Inglewood man gunned down after online beef

Rapper Rosemo, 26, ki*led in Inglewood last November

Rapper Rosemo, 26, ki*led in Inglewood last November

By Mike Mirliss Staff Writer
January 26, 2012 | 4:45 a.m.

Last November, Jomo Zambia, also known as RoseMo, was shot multiple times in broad daylight on the streets of Inglewood, California. It was the 12th homicide of 2011 in Inglewood, a city known for gang activity and pockets of high crime, but this incident was unlike the typical shooting. The events leading up to this kil#i*gg played out in an open forum for anyone to see via a couple clicks of the computer mouse.

Many will look for ways in which to blame social media for what occurred, as if gang disputes really start online via Facebook or Twitter, but gang-bangin’, rap and hip-hop beefs and the internet age are colliding in ways never seen before. Gang sets and the identities that claim them can now be accessed by anyone via online with unparalleled access into a world that was previously unknown to the layperson.

RoseMo, 26, was a member of the Inglewood Neighborhood Piru Blood gang. This affiliation alone, as well as the gang activity he participated in, put his life in constant danger. But it wasn’t until September, when he took to the internet to express several views that ultimately lead to his demise.

RoseMo appeared with rapper and fellow Brick Squad (Waka Flocka’s label) member Ice Burgandy in a video for WorldStarHipHop. He claimed to have knocked out the rapper, The Game, at Fox Hills Mall in Culver City after Ice Burgandy and The Game had exchanged typed jabs on Twitter. The basic premise of their commentary was that anyone who had a problem with the diminutive Ice Burgandy was going to encounter the fists of his much bigger and stronger childhood friend RoseMo.

A month later, Ice Burgandy engaged in a similar Twitter argument with Inglewood rapper Boskoe. This time, they filmed the jumping and beat down of Boskoe and uploaded it to YouTube. Boskoe was interviewed in a response video, in which he complained he was setup in an unfair fight and insinuated the fight was not over. A few days later, RoseMo was dead in the street after losing control of his BMW and crashing it into a cop car while attempting to drive himself to the hospital.

Dating back to the days of NWA, there have been tensions between actual lifelong gang members who rap and rappers exploiting gang culture for fame and profit. Of course, back then, there was no social media for gang members to air their grievances against their more famous counterparts. There were no video sites for the mblankes to view the proof of an altercation. The odds of Ice Cube being confronted in the streets by someone looking to enhance their reputation were low.

In both incidents with RoseMo and Ice Burgandy, this subject matter (Ice Burgandy questioning The Game’s gang affiliation; Boskoe questioning Ice Burgandy’s gang status) was the starting point for the escalading feuds.

Then there’s the role public humiliation plays in compounding violence. RoseMo referenced this, when he felt he had to punch The Game because he was mouthing off and if he didn’t the rapper would let the world know on Twitter. In Boskoe’s case, as a gangster rapper, whose career is built on reputation, the onus to retaliate is that much greater when there’s a video of you getting beaten up for everyone to watch.

Boskoe is affiliated with the neighboring Queen Street Bloods and he has undoubtedly distanced himself from the murder, as much as someone who threatened on video, “it’s gonna get handled,” can. RoseMo was shot in Queen Street territory, barely making it back to NHP grounds before dying (half a mile from where M-Bone from Cali Swag District was shot dead 6 months previously, another beef that allegedly originated on Twitter). The police will investigate and likely find minimal leads related only to lower profile individuals from Queen Street.

After the murder, the streets return to their more familiar silence, leaving the public hostilities in the past. The internet is not the cause of the violent clash, but it certainly facilitated a different kind retaliation, one that is not based on rival gang sets, but purely on the individual egos of those trying to rise from humble beginnings to stardom in the same violent streets. Jomo Zambia was both a culprit and victim to this budding phenomenon.

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14 Comments for “Inglewood man gunned down after online beef”

  1. The I

    Same as Mbone….maybe them Cali Swag goons did this. Any one went to jail?

  2. SJ

    Interesting aticle. Ego’s a Mo Fo

  3. Td

    guya want to be so tough, until they are ki*led



  5. BDOGG

    Blood bangin on blood……smh…..shouldve shut up.

  6. from what i heard rosemo broke the code of the bloods. Beating boskoe like a crip so he had to go. Could of been any blood set that did him in.

  7. YGSlimDuce15OOi


  8. Yo Dumb^ Niqqa You Gatta Watckh What You Doin Homi3 Lik3 4 R3al

    1800 B^l0cckB^0y P^irU W35T5ID3


    Ice cube used to get threats back in the day , there was no internet
    and rappers dont exploit gang life and the hood for profit , they just talk about what they know and see around them get it right bro


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