Pro Zimmerman advocates complain about media bias

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March 30, 2012 | 8:10 p.m. PST

Many conservative news outlets have complained about the way the shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, shooting has been represented in the media for the last two weeks. Last month, neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed Martin in the gated community where the two had a confrontation. Martin was not armed, and after the two exchanged words, Zimmerman shot Martin once in the chest killing him.

Zimmerman claimed that Martin assaulted him after he walked away after following him though the gated community. Zimmerman had called the police to report a suspicious prowler at about 7:00 p.m. on February 26, but Martin was walking to a family residence at the time. He was told by the operator not to pursue Martin, but he continued to do so and moments later Martin was killed.

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It does not appear that anyone actually witnessed the shooting, but a police officer from the Sanford Police Department did not believe Zimmerman’s explanation of the shooting and wanted to file felony charges against him. The District Attorney decided not to prosecute citing a lack of evidence.

Outrage from the black community has continued to intensify each day Zimmerman is not arrested, who early on was represented as a racist white male trigger happy self-appointed community watchman. Zimmerman’s family has been quick to emphasize his Hispanic roots to quell any racial accusations that may have led to the shooting.

One of the complaints coming from conservative news organizations and websites is that Martin has been represented as a small and very young boy, using photos that are about 5-years old. Martin was about 6’3″ tall, but a thin 150 to 160 lbs when he was killed and looks much different from the photos being used by mainstream media outlets.

Martin’s twitter account has also been examined to provide some insight into what type of teen he was. What stands out is the user name, @no_limit_nigga, that includes a racially offensive term. looked at several Twitter posts that were done under this user name and did not find any posts that were gang related, although some news site have suggested Martin was gang-related. did noticed a tattoo on Martin’s left upper arm which could not be identified and we will not learn the details of those tattoos until the autopsy report is released. Martin is also wearing the popular gold teeth that is common among black youth in Florida and throughout the South.

The photo below was taken from Martin’s twitter account.

The photo below was taken from Martin’s twitter account.

The photo below was released from Martin’s family after he was killed.

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35 Comments for “Pro Zimmerman advocates complain about media bias”

  1. Patsy

    I think it was murder, he followed him, he stalked him, he was told not to continue, he decided to anyways, and then he gunned him down when he didnt answer his questions. That is murder.

  2. Zorek Richards

    When Obama shot his mouth off without knowing any of the facts of the situation, he brought un-needed attention to this. Obama is the quickly becoming a bigger racist then Sharpton and Jackson together.

    • me

      U sound extremely ignorant,all the president said is if he had a son he would look like trayvon

    • dp

      You sound stupid….

    • Franklin

      I was thinking that Obama actually picked his words very carefully. How can any rational person conclude that Obama, who had a white mother is “quickly becoming a bigger racist” is pathetic. You dont become a racist all of a sudden either. I wonder how racist you think Zimmerman is then. ???

  3. Blondie

    ” Outrage from the black community has continued to intensify each day Zimmerman is not arrested ”

    Let me correct whoever wrote this story… Outrage is comming from the community in general, not just the black community. This is not a racial issue. This is a crime and the guilty party has not yet been arrested. I am as white as they come and I am outraged too.

    • stef

      “This is not a racial issue.” says Blondie

      Unfortunately, everyone has made it into a racial issue! Yes, it is a crime that has been committed but Americans always seem to look at things in a black and white arena. When you get Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson involved….then it will become about race. Will racial division ever end? But, did Zimmerman “racial profile” Martin? People of color are always racial profiled…..and isn’t that a racial issue or not?

    • Changeling

      The Black community is more so enraged, but you are right that there are many others concerned, but this is a racial situation, anyway you look at it. The way Zimmerman profiled an innocent black kid, and the lack of movement by the DA’s office where Sanford is. Unfair racism.

  4. MC. JayMaster G

    We has to bury all dis nasty attitude from erbody and come together. Dis breaking da country to pieces.

