Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips | RFCG | NH R. 40s Crips

Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips [RFC, R. 40s NHC] are a predominately African-American street gang located in South Los Angeles from the community of Leimert Park (west) to the 110 Freeway (east) between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (north) and Vernon Avenue (south). They have four main clicks, going from west to east, the Avenues, Western Side from Arlington to Normandie, Park Side from Normandie to Vermont and the Dark Side from Vermont Avenue to the 110 Freeway.

Rollin 40s Crips

Rollin 40s Crip graffiti on 45th Street & Kansas, Los Angeles, July 15, 2015

Vermont Square Park in South LA

Vermont Square Park in South LA

Deceased members of Rollin 40s Crips

  1. Ernest Crayton ( – Oct 2, 2006), shot five times, twice in the head near Western & Vernon, Christopher “Ce-Loc” Mathis and Akil Robbins from 76 East Coast Crips were convicted in this case
  2. Joseph “40 Jo” Gilbert, (Nov 21, 1983 – Nov 25, 2005), stabbed to death at a party in the Jungles in South LA.
  3. Tiny Bad Guy 4
  4. Dark Blue
  5. Baby E
  6. Johnny “KD” Cox, 31 (Jan. 12, 1984 – Jan. 11, 2016), shot and killed on Vernon Ave near Western Ave one day before his 32nd birthday.
  7. Tiny P
  8. Lil Taco
  9. Touchette
  10. Lil Touchette
  11. Baby Touchette
  12. Gary D. “Twin” Dorton, 48 (February 12, 1970 – July 1, 2018), shot and killed on the 4500 block S. Van Ness Ave.
  13. Edwin Van Joshua, 33 (January 8, 1980 – August 4, 2013)

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  1. Ray

    Do the Rolling 40s have beef with Hang Out Boys? I heard a rap song on YouTube from some Rolling 40s Crips and they said something about Hang Out Busters. The only thing I could think of was that it was a reference to HOB 13. I know HOB has beef with another Crip gang, that being 43 Gangster Crip.

    • Lil Db

      Yeah. They ki*led baby down f#@$k them!

    • rollin40

      Rollin 40s guy not rolling 40s chick get it right or f#@$k off

    • idkme

      stupid kids believe everything they hear on the radio when its just to sell records….if you dont know about gangs then dont ask!!!!!

      • Gaithersburg Police Training School

        Our taxdollars will fund the good police and courts for dealing with street crime and gangs that want to take over our neighborhoods. We are at a critical time when police and courts will need the public’s help in cleaning up our society. We want to thank you for your service!

  2. XLS

    yeah we have beef but not blank strong since the begining in “07” but still no pblank to the hangout bustas

  3. CM

    Dont waste ya life

  4. XLS

    vernon avenue 42nd street elementary….tiny loc LIGHTxSIDE crip’s…..OWS.VSP.ODS 4xLife stiLL187umbpslobki*lah

    • $40s use to be brims in the early 70s, what happen, yall became transforms or what? Yall the only hood that change gang ties ,like I change my shorts. and if you real a 40 crip name the three frist 40 crips ever in yall hood (, hint) two are dead, and one is still alive who are they?

  5. atakins81

    i neva heard of no 40bkrimz u got yo factz wrong hardtyme it wuz just th@ da LA Bkrimz went down Vermont but they died out & turned n2 FTBk & 62Bkrimz & da 4Tray Hoovaz wuz goin through da Darksidez so dont post any stupid shyt please i hope u dont Bkang on HARLEM u need2 learn yo hood history

    • guy dont try to front you a transformer, I was rasied in the 40s , now either man up or get out the way of black peace, we anit try to ki*l black soilder anymore ,thats sh*%s for real hoze!

      • idkme

        hahahaahahaha ur funny

        • lil j capone

          That generation had went to the pen or left the hood to the generation that form 40s now. We never transform we always been that hard blank set you see before you now. Knocking 43 snoover and the dalton gangster brims off the seem.

