Armenian Power members facing RICO charges

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer
March 19, 2011 10:09 p.m.

Last month the federal government announced a major crack-down against the Los Angeles based Armenian street gang, Armenian Power. Federal authorities charged 74 alleged AP gang member in what they are calling “Operation Power Outage” on kidnapping, extortion, bank fraud, ATM machine tampering and credit card fraud that generated $10 million.

Many of those arrested have been charged under the United States RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), which carry severe penalties for those found guilty.

The gang that has roots to East Hollywood and Glendale, have evolved, according to the US Attorney’s office, into a crime organization connected to Mexican gangs and international crime groups in Eastern Europe and Russia. It is one of the few white street gangs that operate within the City of Los Angeles.

According to United States Attorney André Birotte Jr.
“The indictments that target the Armenian Power organized crime enterprise provide a window into a group that appears willing to do anything and everything illegal to make a profit.” An additional indictment charges an additional 20 member in Orange County.

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8 Comments for “Armenian Power members facing RICO charges”

  1. kaykay

    These guys are probably the smartest gangsters in LA, making real money.

    • Sharky

      True. U Barely See An armenian In anything less than a 30,ooo $ car now a days. go down To Glendale CA. drive around some blocks N or S Glendale. bimmer bennz n bentleys, phantoms, mazaratiez, lambos. mainly Benzo’s and Bimmer’s but yall see a couple phantoms roll threw…hahah take a trip out to glendale ca yALL C. 818

  2. scion

    why does AP write 13 if they are white? Are they down with the Mexican Mafia? I dont get it.

  3. bolo

    ap writes 13 because when they hit the county or the state pen they roll with the south siders. there are armenians that are members of la eme. ap has been a sureno gang aka 13 gang since 1993 along with most others of the time. they were a 13 gang before there arch enemies mara salvatrucha which became a sureno gang in 2000-2002. technically armenians are white by race but when they hit the pen they roll with mexicans because they are not anglo-saxon white protestant aka skin head nazis. they are closer to greeks russians italians georgians technically becuase they come from the caucases region were the term caucasian white comes from. yea they came out in the early 1980’s in hollywood. there main neighborhood is in east hollywood aka little armenia right around hollywood blvd and normandie ave. they also have turf in north hollywood, glendale, burbank, los feliz, tujunga, van nuys, reseda, sunland, pasadena and montebello. they have about 500-800 members and about 300 active members on the streets at all times. they have ties to thieves of law in los angeles, new york, armenia and russia. they also do business with the mexican mafia and in the past have done business with the italian mafia. there main rivals are- mara salvatrucha, white fence, rockwood street, head hunters, la mirada locos, toonerville rifa, west side locos, avenues, north hollywood locos, radford street, vineland boys, canoga park and various blood and crip gangs in the san fernando and san gabriel valleys.

    • MMR

      I’m sure they became 13 around the same time as ms (early 90’s), but I think it’s funny how a bunch of Armo’s act like 13 is their best fit in prison.

  4. Ron Popeil

    Who let these lollipopsuckers in the country anway? They wipe their blankes with their hand and abuse their women worse than Mexicans. And that’s bad

  5. Russki

    I hope these insignificant few will stop making the great people of Armenian look like nothing but scam artist and criminals. For one thing, I would like the media to stop representing them as having affiliations with the Armenian Mafia clans of, Russia, Armenia, Europe, or Latin America. These individuals are nothing less then petty criminals, that while driving BMW’s, Benzes, and expensive cars, live in some of the worst parts of Los Angeles. On another note, for those that ask, why do the Armeinian Power gangsters claim the X3. Answer is another fact pointing at their disrespect for their counterparts back home or abroad. X3 Representing the blankociation and representation of the Mexican Mafia of U.S. (CA), further shows their weak affiliation with any real ROC (Russian Organized Crime) group. The recent arrest of the Russian, Armenian, and other citizens in regards to the Medical Fraud Case, was wrongfully made to seem as having Armenian Power involvement, where in real life, the structure was made up of several independent individuals and only several members of the Armenian faction of the Russian Mafia, not APX3 as stated in the media.

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