Services for Rolland “Rocky” Miller are set Staff Writer
July 8, 2011 | 1:26 p.m.

The viewing of Rolland “Rocky” Miller is planned for today, Friday, at Connor-Johnson Funeral Home located at 4700 South Avalon Boulevard in Los Angeles from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Funeral services for Miller will be held on Saturday, July 9 at 11:00 a.m. at the New Life Christian Center located at 2600 South La Brea Avenue in the City of Los Angeles.

Miller was shot and killed last week at the family home by an unknown assailant. South Bureau detectives of the Los Angeles Police department are investigating the homicide of Miller.

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55 Comments for “Services for Rolland “Rocky” Miller are set”

  1. Hey MR. Alonzo ,I saw you today at my homies funeral,I stud right behind you as you flimed the grave site , now the devil try to make me sin, but an angel stop me from doing somthing stupid,I gather my since;s and went to my Gee and asked him how he felt about you and he spoke highly of you, so thanks to MAD RONALD I didnt sin, and I found your a ture person and really mean well for our streets,keep up the great work

  2. Stef Alonso

    Mr. Alonso and Rocky were long time friends, kinda like brothers in many way. Unfortunately, Rocky’s life was taken senselessly and untimely. We, who are here should live life to the fullest and be grateful for our blessings, as Rocky lived his life to the fullest. He will be missed by Mr. Alonso but the love and the bond that they shared over the many many years will live on his his heart. Mr. Alonso has done allot for the community in many many positive ways. He has helped many of the homies out there, as well as his good friend, Mad Ronald. Rocky has left behind a family that loves him dearly, especially his children who are the ones truly affected by the loss of their father. He has 3 older sons, and daughters, as Mr. Alonso. A father’s absence is a major tragedy in children s’ lives. Let’s pray for these children that they continue full and prosperous life. May god bless this family!

    • Rcky B.I.P. I want that kiler caught , and if we in the community got to march, lets get together on the same page, dont stop posting, or all is lost.

    • I guess it only takes a minute to do the devils work, but a life time to do GODS work, once again my apolige MR. Alonzo, but you need to get at MAD RONALD more often so the young homies know you mean good for all hoods and that your not on any side when it comes to gang violance,we all need to ki*l the noise, on crime on one another. P.S ne day will meet and hopefully I can help you contiune ROCKYS work!

  3. beejay

    sending peace and blessings i am old skool and i recall Mr.Alonzo aka AL ski.. being quite close to heart bleeds for Rocky’s family, the homies which of course include alex.. I know he and his family are hurting at this time.. I just can’t believe this.. it is just so wack..ugh… Damn Rocky … Just DAmn

    • I’m calling on all my black sister’s to stand up and say I want a real black man not some boy playing ganster blood or crip, thats not going to feed our familys and it anit cute anymore, go to our schoo’ls and talk to our kids about the dangers of liking a gang banger , it just brings death to our door steps!

    • Its refeshing to know that he was close to ROCKY,it would have been a hug mistake on my part ,if I didnt come to MAD RONALD first!

  4. Stone Love

    Mr. Alonso has love and no animosity to any neighborhood, Blood, Crip, Essay, where-ever, but when you think of his close circle, Mr. Rock was one of his aces. I know he is feeling the pain, but since he know so much of what goes on in the streets, I would think he could solve this murder before the police do. RIP Rock from right down the street.

    • The ki*ler of rocky should not be able to rest, if everyone had love for rocky like they say they do, I know life goe’s on, but not for his ki*ler right pepole?

    • Tweentys, stones, Brims, til death now if is possible mr.alonze will find that ki*ler,but we all in the commuity cant just let it go like that, then who’s next me or you , naw I anit gone rest until that blank is caught, and pays the DUBs are change, for what he did, we lost not just a homie, but a real man, that loved the sreets, so well that he worked tiredlessly trying to bring all hoods to a peaceful solution, and thats how they ki*led MLK & Macom X, ,,, Judus I tell you ,plain Judus!

      • Stef Alonso

        Martin Luther King was NON – VIOLENT! He sacrificed his life to make a change for us, the oppressed. If you want to think of MLK, then think positive and hope as well as work for change as one one of the smartest leaders have done, MLK. Change will come, as it has been seen. Who would have imaged Pres. Obama, a brother leading our country. As did Rocky, worked tirelessly for change in the community. Follow in his footsteps.

        • I want these street fired up , and our people to say no more kil#i*gg of the black man by blackhands, teee-shirts would be nice, we need new slogans to put on tee- shirts to let the gangs know who in and whos out, !

        • Rocky was luv by all crips bloods latinos aisn ect’ so why its it that all yall at his funneral anit on the job helping find the ki*ler ,was it just a photo opp for yall, or are yall going to push for change in Rockys names!

        • LAPD needs to put out a REWARD A.S.P before the trail goes cold!

        • I hear you Stef, but how the hell you leave Malcom X out of the picture, you know its eye for and eye on ROCKY B.I.P its eye for an eye!

  5. “ROCKY” Miller must have been a real special brother!!! R.I.P bruh, and God bless his fam!!!

  6. Business Associate

    If the ki*ler gets caught, he has a reason why he shot and ki*led Rocky, because he did not go there to ki*l Rocky, but sh*% got heated and that’s what resulted unfortunately. If he is arrested, he will be charged with 1st degree murder but those charges will not stick. I hope he turns himself in and apologizes to the family.

    • Hey MR. (B.A.) if you didnt have anything to do with my guys death lets meet and talk, so we can fine out who really did it ,you name the place and I’ ll be there!