  6. Sp40ety

    Rich Rollin 4oety cuhk…NHkC Darc to the Parc…2k trampk snook…bK pK

  7. i hate crips

    i was beat up by a crab member for no reason, got robed, and broke my bones. . . i will fin him, break his legs and face,ki*l the motherf#@$ker without a trace, sprea the word Wankstahs

  8. Blunts&PagerS

    sHY cas……..

  9. Blunts&PagerS


  10. Blunts&PagerS

    naked dead italian GANGSteRs…….

  11. Blunts&PagerS

    winDshiELd prOBLEm

  12. Blunts&PagerS


  13. Blunts&PagerS

    public hangings + gun sHOOToutS………

  14. Bk Chkumks

    I dont like All Enemies Cuhk 40 Avenue Crip Bk 3k hk gk I dont like Stains And all they dead hkomies I dont like trampks and I dont like dicc liccs vernon avenue dummy

    • Adolph Hitler

      You are the reason that all guys should be ki*led.

    • Crazy Avenue 40's XL'N

      And fuc girlies 40 Avenues tramp hki*lah girlie ki*lah stain ki*lah snoever 1 time ki*lah uc 187 informant ki*lah yo gkangk ki*lah whkite bkoy ki*lah everybody K Bkig Crazy Avenue Vernon Dictator Origkinal Ninja Turtle 1 F’s 2 deathk Aye XL Rollin 4’s up and fuc friends I gkot my locs so fuc yo gkangk 40’s guy

    • WestSide52Broadway

      I dont like Spodie Naps Cuzz

    • Lil Chino SS.EFE X111 LS MNS

      f#@$k foneys yall levas crossed out the hood on king and van ness the homie stays over there! and we went backand chased one of your lil homies down 41st this big bad FLOENCIA 13 LOCOS TKS come to the varrio 71st and brynhurst and get the chesse toast treatment CK LIL CHINO from that F gang and it’s not Foneys it’s FLORENCIA! NHD LS TKS MNS FX111

      • Dark Blue

        guy cut it out F13 was I dont likeing with homies in the Feds cuz we all know them guys in Rollin. Frog, Cat , Boxer all them guys

      • Blz 2 LA

        Fki*lah f#@$k you’re dead homiez, scary blank, don’t like coming outside those ragady apartments ,but banging on the internet mexicants, slimadorian ? ,so why yawl was crying on nipsey and yg video on Crenshaw lol, f#@$k illegals on 71st and brynhurst lol scary taggers lol

      • Blz 2 LA

        Come outside your Dusty apartment, stop wall bangin on 74 St non beaner turf, F13k shut up i13 stay smoking yawl on west blvd and brynhurst lol what happened to yo homie on Victoria about and Florence ? 13k?

      • Blaze1

        shut up flower tortilla, ,,yawl ain’t done shxt ,paccman shot yo homie,lol,,,,or when the I13s shot yo homie on victorIA and florence, ,,,,,what happened to your boy Debo,that one flower who stayed by the mobile in the pink apts,, I’m the one who got him,,shouldn’t of been hitting up bigger ki*lah on brynhurst, haha,yawl stay hiding in those apts lol,, ,,don’t come on 7th st,this are hood wetbac

      • HIGAFULL


  15. Bk Chkumks

    F.I.P Taco cuhkz

  16. CK Stomper F13 LS

    f#@$k these lame blank fonkys! v.F X111 LS MDS 71st and west blvd! all day CK

  17. Stomper F13 LS

    40K We been bustin on these crabs the whole week! qvo to the homies from that big bad FLORENCIA TRECE LOCOS TOKERS CLICKA! 71ST and WEST BLVD Soy stomper chino Lil chino Menace fatal shorty grumpy baby giggles free Lil Travieso f#@$k faketeens 40’s chesse toast twatts any body ki*lah!

  18. HKcity98MSMC


  19. Harrd Times

    I’m back my young ridas, and this a new year for peace in the hoods and for all yall not with ,just kick back and let our people live.

  20. Trayboyyy

    I dont like nappzk c crazy rest in peace Mansfield Gangsta Crip Mxvin3x

  21. Trayboyyy

    C craze rest in piss MFGmxvin3XCRIP

  22. Blue raggg da loc

    C craze rest in piss 40k unit mxvin on MFG3X

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