Mug shots of two Fullerton cops arrested released, murder charges filed

By Alex Alonso Staff Writer
September 21, 2011 | 2:20 p.m.

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Two police officers were charged Wednesday in the death of a mentally ill homeless man Kelly Thomas, who was beaten and on July 5. Officer Manuel “Manny” Ramos and Corporal Jay Cicinelli have been charged with second degree murder and excessive force respective.

Cicinelli lost one of his eyes while he was an officer with the Los Angeles police department, in 1996, when shot during an off-duty attack in South Los Angeles. Although the incident with LAPD placed him on disability, he was able to land a job with the Fullerton police.

Ramos was taken into custody in leiu of $1 million bail and $25 thousand bail for Cicnelli. Ramos faces 15 years in prison and Cicinelli faces four years in prison.

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10 Comments for “Mug shots of two Fullerton cops arrested released, murder charges filed”

  1. flavor

    puercos susios

  2. TJ

    I hope they get charged. This is a prime example of government thuggin’. Like this old youtube clip of one blood member from CMG said, “we thuggin and the PO-LICE thuggin’ too…they ain’t nothin but a big gang.” Not to mention corporate thugs too, but that’s a whole nother’ different topic, lol. That’s the real and they both need to be sentenced charged with 1st degree murder, b/c they knew what they were doing and IMHO they murdered him by using excessive force. What MOST of the public doesn’t know is that this happens everyday in LA county Men’s central. Anyone who has been there knows that during intake, right when they get you off the bus, have you wait, then walk that sh*%ty, gas-blank rainbow line with ur head down…lol…that the police be firing on ppl for no reason, just cause they can and it’s jail. back to the point though, shouldn’t the taser have been enough??? Why beat the man too his death then look stupid on ur mug shot, like you didn’t do anything…lmao…If the judicial system doesn’t punish them…the one above will, and that’s fa real!

  3. Slaete

    Orange County and Fullerton loves their cops, even their crooked and criminal ones.

    • Fullerton

      Nonsense. Fullerton citizens put so much pressure on the city government they had to charge these officers… something they fiercly resisted at first. Three councilmembers are going to undergo a serious recall effort. You don’t know what you’re talking about Slaete. Stick to what you know… weed and gangs.

  4. yup . was at mens central jail. one police slaped a man with the bottom of his fist …tiger style 2 xs for laffing at what a friend said . and responding . im laffing at what my friend said….Pow!! what??? Pow!!!! Laff again.

    🙂 truth is the truth …and guess what??? im SET FREEE!!!!!

    rip beaten dude! black or white. beating is a beating…….sh*% HURTS.

  5. gang

    damn i’m surprised that one fatblank cop could get his gun out to shoot an innocent. i mean i know that’s what they love to do, but damn he probably had to put down like 10 donuts (one on each finger) to actually do that. That takes ski*l from an UGLY STUPID FAT OBESE UGLY FAT OBESE UGLY STUPID RETARD FAT UGLY STUPID guy who pretends to be a cop. What a fatblank ugly stupid guy. I hope they rape his blank in prison.

  6. Jokker

    Gang… your a fukn tool bro… That fat blank cop didnt shoot him.. they beat his blank and he died the next day at a hospital… watch some news before you comment on sh*%

    • HarpoAK47

      All the gang thugs should put all their Guns Down and Stop Drug Dealing then they might stop getting hurt. Quis Separabit,Don’t like Cops but on the other hAnd I wouldn’t like my son r daughter to be in one of these ponsy gangs I’m from northern ireland whwere your gangs would look like a bunch of kids with guns and no fukin brains

  7. laSVegAZ

    yea & cops in the cage are ur friENDs…SIKe..

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