    • bryan dalen

      life in america is unfair there is only enuff rescources to go around for white people let alone any other race why you think the jobs moved to asia and south america cuba brizil etc. sorry for the spelling you get the point

  5. k¡+K@

    Idc if trayvon was in gangs,or what his twitter name was. I’m not a fed up racist like Zimmerman, but in this case thts not the point. My issue w/ all dis ish is dat Zimmerman ked someone without a real reason, and isn’t sitting in jail! What if Zimmerman had ked a white dude? What would’ve happened then? Wud he b sitting in jail? I’m serioucly wondering this? Its everyone here not just one group of people. And all yal whu r sayin oh zimmerman doesent need 2 be in jail cuz hese white and trayvon was in gangs so he would’ve ked zimmerman if Zimmerman didn’t pull the trigger first, are supporting murder. What if it was u who had gotten shot? Wudnt be ok w/ people letting yo murderer get away w/ it huh? And 4 real Zimmerman? Your 28 hese 17. Your 200+ pounds and hese lime 150. U got a gun and hese un armed. I can really c how u feel threatened!!! Oh and another thing! Ur on neighborhood watch or watev wtf r u doin w/ a loaded gun?! Where u planning on k-ingg someone? Right now, my point is the law has evidence, and its trayvons body,so y the hell r they making ish up? Is the law 4 murdering people 2? Think about it! They’re not arresting Zimmerman cuz they say they ain’t got evidence! Do they not want him 2 go 2 jail 4 k-ingg someone? Are they racist 2? Its not only a guy walking home, and a guy w/ a gun. Its everyone. What has this world come 2? U kno wat, nevr mind i don’t wanna kno…

    • law student

      In Florida, its perfectly legal to carry a weapon & use deadly force. Not saying the shooting was right or anything, but law enforcements hands are tied unless they want a big law suit against them for arresting someone who is technically “following the law”. It would have been the same if the victim was white, the law is the law. Again, I do not think it is right, and I definitely do not agree with his actions – they weren’t right. But still, you should learn and pay attention to what is going on before you start running your mouth.

    • Scope

      You type like you got got wheat (or maybe weed) in your mouth bro. Did you read the stupid ish you typed before you submitted it this? Then you wonder why some thug got smoked? You gotta graduate the 5th grade before you post dumb blank comments kid…

  6. sanjose

    very crazy people..

  7. 43 yr old mom lady

    I came to this site because I had heard that FOX news was complaining that misleading pictures had been relaesed of Trayvon. I did a search of his name using image search and found several sites like this one showing more recent pictures of Trayvon that I do not find any more offensive or shocking than the ones I have already seen. So he’s a teen. Flipping the bird. Has a tat. Looks pretty much like any teen in 2012 to me.

    I’m not racist. I’m white and middle aged. I have a permit to carry concealed, and I do carry. I’m not afraid of anyone. I will tell you this though: if I ever do shoot someone, no matter how justified I might think I am, I FULLY EXPECT TO BE CHARGED and have to defend my actions in court. This is even more so if the person is unarmed. I cannot imagine a scenario where shooting an unarmed person would not result in a charge, no matter what age, color, tattoos, neighborhood or clothing they were in. There is no excuse for what has happened here. No matter who is justified in this case, the legal system should be how it is settled. That’s how the systam works. If Zimmerman was in the right, he’ll be vindicated by the courts…this way just looks like a cover up and is unacceptable.

  8. Sally

    You are so dishonest it amazes me. He may look like YOUR kids, but my children never looked like that. And if my kid had his background, and $5,000 worth of gold teeth in their mouths, dressed like that, walked like that, flipped the bird on camera like that, and had drug dealing conversations online like that, and then went prowling in a gated neighborhood where he didn’t live, I sure wouldn’t be yelling coverup. And them posting that picture of him as a smiling little boy to get sympathy for a THUG is reprehensible no matter how the case turns out. And his mama and Al Sharpton now signing agreements for T-SHIRTS for heavens sake — a true grieving mama, eh?

  9. conservative white male late 30s

    AMEN to 43 yr old mom lady!

  10. Doc Debug


  11. Educate the people

    KJ+K…. is that English? Your points would be better made using proper English rather than ebonics.

  12. Blondie

    Sally – Pull your head out and learn some facts before you comment. Does flipping the bird to a camera justify this KID being ked? Or maybe the gold teeth are a good reason huh? Oh and don’t forget that fierce tattoo, you know about those tattooed people, they all should be shot right? God forbid you or someone you know should have a tattoo. And lets talk about that gated community that he didn’t live in… His father does live there.But if I understand your comment correctly Travon should not have been visiting his dad?
    So please tell us about Travons background. What do you know about his background? He got busted for a little bit of weed? So what, what 17 yr old hasn’t expeirimented with some weed. You are sick in the head and you make me sick to my stomach. Your kids are proably worse but you just don’t know it because you have no idea what your kids are doing.

  13. Hez

    I couldn’t agree more with Sally!!!!!Kj+K I had to stop reading your opinion because of how uneducated it sounds… Wow!

