Are there Bloods & Crips in South Philadelphia?

Posted on Wed, Apr. 21, 2010

By Alex Alonso

SOUTH PHILADLEPHIA — Reporting from the inner city community of South Philadelphia on 18th Street and Dickinson I met up with rappers Kevlar and Lido Gambino back in 2004. They talk about life in South Philly and Lido Gambino spits a wicked rap about South Philly style and raps about he “wants to get away with murder like OJ” – a must hear rap. Of course these lyrics, like most lyrics you hear from rappers are not to be taken literally. They are for theatrics and entertainment pleasure, but I wanted to ask some serious question about the presence of street gangs in Philadelphia.

Both rappers denied that there are street gangs in their communities in the sense that Los Angeles and Chicago has street gangs, but they did state that youth hang together in groups which is very similar to how some define a gang. In Pittsburgh the Law is a street gang that was been known for sometime but there was not identifiable presence of Los Angeles type gang bangin’ in Philadelphia even though their crime rate is one of the worst in the nation.

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26 Comments for “Are there Bloods & Crips in South Philadelphia?”

  1. Mike

    Don’t know sh*% bout s. philly but there are def bloods in north philly.

    • Khalil

      On da realz, if there are crips and bloods in Philly, they’re not downtown (South Philly). South Philly has always been like a city of its own. The rules are totally different than the other sections of the city. Here in South Philly, we have corners or clicks. For the most part, we think that crip and blood sh*% is wack. We’re trendsetters. We rep ourselves. The west coast got their flow…we have ours. We try not to follow trends. We set them. That’s why I’m surprised that NYC and Jersey is poppin’ that crap.

  2. YUNG 7XC


  3. Real ish

    lol guy 107 hoova definitely aint no crips, f#@$kin out of state bustas lol.

  4. scruff

    East coast lames. Get ya own gang. Goofies.

  5. CodeRed

    Philly is the only city on the East Coast on they own original sh*%. There are gangs in Philly, it’s so real that when you ask a gangbanger about it, they’ll tell you “No, there are no gangs in Philly”. sh*% is more professional than those flashy, loud mouth NYC and LA guys be doing. On top of that, the murder rate in Philly is worse than NYC and LA, tells you something about how they get down there. There are no color based gangs in Philly, except a few wannabes here and there, most gangs in Philly are organized around neighborhoods or housing projects.

  6. The_Haitian_Zoe

    Crips and Bloods please. There a couple fakes out here, Philly cats don’t do that dumb crib and blood ish like dumb blank cali and new york cats. We do our own out here and to all the west coasters who like to talk sh*% about how we are wack in the East Coast, look at crime statistics in from Philly, New York, Camden (New Jersey), Boston, Baltimore, D.C., we have the highest crime rates on the East. Ya’ll west coasters was hard back then but ya’ll are lames nowadays. Get wit it.

  7. Real ish

    chick get wit it foo, no one give a f#@$k about P{hilly cuz there aint sh*% there but a liberty bell, bum guys with muslim beards and crusty white T’s and cheesesteaks. New York guys is fake but at least they city is poppin, and they steal everything from all you other est coast lames who ride their d#$k. The taake the black and latino part of any city in Cali and put it up against one of the gay blank bitin east coast cities and you’ll see it’s the same sh*%. and the funny shiht is yo chick blank has to get all of the east coast to combat LA or Caali cuz you know you only talking about Cali not no Oregon or Wahington. Why dont you put philly up against oaakland or compton, or watts and see what that murder game like foo. get real guy and wash the cheese wiz out yo crusty blank beard. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • jjango

