VIDEO: Fruit Town Brim member, G-Aktive, talks about hood conflict

By Alex A. Alonso for
March 9, 2010

Ge-Aktive from Fruit Town Brims

Ge-Aktive from Fruit Town Brims

South Los Angeles – We caught up with a member of the Fruit Town Brims (FTB) two years ago in his neighborhood. Meet G Aktive who was featured in Baron Davis’ documentary, Made in America the Bloods & Crips. He did an interview for that film in 2006 and in it, he described the gang life style. We wanted to meet him to see if he was still involved with the Brims and to see what was going on in his life. We caught up with him in his neighborhood, directly west of the University of Southern California. Check out the interview below.

His neighborhood has serious conflict with the Harlem 30s Crips that are located south of FTB and they also have been pulled into the conflict against 18th Street with several other Bloods sets.

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34 Comments for “VIDEO: Fruit Town Brim member, G-Aktive, talks about hood conflict”

  1. Rich R30llin

    Hook blank guy… Stop It Wit Yo” Antics. Yeah Cuzz We Loss Homies & But We Sweeping You Fruit Trucc Slob Azz Marks!!! And Worry Bout 30’s & 40’s Biz Trucc! How You A Slob Pressin Da’ Owe!!!
    Straight Hook!!! Truccs & Twanks Know What Business Is… Yaw guyz Is Not No Factors & Ain’t Even On Our Radar Until You Slippin.

    39th Street/3×10’s OHC

  2. fka

    Another ignorant black male who´s gonna die before he turns 30.

    If only he knew how stupid he looks saying this crap

  3. Mike Jay

    In the light is where we need to stand lord have mercy may the lord continue to bless those in need of a blessing even those whom are not in need. We need to come together as a people and stop the ignorance. We are still stuck living up to the rules that were set fourth by Jim Crow. If we cottinue to enable ourselves as a people we shall not prevail. The lord does not judge a man by his actions but by the goodness of his heart.

  4. It's routine

    nice. and when some beaner from 18th street ki*ls him, the black community will get together and pull the race card. They will say he was an innocent victim, a good kid with admirations of playing ball our making a rap album. this routine plays out again and again in LA.

  5. bolo

    hahahahaha come on man this hood is the biggest joke there such a bunch of loosers its hilarious! they live right next to usc and the funny thing is they see sucsefull people come and go every year and become rich and have nice houses and buy nice things but these idiots dont look at them as an example and keep with there stupid knuckle dragging mentality like some clown losers wow you guys are a bunch of what do the harlem 30’s call yall?? hmm oh yea fruity booty bikerims lollll thats a good one tho at least if your going to gang bang get it right not like these weak blank fools getting punked by every other gang and there momas! ok you got harlem 30’s on yall then yall got 18street then mara salvatrucha then harpys 25st then 51 troubles and 52 hoovers and rollin 40’s. yall are a joke man you should at least try and make it look like you have a turf or something or at least act like some college kids so you dont embaress the rest of those gangs in la around college students and make them think thats how soft la gangsters are hahahahahaha f#@$kin fruity bootys hahahahaha…

  6. lil stewy

    damn this lame blank ni66a 6uz just too funny ya feel me he aint bout 6hit

    3.I.A GD

  7. bolo some studio wanna be banger crab wanna be your a joke ricket blank tru flue joke keep being a buster

  8. Fool Please you Talk about the 20’s Ain’t with the Business, Stop Pumping Up your Hood We still Bang the B For Neighbor Hood Blood, Foolio..I don’t B you Fool’s Roaming through the Hood.Don’t get it Twisted AnyBody Kan get kaught Slipping,Even Your Big Home Boy.I speak on The Dove’s and Nobody Else’s Hood But the TWENTYS.And I don’t Know the Business,PLEASE. I do know it’s War Victims on Both Sides.You Must B A rookie who got this sh*% Twisted Like the Rest of these Young Busters.What I can tell you is ain’t Nobody set up shop In the 20’s Republic Kan you say the same Fool..You got Harpy’s Pushing up from the Rear,What Yall Doing..You Keep worrying about FTB While HPS Is steady taking Ground,I know that Business..See the Problem with you Dumb blank Buster’s You Continue the cycle Soldier for Soldier and see How many Solid Homies is left standing when the Dust Settles..


    I didn’t know guys in L.A. said “What It Do.” I only thought guys in Houston and the Bay Area used that term. I think I saw Jay Rock say “What It Do” in one of his videos.

  10. Loc

    Im trippin of ‘ol boy talking about this fruit town 30’s and O’s! Thats the last thing yall wanna holler out! Thats crazy, all this new wave sh*%!

  11. vng

    what you talking bout ftb been 30 they been screamin that for a long as time they were ven screamin rollin 30 brims once i seen these guy want to bring it back shout out to the ftb from rollin 50 brims 54 van ness gangster brim

  12. MostKnownUnknown

    LMAO, this fool talkin’ sh*%…them TFlats in Compton be lettin’ those Fruit Town Pirus in Compton have it. It was a guy from Cedar Block that told me that. East Coast…I’ll give them guyz credit…they goin’ toe to toe with Florencia 13. Venice Sholine fought off like 4 mexican gangs (SM 13, Culver City, Sotel 13, and V13) and they still runnin’ sh*% @ Oakwood Park.

  13. you already know

    this is Fruit Town Brims in LA not Pirus you dumb blank, and the Fruit Town Pirus pushed the Flats str8 outta Compton homie, where you getting your facts from?

