from the h90d that turnt yo bacc on all the homies never came bacc ass nigga fucc all u niggas at cuz

  21. bkitter Chkild

    R9x10 NaybahK90d Bkitter Chkild From The Set On Western and 94 Get @ Me 3k Bk Hk

  22. 90round$

    Wes crxCcn I’m trying to get upk wit y’all h90d niggas in diffirent states cuhhk

  23. 90round$

    From chattown to the Cali cuhhk com fucc wit us

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