Neighborhood Crips in Los Angeles County

NeighborborHood Crips in LA County

Westside Neighborhood Crip Sets in Los Angeles

  1. 46 Neighborhood Crips
  2. 48 Neighborhood Crips
  3. 67 Neighborhood Crips
  4. 111 Neighborhood Crips
  5. 115 Neighborhood Crips
  6. Neighborhood Crips (West Covina)
  7. Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips
  8. Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips (55, 57, 58)
  9. Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips
  10. Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips

East Neighborhood Crip Sets in Los Angeles

  1. 62 East Coast Crips
  2. 66 East Coast Crips
  3. 68 East Coast Crips
  4. 69 East Coast Crips
  5. 76 East Coast Crips
  6. 89 East Coast Crips
  7. 97 East Coast Crips

Other Neighborhood Crips

  1. Lynwood Neighborhood Crips
  2. West Covina Neighborhood Crips

3 Comments for “Neighborhood Crips in Los Angeles County”

  1. Not the 1

    That’s why Armando Dion Talbert AKA Mr. Know Good from NHC (West Covina) is a snitch and a child abuser. The types of threats, violence this man does and he calls the police to file false charges shameful to try to wrongly ruin hardworking ppl’s lives. Hardcore gangbanger though?
    Tell this punk to leave women and children alone??
    Here is just one of many threats
    On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at
    9:08 AM Armando Talbert wrote:
    You’re going to jail for all your VAGUE THREATS /VIA SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT ???????

  2. I don't like a bitch nigga

    guys still banging at 47 years old, with out a pot to piss in and have the nerve to disrespect somebody. A nasty, dirty drawls, don’t take care of his baby, ssi , lazy sit on your blank all day getting drunk punk blank woman abuser,child neglecting guy. guy how come you bang tough when your talking to people that don’t bang but when you be on the 40 bus growing through Crenshaw and all types of bangers real active bangers get on the bus you don’t say ish that you be saying to women and children? Mr. Know Good aka Armando Talbert. Mr No Good Hood from NHC rolling 60’s West Covina


    f NAPPZ on PIRU BARSON ONLY !!!!!!!

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