  14. Venice 2002

    MostKnownUnknown I dont no who you are homie but this is the big O.G. from Shoeline Crip. We dont neeed you cheerleading for us. Every G in L.A. now what we did in the early 90s if they are true O.G. Yeah we knocked back 4 mexican hoods in we still got Oakwood. Santa Clara, Brooks, Brdway, Indian St. yeh we even own the Mexican side on Sunset, Vernon to Rose. Though get your facts strait whoever you are T Flats getn knocked by Tree Top in Compton. They pushed them pack all the way to the 900 block. Them in the Yaah PVCC, honestly Tree Top in the rest of the Pirus are knockn back all the Mexican hoods, n some of the c ridas are on it now to. In the end its about money, youd know that if you were really from Venice. Thats what my nieghborhood is about, make the money take the cake and latter for that Gangter sh–t. Inactive O.G. Venice Shoeline Cirp/ L.I. click kickn game.

  15. thatswhatitdo

    Venice2002 e-mail me at:

    want to get at you for an interview

  16. killa trucc dnt give fucc

    man I dont like trucc first of all yall guys boo boo member exop had yall guy runnin like roaches were wuhz yall bunner at there wuhz none and 30s c all up in the trucc yall the most boo booest slob and g active wish he wuhz frm 30s that why he got on the 0 hat yeah speekin them lies yall guy hide in yall project punk as guys dnt take no fades pewee a chick we pushed yall guys all the way to varmont speek on that chick

  17. 30k

    look at this lying blank crabk above me you pushed who??? guy yall be gettin pushed guy if ya so hard go at the hps13 guy or nhb20 guy where the body’s at??????? guy show us some body”s guy the brims are a small hood right next to yall yall should off been wiped em out if yall was hard and yall aint nowhere in that area guy stop lying yall guy dont pblank normandie chick guy this 30k guy w/s hps13

  18. herrshee k trucc sweepin

    lmfhao we the reason they r a small hood stopid no yo history slerpy blank guy and yall guys boo boo to every time i see one of yall and ask for a fade yall run like a trucc to lmao a slerpy trynna talk for a trucc yall guy izz mark yall dnt even be out in yall hood intell 3 in the mornin foo guys izz chickes and why u think yall the mexican hood we beef with slob lovin blank guy we got love for brown but I dont like herrshee when the last time u put in some work chick like i said no yo hood biz be4 speekin

  19. fka , You are 100% correct!!! That ni99a sound stupid!!!! Laughing at the death of another black soldier. If ni99as out there was to click up, those chick a$$ Mexicans would get their wigs pushed back even worse!!!!!

  20. bigmikey

    Fruit Town Clowns get eat up all day . Harlems is too deep

  21. ??????

    ???? 30 what??? 30 is like grape the get along gang them guy is sleepin the whjole day them guy cryed for a truce with the 40’s hahahahah and like that herpies guy said yall dont do sh*% to no one and the brims shoulda been dead eather by the 30 or herpies since yall so big but mmoooovvvvviiiiinnn nothing

  22. tek-neek

    shut up valero u all off subject..smh

    On sum inglewood sh*% thoo

  23. 30 crip dirt gang

    mann who is u slum guy no yo sh*% be4 u speek like i told the otha busters and for yo info the 40 came to our h30d and called a truce dumy lmao at u stupid and were is u frm speek sh*% u dnt no about cuhz Rich Rollen on yo buster blank f#@$k all slobs yall all call for otha slobs help when dirt gang come thro tho yall guys is boo boo for speekin up on sh*% yal anit even frm and the guy g acctive speekin lys to thats how u no he boo boo and his hood to I dont like a stan ,trucc ,a herrpee ,a twanky ,a gurly and , a inglewood fart and any other slob and any crip who got a proplem wit the crafty lohcs ask a real slob frm rims he a tell u they use to run frm jeff to 59th we the reason must crips on the west got a hood slum guys dirt gang do r stuff ask about us jumpin out uhall truccs dirt gang crip thats west up and truccs dont even come out side matter a facc they cant even go to the store or a buss stop foo cuhz we be in they so called set jumpin out on em I dont likein em up lmao thats funny on dirt but ima let yall think what yall think but the real guys no whats up and blank for this trucc guy on the video he wuhz in hood to hood sayin if u give me a pblank i give u a pblank but harlem crip dnt need a pblank foo we run they sh*% lmao at u nobodys

    • T DG OHC

      Mayne I dont like em l39WECC i lived on 39th n Denker in the 90s wtf dey mean Hkow deepk is 40 turf-get yall mind left silly Clownz aint n30WE h30d got turf like us xCepkt dem tre’sk.guyz talk down on Hkarlem Cuz dey aint us…..I dont like em I dont like em I dont like em Dirt Gang or d39nt 6ang

  24. 30 crip dirt gang

    bk pk dirt gang come thro we a show u what we about frm the gun play to the head ups but if u a slob dirt gang off top foo what u thought rip riden thumps up to all ma nation wide crip gang banger slobs runin out off south central but we all black so we give our black people they respect who is a slob and wit the b.i tho and its still I dont like em bk pk bk pk thats all we no in these 30s what yo hood about herrpee anit no factor foo we anit worryed about them we just I dont like em up when we see em slobs no not to thro unless they wont us to come thro kil#i*g peroid point blank thats it thats all I dont like slobs bkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x30 take 1 of us we bussin at every slob arround us o so dirt came up frm dirt go bacc to dirt thats what it izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. denker parc

    west dirt gang crafty crip denker parc 5st lohcin I dont like trucccccs slob ki*lahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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