New released footage of Johannes Mehserle shooting Oscar Grant
June 25, 2010 | 1:51 a.m.

Johannes Mehserle on Fruitvale platform after shooting - Jan. 1, 2009

LOS ANGELES — The court has released some of the exhibits from the trial of Johannes Mehserle, who is accused of killing Oscar Grant on the Fruivale station of one of the BART lines. This never released footage was shot by passenger Tommy Cross and it offers an new angle from the shooting that has already been views millions of times.

Grant was shot once in the back while he was giving up his arms and hands to be cuffed. Mehserle was trying to pull Grant’s right arm while Carlos Reyes’ left leg was under Grant. Mehserle then draws his firearm and shoots Grant once in the back.

Mehserle claims that he meant to draw his TASER and accidentally shot Grant with his firearm. Defense Attorney Michael Rains has been arguing in court that the method that Mehserle drew his gun, his backward movement when he fired, thumb motion he made with gun, and his reaction after the shooting all indicate that the shooting was an accident.

Mehserle is on trial for murder in Los Angeles after the trial was moved from Oakland because of intense publicity the shooting received. The trial is expected to conclude by July 1st.

Date: June 25, 2010

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8 comments on “New released footage of Johannes Mehserle shooting Oscar Grant

  1. flagle on said:

    this is the best footage, or the best quality seen so far.

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  3. Tashi on said:

    I’m following this case over here on the East coast much love always to the West coast! That was cold blooded murder. No need for trial, no need for testimony and tears, find a cell for the racist cop—that WAS MURDER!!

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  6. Real Life Man on said:

    We following the case in Texas this shit pissin me off, prayers to the grnt family

  7. Ricardo Bueyhombre on said:

    The horror fills me with horror, and resolve to do something. Alex should be commended for the excellent walk-through of this abomination. That said, I hope that readers and Alex will contact me at 831-688-8038 or at to discuss a plan for action… which I want to propose to one and all before the verdict is arrived at.

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