69th Street East Coast Crips at old apartment site on Main Street

STREETGANGS.COM | February 20, 2016

Eastside Los Angeles -Big Nina Boy from 69 East Coast Crips off Main Street & 71st and Main Street & 69th Streets talking about life, gangs, the past, history, music, Raymond Washington and the old apartments on 69th & Main Streets that the City of Los Angeles demolished in 2007.

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4 Comments for “69th Street East Coast Crips at old apartment site on Main Street”

  1. GrumpyLoco

    Hahahah bitch ass cheese toasts are weak BPSk right on his face just to show how weak and wack these cheese toast be fucking lames ECC69K

  2. GrumpyLoco

    CheesetoastK are weak ass fuck they looking stupid ass shit talking on camera about having 68k on lock and a punk ass BPSk basically punks them frauds by walking on their so called hood lmfao fuck cheesetoast anyways!!

  3. GrumpyLoco

    Motherfuckers probably came all the way from Palmdale just to do the interview lol fuck eccK!!

  4. cee KAY

    killa toast these lying asz crabs aint even here this is our hood FLORENCE CK BK NK NHK

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