South LA Rapper, Sandman Negus, killed in alley

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer
September 27, 2012 | 11:08 p.m.

Eritrean rapper Sador “Sandman Negus” Fasehaye was killed in an alley on the 4300 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard on Thursday evening. Fasahaye, grew up in South Los Angeles but was born in Bulgaria from Eritrean parents and spent some time in the Sudan before moving to the U.S. at the age of 7.

Four years ago, he was shot and nearly killed in a gang-related incident that left him in a coma suffering damage to his colon, liver, lungs, diaphragm, shoulders and neck. He was shot through the front windshield of his car and hit nine times. He made an incredible recovery by 2009 and showed no signs of the injuries. He represented Rollin’ 60s Crips, but he devoted most of his time to his music and career.

His last Twitter post was promoting his latest single and video Don’t Blame Me, shot mostly in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating his killing and were on the scene till 10:00 p.m. The killing occurred in the alley just west of Crenshaw Blvd between Homeland Drive and Vernon Avenue.

Crime scene, September 27, 2012
Looking north down alley where Sandman Negus was killed, just west of Crenshaw Blvd, September 27, 2012

Crime scene, September 27, 2012
Looking south down alley from Homeland Drive just west of Crenshaw Blvd, September 27, 2012

Sandman Negus

Don’t Blame Me by Sandman Negus

Alex Alonso is an author, film maker and founder of He is the contributing author in the 2010 book entitled “Black Los Angeles: American Dreams and Racial Realities” (New York University Press). He can be reached via email, at 800-249-1324, or on Twitter.

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70 Comments for “South LA Rapper, Sandman Negus, killed in alley”

  1. Pepe Long

    What is this, like the third 60s ki*led in the last few months? What’s going on in the Rich Rollin?

    • mostknownunknown

      60s always gettin’ ki*led. You didn’t know that?? 60s one of the most disliked gangs in LA. At the same time 60s also ki*l 2-3 times as many. 60s are the true definition of “Crips don’t die they just multiply”. You ki*l one they recruit two more. Even Monster Kody referenced that in his book.

  2. Suave Smooth

    There is a big chance this is senseless hood politics. The 60s do be over there even though that’s not their hood.

  3. View Park

    That is damn near View Park where this kil#i*gg happened, and that is real to see kil#i*ggs this close to home. WTF, what happened?

  4. GivenItUp

    Sad to hear, but we need to wake up. If you out there bangin’, representin’ and putting your image out there, and u comin up. The streets are gonna hate you. Death will follow Negative actions, no matter what good u attempt. Leave the senseless gangbangin alone. Genocide of our own people.



  6. LA dOubbLe Occ

    Isn’t that crime location in the back of Uneek Musci???? Why would he be ki*led at Uneek Music????

  7. EYOB


    • tz1

      the homiez from 60 are knoccin theyy own homiez headz off that got bread on some hatin sh*% cuz and thats on maommaz………..cracc baby sh*% cuz

  8. Wedi Erey

    Sandman left all the banging and immature life behind to concentrate on his pblankion(music career).
    sandman you will be missed homie. I still can’t believe it he is gone. Come on people this is 2012, please sharpen your mind before you lose your life or waste your life over stupid thing. Be quick to pick up a book instead of a gun.Be quick to think twice before you squeeze the trigger.


    • ric

      I was always told that a person who belongs to a gang is a slave .NO MIND OF THEIR OWN…..YOUR TOLD TO SIT,WALK AND RUN , STILL CLAIMING TOBE HARDCORE STREET WARRIORS…..LIARS!…..

    • lil'cilla

      not true, he still rep rich rollin. onze down …. alwayz down. c.i.p.

  9. life12

    All he wanted was to rap, he never diss any gangs or anyone on his music. He was focus on introducing people to more broader thinking letting you know whats going on 1000s miles away in eritrea, but yet people want to stop him from doing good or exposing the truth. its these american terrorist they need to be talking about terrorizing inoocent black lifes since day one.

    • Yonathan

      very sad news, indeed anytime a black man especially one form Africa is ki*led he is immediately blankociated with gangs etc… inorder to diminish the victim and the violent nature of the racist nation we live in. The the powers to be don’t want to take any responsibility for the rotten system they have created. And the gullible will end up balming the victim as usual. RIP Sandman, your sacrifice will never be in vain.

      • seges17

        @YONATHAN he was in a gang called 60sRoll and he said it on his own music so may be you should watch his videos first before talking.

      • infant fart face

        you dumbblank he was a known 60 (sissy) nap regardless if he was from africa or not, and all you guys talkin all this positive sh*% ya’ll don’t know the dirt this guy did while breathin, maybe it was an “eye 4 an eye” gang bang chick

      • His 60s identity was a part of what he represented, he said “Rich Rollin in his raps” but that does not mean he was involved in crime or even gang bangin’. You can be a member that is not involved in criminal activity.

        • Sam

          His songs were violent…will do anything I want including taking ur woman because I am strapped….that is really stupid, violent sh*%…that propably cost his life.

        • doobeez

          but, isnt that just enough to get you caught up in some chit? wrong place, wrong time..or an old beef perhaps?

  10. T-Money

    Why was he ki*led?

  11. OhWell

    He was a known gang banger, represented it even in his latest song he was promoting. Jus kuz he was in some eyes not banging truth is he was! He chose to live that life & he died in them streets by making that choice. Its messed up but its not like he was an innocent by stander. Jus think how many lives he may have taken, ijs…

  12. flaco comir

    Wow! I’d rather be dirt poor and kickin in Sudan…than trying to get minted and shot dead in the LA!

  13. The Ethiopian

    Sad to see a rise in black on black crime, why cant we work together ? Is their not enough room in this world for blacks to live in harmony? R.I.P

  14. 63rd & 1oth

    He beat up some dude that couldnt take a blank whooping so the guy shot him 4x in the head

  15. S.MACK

    “You Know His Own Homies ki*led Him” That’s How The Sissy Get Down f#@$k Napps

  16. ibrahim sami@facebook

    SAnd man in reality you gone bro..but ima remember the nights we kicked it and chilled….you already know bro

  17. ibrahim sami@facebook

    my bro sandman

  18. marina mafia

    tRIPLE crOSSED……….

  19. John Asemelash

    So, will this senseless murder be solved?? Any suspects?? C’mon this rapper had people around him,,,,nothing??

  20. John Asemelash

    So, will this senseless murder be solved?? Any suspects?? C’mon this rapper had people around him,,,,nothing?? This shows gang banging aint sh*%..

  21. sandman

    ow my GOD dat thing is kil#i*gg me coz hi ismy brother ow it is hard to know ur brother is being ki*led by stupid ppl

  22. EggHead

    That’s life in South L.A. wonderful huh ..!!!

  23. lovely

    ppl are so twisted….sandman was a good man and well always be remembered as that i love u sandman you are a special person that is in my life love you always baby;(

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