      Its funny how ya’ll cali guys think that other states and cities r tryna be like ya’ll when it comes down to gangs, hoods,ki*lahs, drug dealers and all that other gangsta sh*% cuz first off there’s hoods,gangs,ki*lahs,and gangstas everywhere. Second of all ain’t nobody tryna be like no cali cuz to be honest since ya’ll claim dat ya’ll cali guys r da hardest to be honest Y’ALL NOT kil#i*gg folks over color does not make u hard as a matter of fact kil#i*gg folks period and to say east coast and other states r copying off of ya’ll wack azzez because they got Cs and Bs is stupid cuz last time i check Cs and Bs r everywhere in da USA (probably except Illinois) even here in north Alabama where i live. But all dis “east coast and other states tryna be like cali” is stupid asf cuz really ain’t nobody tryna be like no damn cali and on top of dat there r fake gangsters and.bangers everywhere

  8. Iwanttolive

    Amazing, simply amazing we have really stooped to an all time low, cats are bragging about who started gangbanging and whos state is doing the most kil#i*gg.Everybody has a story to tell about the dangers of ones environment, how many bodies have been layed to unrest do to protecting a piece of realestate that their kids will never be able to purchase or inherit. I am the offspring of the late 70s raised in the 80 and became a man in the 90s, in all my years and journeys throughout California i have lived in some of the worst ran down apartment complexes and neighborhoods,thing is never once did i see or hear anyone speak of it with so much pride as i see people do on this internet, don’t get me wrong when i say F the streets they only good for traveling on or dieing on. We will never own the streets and if we did the goal would be to improve the living conditions of those areas where the gunplay and drugs run rapid. I am a California native born and raised here and cats should know not everybody in the hoods here want to be there.I use to dream of moving to another state when i was young, to purchase land and raise my kids away from Cali, but as time would have it i’m still here. I did get to visit a few states, keyword visit.When it comes down to it im not proud of america im proud of what my people had to endure during the development process of this country we continue to shed blood for.God made man,man made money, who has the most power?One!

  9. Cantiflas

    I dont know about crips and bloods, but they sho enuff have a damn good steak sandwich out there!

  10. CodeRed

    Yo RealIsh, you sound real stupid, guy you just said to put the whole state of California against one East Coast City? You dumb, chick blank guy. Philly’s murder rate is higher than LA’s which is a bigger city. That INCLUDES Watts you fool. On the whole, the East Coast is a more dangerous place than the West Coast. Plus who cares about Philly? Everybody know Philly is poppin, you prolly never even been to Philly before. New Yorkers are moving out of New York and coming to Philly. Learn something before you post next time homie, for real. Plus, Philly INVENTED Gangsta rap, look up Schooly D, you ignorant fool.

    Real East coast guys didn’t have to bite off Cali’s gangs cuz there are already established gangs on the East Coast, save for New York since they biting off everyone. The only other city right now where it’s more live than Philly at the moment is Chi-town.

    And to the people who say someone is braggin about murders and crime etc in the inner city, it’s not about that. When you come from somewhere where people are getting murdered everyday, it’s a badge of honor to make it to adulthood, to have survived and continue to survive through that.

  11. Real ish

    Listen up you foo LA is a bigger scity with alot of nice parts unlike sh*% blank crusty philly, put a hood section of LA next to philly and we on sthe saame level. how you gon put a city with mlibu, the valley, beverly hills, hollywood and some of the nicest richest hoods in the country against a dirty blank dusty city? I been to philly, buncha dusty guys and white people that’s how a knew the city was sh*%. My homeboys from philly, one from germantown, forget where the other 2 dudes from. spent 4 years in B-mmore so shut the f#@$k up. Philly poppin, and B-more poppin with that murder game but they sh*%ty cities of course everybody kil#i*g in the whole city that’s the point. You cant put no city like that against major world cities like Ny and LA. Plus the other philly guy started hatin first like how the guys on the east coast was talkin sh*% about the west when I touched down.

    i mean guys from B-more, DC, NY, Philly, Boston, etc. If Cali or La so vagina why the WHOLE EAST COAST always gotta talk sh*%? WHy can’t one city go, you know why cuz the whole east coast ride NY d#$k who ride Cali d#$k but hate. That’s why I saw crip and blood grafitti in B-more, stupid blank guys walkin around in all blue with flags hangin out they pockets like it was 1992, and other gay sh*%, stick to the east coast and we’ll stick to our sh*%.

