Joe Young from Black P Stone, City Stone on “Crenshaw,” his Mixtape & growing up in West Adams


WEST ADAMS – Joe Young from the 25th Street Black P Stone talks about attending elementary school at Arlington Heights when he first got exposed to street gangs.

He has been working on music, and talks about working with Take Money aka Tiny M (RIP) who died in a car accident. His mixtape is entitled “No Pity Volume 2.”

Although Joe Young has Crip friends, he still harbors animosity against Neighborhood Crips (NHC). He is also disappointed about how Nipsey Hussle has been able to brand the street “Crenshaw” even though his neighborhood is off Crenshaw & Adams.

September 2014
Location: West Adams, South Los Angeles

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3 Comments for “Joe Young from Black P Stone, City Stone on “Crenshaw,” his Mixtape & growing up in West Adams”

  1. ricco

    What up homie we from da same block….I went to Arlington heights too, and mount Vernon in da @ town…rocking in wit da Musick too.hit me back wit da contact My be we can network.

  2. Beliz3an g

    f#@$k stains rip cheesy 48 that western Beliz3an in peace, f#@$k Yankees

    • Fuck niggers

      f#@$k you dirty blank aids infested, Ebola carrying, booty scratching, guys. Slobk big bad BEST gang said it chick and what!

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