Mister CR from Eastside Hustler Crip talks about his neighborhood

STREETGANGS.COM | July 30, 2013,

Los Angeles– While on the Eastside of Los Angeles on 107th & Towne, we interviewed Mister CR from Eastside Hustler Crip (ESHC), on a near death stabbing, taking a deal on an offense he had nothing to do with, going to prison, and his rap music.

Location: 107th, Eastside Los Angeles

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25 Comments for “Mister CR from Eastside Hustler Crip talks about his neighborhood”

  1. Lootining

    This cat is entertaining.god bless you young brother.

  2. frank ocean

    I dont think Eastside Hustler goes to Main, but cool interview.

  3. Shady Loc

    I thought they were Avalons..thats the hood badd lucc from right?

  4. yea botch

    menace 2 society..stopahfornia..boyz n da hood..murder was the case..tales from the hood..sidewayz

  5. yea botch

    TRU boyz

  6. yea botch

    ynot get toxic i dont think so

  7. yea botch

    scrap blasted in da lo lo..happy wid ur chips chick

  8. yea botch

    msk burner

  9. yea botch

    hand ur hands 2 ya potna

  10. yea botch

    sur doggy yelling

  11. yea botch

    crip lifers

  12. yea botch

    ish iz a chick..dlocs a joke..so ynot buss a clanton down

  13. yea botch

    there will be blood

  14. yea botch

    ac hops a fence

  15. yea botch

    triple six bithces

  16. yea botch

    hundreds of surenos gangs over 200 dead crips 30 blood hits 1000 deaths run fast

  17. yea botch

    neighbors takkkking pictures straps

  18. yea botch

    trash trash trash tag dead sur taggers crazy carlos shooting cops

  19. yea botch

    crips throw on 13 members..fanny..guns..liquor

  20. yea botch

    only the best..eastcoast guys nastradamus..LSD

  21. yea botch

    still Cdog pump pump

  22. yea botch

    crips mooning drinking beer listening 2 alicia keys

  23. yea botch

    banderia musica telemundo kissy kissy

  24. yea botch

    dLOCs poSSE

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