Raymond Lee Washington, the founder of the Crips, member of the Baby Avenues

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Raymond Washington from a 1974 police mug shot

Raymond Lee Washington grew up on 76th Street on the East Side of Los Angeles near Fremont High School and is the founder of what would later be known as the Crips. It was in 1969 when Washington organized several neighborhood kids in a click called the Baby Avenues (aka Avenue Cribs). By late 1971 the Cribs where being referred to as the Crips and their reputation around Los Angeles grew. It was around this time when Washington met Stanley Tookie Williams, who lived on the westside and recruited him into the Crips. In 1999, Alex Alonso published a detailed history on the Crips in Territoriality Among African American Street Gangs in Los Angeles which in 2000 inspired the documentary, Lords of the Mafia (aka Gangsta King) which tells the story of how the Crips formed in Los Angeles.

Raymond Lee Washington was killed on August 9, 1979, five months after Tookie Williams was arrested for quadruple murder. No one was was ever arrested in Washington’s murder.

An article about Raymond Washington was published in issue #5 of Allhood Magazine.

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