    Oh and get off NY d#$k, they don’t really like yall guys.

  12. Real ish

    They didn’t post my comment becauseI was clownin yo chick blank so tuff but it’s ok you mark. I said you chick blank east coast guyas always put the whole east coast against one state Cali, or the city of LA…What kinda ho blank sh*% is that. Stand on yo own two and get off that NY d#$k. Basiclly what my post said before the chick blank moderator took it down was thaata LA is a big important rich city, philly is a bum blank cd where even the whites is damn there poor so philly got like 2 good areas while LA got a grip so how you gon compare a sh*% blank city where the only thing to do is ki*l and sell drugs to a city with Beverly hills, malibu, hollywood, palo verdes etc. You gotta compare philly to watts, compton, south central.

  13. omg ru 4 reel

    Code Red: Badge of honor? No, really, u were just joking, huh? Ni66a a badge of honor is what u get from strappin’ on yo boots every morning, even when u don’t want to and go to work to put food on the table and in your family’s mouth in an honest way and working hard and contributing positively to the community and going to your death knowing you were a decent person. What u talking about is a badge of disgrace and stupidity. There is no honor in keeping yourself in the hood and hanging out on corners wasting your life away. Let someone else breathe your air. Good God…badge of honor…..ok…..sure…..

  14. Hmm

    Who cares honestly? Its all about making money..Philly is wack in terms of it being poppin..NYC def got it poppin on the club tip and females..but that prolly just cuz they got more numbers. I heard LA was poppn hard and the females in Cali be bout it and let ya kind of girls..and the bud is tastey..i had it from all the cities..but that ny diesel is something special.

    anyway..all that gang sh*% aint me i have my own lil crew of fams and friends who we roll together wit and wat not..others have bigger numbers and sh*% just becomes a gang on its own..others form gangs around they hood and its al about holding down ya spot and making money…sh*% can go deep and out state gangs influence hood gangs..and its all business..they you got them fakes who try to be all hard and show colors cuz they kno on there solo they gettin taken.

    stop chickin n hatin..and i hate that camden keeps being called the worst city in the us..its a fukin scheme to keep camden down so they can keep gettin that state money..thats the mafia gang*% above most ya heads.

  15. Dontneva

    And don’t eva eva eva eva eva, ask for mayo on your cheese steak sandwich in philly….you’ll get shanked by the cook….

  16. GOD'sCHILD

    I pray every night for the lives and souls of our lost bro & sis. we as people need to open our eyes and find the only way to a reall life of happiness is thru our heavenly father n stop kil#i*gg ourselves to glorify evil and condeming their souls to hell. I’m not the 1 to judge but i have been effected by gang violenece first hand. I’ve lost my eldest sister when I was 8 yrs.old I’m now 26 & numerous of childhood friends to senseless kil#i*gg. Tell me my brothers & sisters in Christ when will it end? OUR CHILD ARE THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. peter bklu

    Yeah we crippin guy… C53 to all da cuz n da 215…. BK ALL DAY CUZ…. OOOOWWWOOOHHH

  18. peter bklu

    Ima north Phil crip n I ain’t scared to Rocc my flag n e where… C53 ooowwwoooohhh to all da cuz prepping da set… Cz^ bzdown

  19. Crips? Bloods? Gangs? = Bunch of dumb guys who cant find a job because of there lack of education and like taking the easy route in life. Ignorant and im sorry but my 9mm is just as strong as theirs. Only difference is I don’t use it because someone is talking sh*%, or snitching. Id rather use my fists. If your in a gang means your a vagina in life and need people to back you up because you cannot fight and live by yourself. Your weak minded.

  20. I am not sure if I agree with you. Anyway will keep looking

  21. big g

    ment for sho u no thats righ swoooooop to the b high swooooop[ to all my blood hommies at that from philly to the east cost west down south dirty dirty and all the way to the ATL BABY HELL YEAH WELL BIG G OUT PEACE

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