Houston PD excessive force video released

StreetGangs.Com Staff
Feb 18 2011 | 5:59 p.m.

After the District Attorney, police chief and the mayor of Houston denied the public from viewing the excessive force video of several Houston Police officers kicking and punching a surrendering suspect, community activist Quanell X was able to legally request the video showing the blankault. Against a judge’s wishes, Quanell X made the video public to the local news which shows several officer beating a suspect, Chad Holley, 15, which was captured by surveillance video from an adjacent building.

Four of the Houston PD officers have been indicted, but only for misdemeanor “official oppression” charges and not for the more serious excessive force or blankault charges. Holley was found guilty in October 2010 of stealing cash, jewelry and a keyboard from a nearby Houston townhouse and was put on probation for two years.

The footage was captured on March 24, 2010 by a camera at Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage. The storage facility sent its surveillance video to the Houston Police Department and the District Attorney within a week of the incident.

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10 Comments for “Houston PD excessive force video released”

  1. Shae

    What is the Justice Department, going to do about this? I don’t understand. Cop kil#i*gg rose nearly 40% in 2010. This is supposed to build support for and rapport with, the police?

  2. StreetGangs.Com Staff

    It’s incredible that the DA in Houston did not charge them with a felony. I am sure if the US Justice Department gets involved they would charge them cops with violating Chad Holley of his civil rights, and those cops would go to prison for about 3 years.

  3. davina

    i’m late seeing this one but it still breaks my heart. who can we tell our children to trust if the police act like this.

  4. MCD

    and these clowns wonder why the public doesn’t respect them. I guarantee if it was an intoxicated officer starting sh*% and 5 citizens kicking his blank there would be hell to pay.

  5. Chcuk Walla

    A little “street justice” helps keep the riff raff suppressed. Who is ever held to account in this country anymore? Ever wonder why the prisons are so full? Why this causes the lesser crimes to be “excused” with probation only to find the perp ruining someone else’s life? This is why vigilantism is making a comeback. The state no longer protects the people.

    • DATX

      Doesn’t fly Chcuky. One, this goes on all over America for Black males; has been for years and years but heightened with, illegal immigration. Second, the “justice” pose doesn’t work because handcuffed illegal Juan Quintero came out without a scratch after he shot HOuston Officer Rodney Johnson 4x, back of his head.

  6. Satan

    I have the photos and names and addresses to every police officer in the video if any one wants to do any real street justice. bidding starts at 5,000. spouse and childrens name and locations will cost you extra

  7. ConcernedCitizen

    It’s pretty simple, like Chris Rock said, Dont break the law and you won’t get your blank beat.

    • Anggee

      How’d Juan Quintero come out w/out a scratch touch guy? Only punk az’ cops would break out in primitive frenzy over a Black, alleged $5.00 robber and let a cop ki*ler come out fine. You are pure punk.

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