August Bleu aka Scooby from 83 Gangster Crips talks about getting shot on the eastside of LA

Los Angeles – August Bleu aka Scooby was from 83 Gangster Crip, lived in 62 East Coast Crip, where he was shot and almost killed in 2006. The doctors were able to save his life but he now lives his life as a paraplegic. It wasn’t until he was shot at a second time while in his wheel chair he decided to get more involved with his music. He dropped his first mixtape entitled “Seven Shots Up” after surviving 7 gun shots.

Date:January 2014
Location: Los Angeles

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15 Comments for “August Bleu aka Scooby from 83 Gangster Crips talks about getting shot on the eastside of LA”

  1. Mr.Scrooge

    U got shot by ECC

  2. surenos

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  3. surenos

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  4. surenos

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  5. bloodniggas

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  6. bloodniggas

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  7. bloodniggas

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  8. bloodniggas

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  9. bloodniggas

    dres son a guy ha ha ratta tat tat

  10. bloodniggas

    a real stupid guy wait til i pizz onit DRE

  11. bloodniggas

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  12. bloodniggas

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  13. bloodniggas

    i be f#@$kin guys mom and shiet real guys cUZz

  14. bloodniggas

    i wont mayweathers hoe to actually GO ouT

  15. bloodniggas

    if ur so BIg n rapE why do alwayz get shot down LA

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