    • here it is posted under july 14, 2011 at 3:54pm, under sevices for rocky miller.

    • exsplain yoself fool??????????????????????????????

    • Only the ture ki*ler, could know if he went there too ki*l Rocky or not, and know if things got heated or not, so save your self the time and bullsh*% guy I’m have your compter pinged as I speak and in about a few hours the FEDS will know were you are and come get yo dumb as so watch outt!

    • Let me tell you somthing, Mr. Business blankociate I dont care what they might have been aruging about , you dont ki*l a man for an disagreement,and the only way to make this right is for that guy to come forward let evryone know it was a mistake and he panic ,so when you gone either give the guy up or turn yoself in.

  7. First 48

    Someone will be caught real soon, I just hope that the person does not try to leave the country, then it will be difficult to get an arrest.

    • First 48 hours are gone, now it’s time the hood ,start there owen invesigation his family is hurtting badly and cant sleep knowing the ki*ler is out there ,free to ki*l again, and you never no maybe he’s bold eough to go after this mans off springs, and that would be so sad , if we as a people didnt keep the heat on this, coward!

    • I dont care where this coward runs, Rocky was love WORLD WIDE if you didnt know!

  8. StreetGangs.Com Staff

    Rocky’s commitment to peace and intervention will be missed. He was a leader in that role, and was a REAL peace maker.

    • What are you doing to find the ki*ler of yur friend MR.Alomzo?

    • If you really have luv for my brother ,then keep his story on the front burnner, until the ki*l in caught ,dont let it fade away like the rest of your stories,talk with the LAPD to get up a REWARD or somthing , that will show everybody how close you and Rocky really were, and that he,s not just another dollar makeing storie for your site, he was our homeboy right?

      • To streetGangs .com I dont know were the hell you get your information on the REWARD process, but anything beat’s sitting around waitting for southwest LAPD to find the ki*ler, if they had a lead they’ed be kicking down some doors, so save that sh*% Dogg! lets get that REWARD poping and let the courts decide the acussed faith, because it starting to feel like some ol MLK bullsh*% going down on yall part, eveything is throw out the window and you have know answers for this mans family, so if yall really luved this buddy of mine ,dont go there it only make me think negitve about yall real intentions!

    • I know but did you check out the person that calls himself (Business blankcoiate) on here he know’s the ki*ler or he is the ki*ler, he know’s to much about how the ki*ler felt at the time of Rockys murder, please if your staff is really about helping our find community,ping that sucka and give his blank to the police,let them question him on how he knows so much,let Rocky memory live on in all are soul’s ,never forgutten by real Gee’s.and what’s up with the FED;s rushing the Choosen Few MC Club members for murder,rackertireing,ect.?

      • StreetGangs.Com Staff

        I dont know about that post. Sounds like someone trying to figure it out.
        1. A witness did hear an argument so obviously something got “heated.” That information is well known by many.
        2. There is a good chance that whomever did it went to do a robbery. Another witness saw someone leaving with duffle bag.
        3. We will learn more when there is an arrest.

        • okay then why (Bussiness blankcoate) knows that wasnt the ki*lers intent?

        • Okay ! then why dont you let LAPD see the post and make there owen judgement call and ping this person , just to see how much he really knows,.

        • That post was made from a public computer, like a library or a coffee shop, and there is nothing in that post that is insightful. I think the guy is trying to say it was supposed to be a robbery, but it turned out to be a kil#i*gg, and that’s what the streets are saying anyways, so what info does he have that the streets aint been saying?

        • Hey yes I:m back and I was think, you never said anything about asking the LAPD or city counsel about a REWARD for the ki*ler are you working towards that?

        • StreetGangs.Com Staff

          If the City offers a reward for the capture of blankailant, then that means the police do not have any leads or evidence to bring charges, so if you want to see an arrest made, then you don’t want to see a reward offered.

        • Thanks alot ZOE, thats all I was asking ,now I’ll keep it pushing for ROKKY see you soon ,much respect !

  9. prettyred46

    he was ki*led 1 week after his birthday!! Senseless crimes…he didn’t have to die, I am sure he would have given the culprit what he asked for, if he asked!! When the rapture comes, there will be many left behind. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN THIS LIFE, OR THE NEXT!!! You choose. R.I.Paradise “Rocky”!

    • I want everybody to reconize this could be you or your son , daught,brother,dad, moms, cousin, or even best friend,that get s snaked by someone they trusted, do be fooled by the smile on a person face , like the O-Jays say backstabers, only in the hood !

    • Rocky cant turly rest know the ki*ler ,just might be befriending his off spring’s,to all rockys babies ,dont tust anybody that not trying to find your fathers ki*ler!

    • Yes it was seneless, and that sucka will pay now and then , because I know that foo cant sleep at night, wondering when the FED’S gone kick in the door and say this is your last day on the street;s.

  10. big sexy

    didnt know dude R.I.P.

  11. ejcrip

    All I got 2 say, is: “cops”! Think about it!
    Rest In Peace.


  13. MS TEE


  14. MissHimSoMuch

    It’s still such a hard reality knowing that I will never see him again in life!

  15. MissHimSoMuch

    Rocky was very important to me; I hope his murder is solved soon – it will bring some closure!

  16. HARLEM30

    RIP Rock even though i was from the other side you were a real G all about peace to the punk who shot you yea you know that from the shoulders Rocky wouldve f#@$ked you up the man was good with his hands a real fighter RIP brother

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