Alex Sanchez out on bail after recent MS-13 indictment

By Alex A. Alonso for Streetgangs.Com
March 1, 2010

Alex Sanchez, former MS13 member turned peace activist has been allowed to make bail from his 2009 arrest. Last year, Sanchez, the executive director of Homies Unidos, was arrested as part of a federal indictment where he is being accused of ordering a murder. U.S. District Court Judge Manuel Real granted bail – to be paid half in sureties and half in real estate – to Alex Sanchez, founder of the anti-gang organization Homies Unidos. Oscar Sanchez, his younger brother, said relatives and supporters, who include former state Sen. Tom Hayden, have pledged $2.5 million in sureties and properties, and was freed after a week of paperwork.

For over a decade, Sanchez has been a mentor towards gang members and has became one of Los Angeles’ best known gang interventionists. According to the federal government, the 37-year-old father of three was leading a double life as an active leader of an MS-13 faction in central Los Angeles. Sanchez was accused of being heard on wiretapped phone calls on May 6 and 7, 2006, in which several members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS) gang “conspired” to kill Walter Lacinos, whose street name was Cameron. On May 15, an alleged MS member killed Cameron in La Libertad, El Salvador. The indictment also alleges members of the gang were responsible for seven murders and eight conspiracies to commit murder since 1995.

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16 Comments for “Alex Sanchez out on bail after recent MS-13 indictment”

  1. Of course he is an active member.. If he actually left the gang he would of been ki*led for doing so. So its like duh!

  2. vet

    @lillalacap you are an idiot, people leave the gang all the time. Such an ignorant idiot.

  3. lillalacap

    You act like its as easy as leaving disney land.. And yes ppl do leave it but a lot
    get ki*led for deciding to leave. Alex is too public to ki*l now but before he

  4. vet

    @lillalacap go visit Father Greg Boyle in East LA and look at the 100s of former gang members, literally hundreds. Gang members leave the gang everyday, everyday, and your thinking is just myth. There is no evidence, no studies, and no proof what so ever of what you are spewing.

    If alot of people get ki*led for leaving the gang, give me a list of names of the most recent people that left the gang and got ki*led. How many can you name?

  5. lillalacap

    Omg vet u just have to “win”. I only know of one person personally but other ppl tell me things that they have heard and it sounds really scarey. So ok..fine! lol

  6. vwt

    @lillalacap well people telling you things is exactly the problem. You are perpetuating a myth and i guarantee that Alex Sanchez will be completely exonerated. And whats the name of the person that you personally know that was ki*led after leaving the gang?

  7. lillalacap

    vet or vwt I can not tell you that, that would basically tell you who I am. Y are you getting all personal. I still don’t believe it is a myth and If I had joined then I would still be scarred to leave it if i had joined because they will ki*l you for not joining. Of course not every faction would but it can happen and has.

  8. occruzer

    ha i just want to say theres no truth to a gang member getting ki*led becuase he or she leaves it im a 45 yr old ex gang member represented to the fullestAT ONE TIME and not proud of it what so ever but got out just before my 21st bday only by GODS GRACE AND MERCY and my homeboys had and still have nothing but love for me so its people like you that make issues like this look bad and no disrespect but you probably never even been there hope you never do ( MUCH LOVE TO THOSE WHO HAVE GOT OUT AND ARE REPRESENTING A GOOD CAUSE )

  9. lillalacap

    I think if ppl think that if join you can’t leave except through death then less ppl will join. However if its like something you do while your young and then you just age out of it and then
    all will be well then soo many more ppl will join you know? Plus it really depends on the
    clique not everyone is happy about someone being an ex..

  10. Maria Del Hueso

    Dirty Sanchez?

  11. Kerry Camel

    Thank you for this nice article.

  12. Spanky13

    When u join a gang it all depends what gang u are in its very rare that u can leave without punishment witch could be either a bet down or death.

  13. rayray252

    yo i am an ex gang member and their are people that get jumped out no all gangs ki*l you that’s a myth to make gangs seem even more dangerous when u get out u could be just left alone it also depends on the reason you want out. when i got out i explained to my O.G my plans now for me i was shot and left in a wheelchair and now i work with kids so they can avoid the same road i once chose. i also work with my gang by helping them find jobs and support them with troubles in their life and they all respect me for that. i even work with the kids who shot me. life is to short live happy

  14. lillalacap

    Rayray252 wait did they leave your in a wheelchair or where they okay with you leaving because of it?
    I think its really commendable what you are doing now, but would you had if you had not been shot?

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