South LA Rapper, Sandman Negus, killed in alley

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer
September 27, 2012 | 11:08 p.m.

Eritrean rapper Sador “Sandman Negus” Fasehaye was killed in an alley on the 4300 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard on Thursday evening. Fasahaye, grew up in South Los Angeles but was born in Bulgaria from Eritrean parents and spent some time in the Sudan before moving to the U.S. at the age of 7.

Four years ago, he was shot and nearly killed in a gang-related incident that left him in a coma suffering damage to his colon, liver, lungs, diaphragm, shoulders and neck. He was shot through the front windshield of his car and hit nine times. He made an incredible recovery by 2009 and showed no signs of the injuries. He represented Rollin’ 60s Crips, but he devoted most of his time to his music and career.

His last Twitter post was promoting his latest single and video Don’t Blame Me, shot mostly in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating his killing and were on the scene till 10:00 p.m. The killing occurred in the alley just west of Crenshaw Blvd between Homeland Drive and Vernon Avenue.

Crime scene, September 27, 2012
Looking north down alley where Sandman Negus was killed, just west of Crenshaw Blvd, September 27, 2012

Crime scene, September 27, 2012
Looking south down alley from Homeland Drive just west of Crenshaw Blvd, September 27, 2012

Sandman Negus

Don’t Blame Me by Sandman Negus

Alex Alonso is an author, film maker and founder of He is the contributing author in the 2010 book entitled “Black Los Angeles: American Dreams and Racial Realities” (New York University Press). He can be reached via email, at 800-249-1324, or on Twitter.

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65 Comments for “South LA Rapper, Sandman Negus, killed in alley”

  1. flaco comir

    Wow! I’d rather be dirt poor and kickin in Sudan…than trying to get minted and shot dead in the LA!

  2. The Ethiopian

    Sad to see a rise in black on black crime, why cant we work together ? Is their not enough room in this world for blacks to live in harmony? R.I.P

  3. 63rd & 1oth

    He beat up some dude that couldnt take a ass whooping so the guy shot him 4x in the head

  4. S.MACK

    “You Know His Own Homies Killed Him” That’s How The Sissy Get Down Fuck Napps

  5. ibrahim sami@facebook

    SAnd man in reality you gone bro..but ima remember the nights we kicked it and chilled….you already know bro

  6. ibrahim sami@facebook

    my bro sandman

  7. marina mafia

    tRIPLE crOSSED……….

  8. John Asemelash

    So, will this senseless murder be solved?? Any suspects?? C’mon this rapper had people around him,,,,nothing??

  9. John Asemelash

    So, will this senseless murder be solved?? Any suspects?? C’mon this rapper had people around him,,,,nothing?? This shows gang banging aint shit..

  10. sandman

    ow my GOD dat thing is killing me coz hi ismy brother ow it is hard to know ur brother is being killed by stupid ppl

  11. EggHead

    That’s life in South L.A. wonderful huh ..!!!

  12. lovely

    ppl are so twisted….sandman was a good man and well always be remembered as that i love u sandman you are a special person that is in my life love you always baby;(

  13. John Daniels

    Word on the street is Nipsey Husstle is behind the murder of the Sandman!! Bitch ass sissy niggas..killing their own..For what..gang ;banging aint shit..when your own homies kill each other..u better C me! cuzz

    • I heard a lot about this murder but I never heard Nipsey’s name with this, so stop coming on here trying to create drama Mr. John Daniels.

      • Jack Daniels

        @alexlonso…go suck some eggs dumb fool. because you write and studied about this case doesn’t mean you know squat. Plus, who give you the authority on this “topic” You not even understanding the Eritrean connection or language ..dumb fool

    • rip sandman nugus

      why would he do that

  14. seddy

    rumor being that Nippsey Hustle behind the Sandman murder..Bitch ass sissy niggas..Yall killng your own..gangbanging aint shit..seddy

  15. Brothers

    WTF ……Nipsey Husstle is from Eritrea. The same east Africa place as Sandman. Now that is very hard to believe because Eritrea’s don’t kill each other.
    That’s really against the code. Ya”ll will have to prove that shit to me. Nipsey???? No way!!! They were brothers!!!

    • not sure

      yall got to prove it though, they werent brothers just because they are eritreans…nipsey didnt not attend his funeral or give him a shoutout !!!
      kinda lost respect for nipsey

  16. Brothers

    Amazing and sad to hear this. The streets and a world of it’s own.

  17. Jake snead

    rumour being that Sandman’s sister was doing the Nipsey man…and their where in alley getting blazed when the sandman was blasted cuz. RsC nigga…thats why the crime has not been solve. cuz

    • RIP

      @ Jake snead…. so nipsey is not involved in this ????
      what was the reason that got sandman killed ?
      i need answers, sandman was from africa, my home

      • Jake snead

        Yeah they both from africa and also p/t gang bangers..RSC sissys..gang politcics and power was the problem..everyone else thinks other wise..Streets dont care were you from…only in LA.

  18. 5th street

    respect dat hoe

  19. MissBeautifulLady1988

    I miss u so much sador ur were ah very beautiful person,indeed very intelligent very well sponken guy,u always had me dyin laughin may u rest in eternal peace sweetheart u will 4 ever be missed by the real people who cared and loved u most..):

  20. eyob


  21. ChirsECC

    On EastK CoastK BkastKard CrxPk My CFkamxly DidntK Kill EacHk Othker DumbK Ass Thkey Whkere Bkrothers EC. Uncle Nipksey & Sandman Was Close S.I.P Sandman Negus Real SIX Owe S.i.P Crafty 3 Huccabucc 4 Shadyhucc & All My Other FallxN Six Owes Ec.i.p My ECC’S Im Hk AfkrxCa 89stK NayBKHK89D Or Nothkin 1st-190’s 3o’s -100’s

  22. 60's

    Funny cuz half you niggas dont know what ur talking about..

  23. romel

    I asked him why he was involved in this “game” in that his background and roots are so far away from that of these street gangs in the US. Sure he grew up here but his history is different. Did he have a choice or not? Especially after he first got shot I was hoping he would move away from this whole garbage. It is bad enough so many blacks are caught up. It seems he chose to stay around it. Oh well. We all got to go someday. Hope it was worth it. Rest in peace Sador.

  24. DecentDiscourse

    What a crime. Who paints the image of black men as being “cool” with guns in the first place and why the hell do thinking people subscribe to such bull? There is no reason on earth for carrying and shooting people other than to fulfill the destiny put in motion for you by whites who create and promote the images that lead to black men and hispanic men destroying themselves, leaving more on the table for you know who.

  25. All these folks are on here talking about the case but not one person represented his music nor are they buying it. I GO is on I TUNES, grab a copy and stop trying to salt up Sador. He was put in a place where he didn't belong. He will always be an Eritre

    I met Sador in 2010 and he didn’t belong where he was. He stood out like a light and to have met him at that time, lead me to believe his true royalty. He has a beautiful family and this shouldn’t have happened to him.

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