Mexican-American gang member from Compton expresses racist tendencies

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer
April 29, 2012 | 11:16 a.m. PST

While examining the social networking website, Myspace, I noticed a page of a person claiming Compton Varrio 70, that posted racial hate messages. In the title of the page it states, “COMPTON VARRIO 70 TINY LOKOS BIG MAGIKO NK ALL DAY.”

Compton Varrio 70 are also known as Compton Varrio Setentas and they have had recent conflict with black gangs in Compton. The CV70s are among the city of Compton’s oldest street gang.

The myspace user, who goes by the name of Magik, is claiming the click, or subset of the gang known as Tiny Lokos. He also goes by Big Magiko, but what is most disturbing about this user’s page is the “NK” reference.

On the streets of Los Angeles, members from some gangs such as the Avenues, 204th Street, Canoga Park Alabama, and some factions of 18th Street have made the same reference in recent years. Whether it’s in their graffiti, on a social networking web site, and in some rare instances, tattooed on their body, the NK means the same thing and that is Nigger Killer.

During the mid 1990s, black and Mexican street gangs in Los Angeles that previously never had any conflict began to feud, and by the late 1990s, the conversation about Black & Brown tensions in Los Angeles intensified.

Although there is a perception that Mexicans and Blacks are at war in Los Angeles, this conflict is isolated to just a few communities throughout then entire county and most instances the conflict is rooted in traditional gang conflict and not based on racial animosity. Nevertheless, some gang members, such as Magic from CV70, reveal their racist ideologies.

CV 70 has had rivalries with African-American gangs in Compton such as Spook Town Compton Crips, Acacia Blocc Compton Crips and Nutty Blocc Compton Crips, but these rivalries are isolated to specific gangs and there is no widespread animosity against all black gangs in Compton.

Although Magic, clearly does not like blacks, I am certain that this is not a sentiment that most of the membership of CV70 have. Magic most likely has friends from his gang that interact with blacks on a regular basis, but unfortunately, his friends are not going to call him out or judge him harshly for his racist sentiments.

This racist ideology, for some Mexicans is rooted at home, and gang members from those families try to get others within the gang to have similar racist feelings towards blacks. Weak minded gang members will succumb to the peer pressure and follow along, while others will never adapt that ideology.

When gang members proudly express NK as Magic does, this provides the ammunition that prosecutors need to charge gang members with a hate crime when they engage in what may actually be a gang crime.

In 2010, 204th Street gang members Jonathan Fajardo was found guilty of the 2006 murder of Cheryl Green, 14. The jury also believed that the murder was racially motivated, and prosecutor, Gretchen Ford had plenty of NK references to convince a jury that Fajardo was part of a racist gang.

During the trial I did not believe that Fajardo killed Green because of race. It was revealed that Fajardo was attempting to shoot two Black males, when Green was accidentally struck as she was standing in a driveway. Additionally, there was evidence that a black male had threatened Fajardo earlier that day at the Del Amo Market.

The smaller 18-year old, ran off, and probably humiliated, retrieved a gun from fellow 204th gang member and returned for revenge. He found a group of blacks which he believed was part of the earlier incident, and began to fire, hitting Green who was standing in a driveway between him and the males that he also shot.

The prosecutor never showed the jury any racist expressions that was attributed to Fajardo. They never uncovered a website, tattoos, graffiti that linked Fajardo to any racist taunts, but apparently racist expressions by other gang members was enough to find Fajardo, who was actually half Belizean with black family members, guilty of a hate crime. He was sentenced to death by Judge David Wesley and is currently incarcerated at San Quentin’s death row.




Alex Alonso is an author, film maker, founder of, and a criminal trial consultant. He is a contributing author in the book Black Los Angeles: American Dreams Racial Realities (New York University Press). He can be reached via email, or on Twitter.

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17 Comments for “Mexican-American gang member from Compton expresses racist tendencies”

  1. Brother Man

    Now yall see what I’m talking about, now the gay blank gang banging cv70 farts want yall all dead, blacks wake up ,but yet yall keep kil#i*gg each other ! look at those two guys naked sitting on the couch waitting to such each other off .

    • Fanso

      Well guys are always gonna ki*l other guys, they were doing it during slavery and they will do it 100 years from now, because they know they can get away with it most of the time.

  2. Doobie

    I got homies from cv70 and I am black, I am from cpt and never had problems.

    • Reality

      Dumb guys like you are the reason the Mexicans are taking over. But then again guys like you love to be displaced and do not mind being on the bottom, I hope some Mexicans attack you or one of your family members particularly your mother and we will then see how cool you think they are. Furthermore, just because you are happily a house guy does not mean you speak for the rest of the black community. You are a piece a sh*% just like your brown slave masters you love servicing so much. It is sad that you are an blank kissing slave, and that you worship a bunch of illegal people that are taking over your community. f#@$k you, your mother, and your father, but you probably do not have a father because you obviously identify with your mother because you talk and act like a certified black chick,

  3. willie d

    Stop spreading lies and fuel more fire for the mexicans to smash on the blacks like the silly news..u ain’t in the street so u don’t really know..nk stands for norteno ki*ler..notice him steppin the red rag?? Obviously y’all never been to the pen…

  4. bluimpala

    I have nothing against gangs ANYMORE!I get the occblankional blood shed between black and brown! But why push the race card! Why let little homies do that BULLsh*%!! Hate Crimes are under the FEDS! So how I dont likec you goin make a dollar, ones the FEDS start looking at you’ll!(Some Hispanic Gangs)!! THink about it if you push out black gangs, YOU”LLL the only ones to look at, at least with CRIPS and BLOODS around you got 50/50 chance to make more chips! I dont like THE HATE!!! Stop letting lil homie get OGs,and VETERANOS stretch out for dumb sh*%!!C police and FEDS want them not you!!!!

  5. shyboy

    The mexacain men have always had my respect and have gave my girls to help them party and would help anywsy j can

  6. Head Honcho

    I hate guys, and I approve of the Mexican gangs kil#i*gg them indiscriminately.

    • Big D

      f#@$k U U stupid chick blank MUTHA f#@$kA GO TO HELL

    • Reality

      You said you hate blacks, but you said absolutely nothing about white people, and they are the ones that took the country of Mexico and pushed your stinking piece of sh*% border to where it is today. Historically blacks have done absolutely nothing to Mexicans. In fact, Martin Luther King walked with Caesar Chavez which he should not have done because Mexicans are ungrateful pieces of sh*%. But nonetheless, you ignorant Mexicans kiss your colonizer’s white blank and try to be like them as much as possible. f#@$k you brown pieces of illegal sh*%.

  7. magic70

    f#@$k guys …… … im not even mexican pendejos… im hondurean.. CV70S TLS kil#i*gG guyS ALL DAY


    Prepare for Civil War II. Race war is imminent as we are all competing for limited resources, jobs, money, education, economic opportunities, etc. While Whitey heads for the hills and Asians stockpile munitions, the Black and Brown races will be at the forefront of this upcoming civil war whick is a necessary evil for population control and ultimate regentrification in our karge U.S. cities. So start stockpiling goods as this race war will be far more disastrous than any natural catastrophe. God Bless America

  9. Spooky cv70


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