Hollywood and Central Los Angeles gang map of 1978


Streetgangs.com Staff Writer
May 7, 2015 | 2:55 p.m. PST

This map was created in 1978 and covers the areas of Central Los Angeles, Hollywood, and parts of South Los Angeles.

Gangs mapped:

1. Toonerville
2. Varrio Rebels (Hollywood)
3. Varrio Rebels 2 (Hollywood)
4. WS 18th Street (Hollywood)
5. Clanton (Hollywood)
5. Satanas
6. WS 18th Street (Central)
7. Temple St
8. Satanas 2 (Central)
9. Latin Playboys
10. Clanton (Western Ave)
11. Harpys (5th Ave)
12. WS Crips (Mid Town)
13. WS 18th (West LA)
14. BlackStone (The City)
15. Rollin 20s (Bloods)
16. WS 18th Street (Adams & Western)
17. WS 18th Street (Pico / Union)
18. WS 18th Street (Mid Wilshire area)
19. WS 18th Street (Sunset Blvd)
20. Echo Park
21. Clanton (near Downtown)
22. Primera Flats (Southside)
23. Clanton 14 (Eastside)

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5 Comments for “Hollywood and Central Los Angeles gang map of 1978”

  1. Demonito

    Damn, Filipino gangs like S*tanas(STS) & Temple Street(TST) were really bangin’. Filipino gangs today are soft as f#@$k, probably because they moved on with that gangbangin’ sh*%

    • Tormento_Tortuga

      Cuz dem Flips now got dem smart phones yo! Starin inda screen all day WiFi on the East Side! Where JollyBee be at? GPS onda fly!

    • Samuel K

      how do u know if they werer really bangin? just cause they r on the map dont mean that

  2. Tormento_Tortuga

    Cuz dem Flips now got dem smart phones! Starin into the 5 inch sceen – lookin for closest JollyBee’n on the GPS app yo! Flipin in the WiFi on the East Side ! 4sho!

  3. WPSQueens

    18 streeters are a bunch of LAMES they’re nothing when caught alone. they run in numbers cuz they’re chickes. f#@$k 1st

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