From Florence & Normandie: Ex-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates dies of cancer at 83

Posted Mon., Apr. 20, 2010

By Alex Alonso

LOS ANGELES — I went out to the intersection of Florence & Normandie where the 1992 riots jumped off to talk to people in the community about the pblanking of Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates who led the department from 1978 – 1992. He retired after the LA Riots, and the acquittal of four LAPD officers that were on trial for the beating of Rodney King. He had been highly criticized for procedures including Operation Hammer, choke holds, spying units, the batter-ram and how he responded to the LA riots. He has been lauded for the SWAT blueprint which has been replicated all over the country but in his own book he denied that he created the concept but rather he supported the idea and approved a unit that every large city in the US now has.

Caveman, from the neighborhood the 1992 riots started, shares his sentiments about the controversial Chief and what life is like living in this South LA neighborhood. He states that trucker Reginald Denny was beat because he verbally jawed at black onlookers as he drove through the intersection on that day.

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6 Comments for “From Florence & Normandie: Ex-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates dies of cancer at 83”

  1. T-RAT ES43GC



    I dont like gates, this is a gang site, we don’t want to read about a racist foo blank white cope.

    Yea, cuzz i’m a former o/g MFH…. I went 2 wilshire crest elm, in 70’s, John Burroughs in 83, L.A High in 84-86. If anybody want to know da real Holla…. we are da RICHEST GANG in History….!!!

  3. Gust

    Interesting interview with the OG from ETGC. I think he’s lying about Denny, though. I think they just f#@$ked him up because he couldn’t get away, while other white people were in smaller cars and able to squeeze out of there. When he said he raised them, the guys who beat Denny, it almost sounded like a football coach lying to defend his players who did something wrong. Notice his body language changes. But he’s right about Gates. Gates’ comment about black people and the choke hold is the scariest thing that a high profile police officer in America has said in public since slavery. It will take generations for the LAPD to absolve itself of the Gates era. And unfortunately, there are still too many in the department who don’t even want to.

  4. 7

    For what he stood for. f#@$k his total existance.

  5. He was racist SOB. He was a dirty cop. He was beating on us black folk

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