O.J. Simpson reportedly beat down in prison

StreetGangs.Com Staff
Feb 15 2011 | 2:25 p.m.

The National Enquirer is reporting that OJ Simpson, 63, was severely beat down by white skin heads in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. Simpson is serving time for his role in a kidnap and armed robbery of sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas in September 2007.

White supremacists apparently overheard Simpson bragging about his sexual exploits with white woman, and since that day they plotted an assault on him.

Simpson usually hangs out on the yard with a group of black inmates, but a skinhead caught Simpson on the exercise yard solo and started to beat him until he was unconscious. This beating supposedly took place several months ago in 2010, but prison officials have been embarrassed to publicly disclose the beating.

Simpson spent close to 3-weeks in the prison infirmary and has since
been spending most of his time in his cell.

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14 Comments for “O.J. Simpson reportedly beat down in prison”

  1. Ronald

    Since The National Enquirer was the first to report this story, i wonder if OJ really got beat down like that. Has anyone confirmed this story?

  2. ahaahlmao big lips sink ships

  3. You noticed that they caught a 63 year old black man by himself and beat him down!!!! Typical!! The first time I heard this story, they said that it was one person who beat down O.J.!!!

  4. William Tapscott, a Yahoo! Contributor wrote that the the OJ Simpson beating was not true. Apparently TMZ did a story on it.

  5. culua

    In prison you don’t work out by yourself.

  6. Dense Clinton

    I’m just surprised he hasn’t gotten shankd by now…..you know like he did the mother of his children and Ron Goldman!!

  7. lilwestside132

    free oj

  8. OGCrippa

    Take that Nigga!

  9. Jack

    When you are in jail/prison you soon find out that your on mouth can be your worst enemy.You will be held accountable for anything you say.

  10. Jonah Alsheimer

    Watch it yourself and you will see him. When the camera hits him, he points in internet marketing like Uncle Sam. SuperFly Don Cornelius!!!!!

  11. Andre Corwell

    Devastated. Some miss a show, regardless of where I was, for my entire childhood. Which was where we SHONE. Some other dance show since was only trying to keep up.

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