Did Surveillance Camera at Beverly Center capture shooting of Roderick “Dolla” Burton?

By Alex A. Alonso
May 16, 2010 | 4:02 p.m.

Rapper Dolla

LOS ANGELES, Cailf – Last week during the testimony of parking attendant Jose Molina, defense attorney Howard R. Price noticed a surveillance camera in one of the prosecution’s photo exhibits. Molina was one of the witnesses that testified seeing Aubrey Berry, shoot rapper Roderick “Dolla” Burton at the valet area of the PF Chang’s China Bistro restaurant at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

Price appeared to be surprised to find out from Molina that there was a surveillance camera in the valet area that would have captured the entire altercation between Berry and Burton. Last week video footage provided by the prosecution of the garage area outside the restaurant did not capture all of the events leading up to the shooting nor did it capture the actual shooting. This camera that Molina testified about would have captured the verbal altercation between Berry and Burton and provide evidence to support the self defense claims of Berry, if Burton and their group were the aggressors. Although the prosecution provided footage from the garage area, what was provided to the defense and what was being used in the trial was not from the surveillance camera visible in exhibit 16.

On Tuesday May 11, Deputy District Attorney Robert Grace called Ms. Alcantar, an employee of Ampco Parking, who does secretarial work for the parking company and has knowledge of the surveillance camera system. Grace called Alcantar to testify that the surveillance camera over the valet area did not work, but Price objected to her testifying. Prosecutor Grace wanted her to testify in front of the jury to dismiss any ideas of evidence tampering of potential video surveillance that could possibly support Berry’s self-defense claims. Judge Michael Pastor decided to listen to a preview of Alcantar’s testimony outside the presence of the jury.

Alcantar told defense attorney Price that a security company called IPC owns and operates the cameras in the Beverly Center common areas including the garages and parking structures. When Price asked her if IPC operated the camera at the valet desk area, she did not answer. She seemed confused and after a long pause, she stated that Integrated Access installed that specific camera in the valet area. Price then asked her directly, “who maintains and operates that camera?” and her answer was an astonishing, “no one maintains that camera.” She further stated that the camera is not operational because she has never seem imagery from that camera and that another employee told her that it was not functioning. Alcantar explained that she has access to view all cameras and if it worked she would be able to view. Price asked her if IPC has an office onsite and whether they had access to view that camera remotely and she did not know.

Price objected to her being able to testify in front of the jury because of her limited knowledge of the surveillance system and mostly because her testimony would provide the prosecution with an explanation for not having critical footage from a camera that would have captured entire incident. Judge Pastor sustained the defense’s objection much to the dissatisfaction of prosecutor Grace who stated to the judge, “You are going to allow them to argue that there is a missing video?” and Judge Pastor replied that he would not allow that either.

At this point, Price had already created doubt to the jury during Molina’s testimony about possible footage from a camera in the valet area, and the prosecution knew that they had to quickly present some information about this camera and any footage shot from it to dispel any type of “cover-up,” so on Wednesday May 12, Grace called Vernon Pineda, who worked for the facilities department at the Beverly Center that had direct information about this valet area camera. Pineda testified that 2 years ago there was a problem with theft among the valet employees so Pineda himself installed a decoy camera, a surveillance camera that does not capture any footage. According to Pineda, this decoy camera was designed to appear that the valet attendants were being watched by IPC. This ended testimony about the surveillance camera, but it still left many unanswered questions.

– Why was this decoy camera not explained up front well in advance before the defense discovered it in a photo?
– Why would Integrated Access install a decoy camera to monitor an area where Ampco employees were believed to be involved in theft? Would they not want to know who and when this theft was occurring?
– Is this another bizarre coincidence in this case? What are the odds that the camera with the best perspective on the incidents immediately before the shooting of Roderick Burton be a non-operational decoy camera?
– The PF Chang’s China Bistro restaurant has 14 fixed cameras that have 4 cameras that showed Berry and Burton inside the restaurant, and not one camera immediately outside the valet area is astonishing. The cameras inside the restaurant are not operated by IPC.

Upon visiting website, Integrated Control Systems International, an installation company of proprietary parking access & revenue control software system, they had a photo of the valet desk area at precisely the location where Berry testified he was cornered and began firing at Burton. The photo was taken on February 8, 2005 from an Argus Digital Camera according to the digital information contained within the photo. Outside the presence of the jury, Alcantar testified that Integrated Access, was the company that installed the cameras in the parking area but she must have been referring to this company. Argus manufactures both still and surveillance digital cameras.

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18 Comments for “Did Surveillance Camera at Beverly Center capture shooting of Roderick “Dolla” Burton?”

  1. Mansfields yall guys need 2 get @ tha guy homies that got @ looney.

  2. tha martian

    Aburey is Gon Get Touched in The ATL Or CaliFornia He Better Watch His Bacc You Know What I Mean For Realz Man Aburey Is a vagina @$$ N!99@ Mane! WYB BERRY!!,,Im A Dolla Fan And I Know What ppl Are Sayin They Let A Dude Who Was Armed..Shot A Dude Who Wasnt Armed In The Bacc And Still Hitting Him Until the Clip Was Empty i guess… And They Aquitted
    Dude WTF Is Wrong Wit The System Man.. Fo Real F Tha System

  3. nina

    why would aubrey drive around dolla and look at him to me it was to see if he was dead this aubrey is insane maybe a hospital he should go to

  4. nina

    aubrey lied because the police had a record of the fight 2 weeks before dolla was ki*led if he called the police the police would of did something .aubrey said yea right i willtake matters in my own hands this was not self defence because were was dollas gun. aubrey is crazy in the head and parinoid

  5. nina

    where is the tape because they claim dolla had a gun and then his friends took it away when aubrey shot him in the bicep . to me his lawyer cooked up a lie yhat is howard price the liar and i would tell it to his face . if we dont see a video then price could say any thing stupid like dolla had a gun and his friends took it , whaer is the tape people where is the tape i wont believe anything that comes from aubrey or his lawyer . the are liars from the beginning to the end

  6. nina

    where is the tape where is the tape where is the tape

  7. nina

    to me there was not enough evidence ther should of been a camera where the shooting was to prove aubrey berry wrong .

  8. COOL

    the man aubrey berry is a coldhearted ki*ler and the judge the jururs and most def. the lawywer are coldhearted and evil people . why didn’t aubrey shoot him in the leg or shoot him in the other leg. but no he i believe in my heart went for the ki*l and then claimed selfdefence he went for the ki*l because i believe he is evil and coldhearted because if he was not coldharted he would of shot him in the leg and he did not want to be liable for the injuries and then dolla could of defended him self.

  9. COOL

    american justice is not always right

  10. COOL

    american justice is not always right

  11. COOL

    american justice is not always right

  12. COOL

    american justice is not always right

  13. candy

    this aubrey berry was uncalled for shooting dolla so many times if this was suppose to be self defence i will bet you a million dollars he new he could get away with this in cali and his gun was not licensed in cali HE LIED BIG TIME SAYING HE DID NOT NO HIS GUN WAS NOT LI CENCED IN CALI THIS JUDGE AND JURORS IGNORED THIS AND THEY SHOULD BE HEL:D FOR THIS CRIME .



  15. dude


  16. if i start Talkin and justifyin i have much to say what i want to say is that his death was planned very Well and givin tht vagina berry innocence sucks !
    f#@$k that guy aubrey if i was in the state i’d f#@$k up his f#@$kin face vagina blank chick !

    Long live Dolla !

  17. Bxangside90sorchard

    Dolls rest in piss gk Rollxn

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