Clive Jackson murdered in South Los Angeles

By Alex A. Alonso (
November 21, 2002

Across the street from Magee's Donuts on the 4700 block of Western Ave where Jackson was shot at 4 p.m.

Across the street from Magee's Donuts on the 4700 block of Western Ave where Jackson was shot at 4 p.m.

Los Angeles, CA — Earlier this evening, a 14 year-old black male was gunned down in front of Magee’s Donuts on Western Avenue, just south of Vernon on the 4300 block. In what appears to have been a physical dispute that escalated into a fatal shooting, another black male opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, shooting Clive Jackson in the head. From the crime scene it appears that Jackson was hit twice and from the casings on the concrete about nine shots were fired while Jackson was attempting to flee.

Jackson was a 6-foot tall basketball player that does not appear to have any connections to gangs. His assailant on the other hand may certainly be a gang member, and from the location of the murder, and the execution style of the shooting, every indication to me at this time is that the assailant is gang related and about the same age as Jackson. There were several witnesses to the shooting and usually young assailants are quickly captured so I anticipate an arrest within the week. If the assailant is a gang member there will probably be at least two arrests in this shooting because witnesses stated that the assailant fled on foot into a car.

News van on the scene  
The local news covered this murder with channel 7 KABC arriving on the scene first, then FOX 11, and later CBS 2

This shooting is believed to be the 112 or 113 murder in the 77th division of the Los Angeles Police Department and the 595th killing this year. In 2001 there were 587 and with five weeks left this year there is a clear indication that murders in 2002 in the City of LA will surpass 600 murders for the first time since 1996 when there were 707 killings. If we project that there will be about 640 murders this year that will represent a 9% increase since the previous year. This is certainly never good news but we must remember that if we examine homicides in Los Angeles during the last 25 years, 2002 will rank as the 7th best year. Additionally if we examine homicides during Chief Daryl Gate’s tenure (1977-1992) only one of those years (1977) accounted for fewer homicides than this year and the five years from 1989 to 1993 the City of LA was averaging over a 1,000 murders per year. We must also consider how the population of Los Angeles has grown over the last thirty years so the murder rate this year would be considered low compared to other years. The murder rate for 2002 will be about 16.4 persons murdered for every 100,000 people in the City and in 1990 the rate was 28.2.

Clive Jackson  

Some of Jackson’s friend began a memorial to him around 9 p.m. and began writing notes to him that included his nick name, Baby Bug. Blood from his injuries stain the sidewalk.

Los Angeles Population based on U.S. Census

Year Population
1970 2.81 million
1980 2.96 million
1990 3.48 million
2000 3.69 million

Now crime is on the rise and officials are quick to inform the general public on plans to reduce this current crime wave. By listening to talk radio, it is clear much of the media have been foolishly convinced of Chief Bratton’s approach of focusing on graffiti and hiring 3,000 more police officers. But do Angelenos have amnesia? Did we forget that from 1994 to 1999 the City of LA saw all time low numbers in violence? It is almost ridiculous to suggest that the answer then was about targeting graffiti or even hiring more police officers. During those years many believed that “3-stikes” legislation was the main cause for the crime reductions but many are blind to the larger picture of national economic and employment trends. Crime patterns are not a result of how many officers are on a police force. New York City has always had a large police force and their crime trends for the last fifteen years are very similar to Los Angeles and other large cities in the U.S.

Oscar de la Torre  

Researchers that have taken much time to examine the issue of violence and it’s causes almost always point to economic indicators, and it is not a coincidence that homicides trends and crime in general ride the crest of economic trends. If this current economic recession persists into 2003 we will see about 650 homicides in Los Angeles and we probably will start approaching crime figures as those astounding numbers that we saw in the late 1980s and early 1990s if there is not an economic turn for the better. Chief Bratton has his work ahead of him, but graffiti and more officers is certainly not the answer.

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