Officers who killed man feared ambush after seeing rap video

Kate Mather | LA Times
October 07, 2015

lapd rap group video threatFor days, a 15-second video circulated on social media that alarmed Los Angeles police.

Taken from a vehicle parked behind a black-and-white police cruiser in downtown L.A., the clip opened with a view of the patrol car then flashed down to show someone holding a revolver. The person showed the gun off for the camera, then cut back to the patrol car as an officer got out and walked away.

Worried the video was a threat against its officers, LAPD officials briefed the rank-and-file about the recording, warning officers in roll call meetings to be on alert.

On Tuesday, police said that the department’s robbery-homicide detectives — tasked with investigating the LAPD’s more complex and high-profile cases — now believe the video wasn’t a threat against officers but a promotional video filmed by an early 1990s rap group trying to earn street cred and make a comeback.

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1 Comment for “Officers who killed man feared ambush after seeing rap video”

  1. Vanessa Guerrero- Velasques

    That’s crazy
    people just don’t think
    a Rap people make a lot of raps that includes cops they cant just shoot someone for making a rap video that might been taken offensive. look at the famous people they makes raps that close to relating to cops its just a rap god damn it stop taking things too sensitive especially the cops who likes to ki*l random people just because.
    Cops are getting out of control!!!!

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