  14. Law Enforcement

    Ok, here’s what pisses me off about this whole case. Being a Law Enforcement Officer, and now in Investigations, one of the most irritating things, is that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, any of the misguided silver spoon fed white celebrities, or ANYONE else has absolutely no business commenting on ANY of this crap because they don’t have the information that the police have. I am not saying Zimmerman was guilty or innocent, because I have not looked at the facts of the case, witness statements, 911 tapes, surveillance video, character witnesses, or anything else of evidentiary value. The general public thinks they know everything, and they don’t know @#$&. The same people that are demanding the arrest of Zimmerman one minute, don’t want to rush to judgement the next. I only pray that the arrest of Zimmerman wasn’t fueled by public pressure, but by a fair and unbiased blankessement of the facts by law enforcement, and ultimately the Prosecutor’s Office. I know this might come to a big surprise to the above mentioned group of people, but the Police don’t charge people with crimes, they report the facts and present the case, if the Prosecutors decide that data warrants a charge, so be it, and if they don’t, the Police work is done. Sometimes I wish it was a requirement for every American to spend 6 months at a law enforcement agency, so they could be witness to all the BS in the media, and garbage that influential people spew. It’s frustrating.

  15. testy richala

    k¡+K: too much ebonics, turned me off.
    I think it’s disgusting that the media is manipulating photos of Trayvon.
    Either show BOTH as cute babies, or use current, truthful photos. Don’t manipulate the USA, don’t make people make fools of themselves backing a thug.

  16. testy richala

    PS. since the media is using untruthful photos, why don’t we ONLY USE baby photos of Hitler and Charles Manson? Manson’s coming up for parole again, why not? How about a cute kiddy pic playing with a kitty?

  17. He was charged with 2nd degree murder today.

  18. old gringo

    when people say white people always profile people of color, well that statement strikes me as a giant oxymoron.
    As a long haired youth I was cuffed searched even after producing proper identification, I was still checked for warrants etc. Threatened for a 72 hour rest at the local grey bar If i complained. I was just walking home from rock and roll Ralph’s at four in the afternoon with a sixer after hanging drywall all day.
    The excuse the cops gave. You matched the description of a suspect reported in the area.
    I have been to jail plenty and been beaten down badly a few times by cops when I was in my 20’s. i know cop’s. I don’t trust them.
    This Fascist B.S. has been going on since the sixties. the cops harblank and neglect the citizenry, shaking everyone down to take there wealth and make them slaves to the state. the powers create these situations by continually promoting racial tension to divide us as the noose get’s tighter on us all and we slip into Oceania begging our dear leader to fix it.
    These two people are victims of circumstance and propaganda.
    the media promotes fear of the black man, and hatred of whitey.
    A twenty eight year old man labeled a honky racist even though he is a perfect example of how the propaganda machine works.
    the created race of latino is another. Latino is a culture. white, brown black yellow are all latino. It’s language that binds latino’s not race. it’s more propaganda turning us against each other so they can finnish creating the fascist states of america. all for one one for the government.

    • steven

      whether it is right or wrong the reality of the world we live in is that people judge you on your looks.that’s just life,deal with it.

  19. @The_BellaDonna

    What frustrates me is that black people/minorities have dealt with media bias ever since the media could be broadcast! Yea yea he’s “hispanic” lets be more specific….is he hispanic white or actually hispanic! Differentiate since there IS a difference. Regardless of what anyone says there is only one argument…WHO STARTED IT! Zimmerman pursued Trayvon, dispatcher told him not too and he did anyway. He would still be alive today if Zimmerman would’ve intially followed instructions and stayed in his vehicle. Prosecutors blaming his hoodie is another preposterous comment to make. Hoodies do not get people ked being black with a trigger happy fool in close vicinity does! I wish these idiots would spare us all defending this man. Save it for the birds!!!!!!!!!

    People can advocate! Big Deal they want to protest and make awareness! We need to make an example out of Zimmerman. Truth is if he was black he would’ve been in jail by now and regardless of who disagrees with my statement its absolutely true. Think about it!

  20. r.i.p

    r.i.p slob hahahahaa

  21. DAMu

    the union of snookie or mara and lmafo…..ha ha……

  22. Trust me these things come in handy when you need them. Tom Zegan

  23. Davey

    From what i have heard on the news and about the k-ingg of this young black man Trayvon Martin it was cold blooded 1st degree murder and this Hispanic looking- whatever he is should be locked up in Prison for the rest of his life. Regardless.

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