Teen shot dead near Compton

By Alex A. Alonso
Streetgangs.com Staff Writer
December 29, 2010 | 9:24 p.m.

Willowbrook, Calif. – On Wednesday morning at about 9:30 a.m., Davion Brown, 16, was shot and killed on the 2000 block of East Piru Street, which is located just west of Aranbe Avenue in unincorporated Willowbrook. A car was driving west on Piru street, when the passenger noticed Brown on the north side of the street when he began shooting.

According to one witness, there were five to six shots fired by a Hispanic male, striking Brown in the upper torso. Two shots struck an early model Mercedes Benz that was parked on the street where Brown’s body was found, with one of those shots going right through the driver’s side view mirror possibly striking Brown. He was pronounced dead before making it to the hospital.

The neighborhood, which borders the northern section of Compton, is among one of the poorest communities in the area with 33 percent of its residents living at or below poverty. There are also two street gangs in the area, the Fruit Town Pirus (FTP), a primarily black gang and the Compton Varrio Locos (CVLS), a primarily Hispanic gang. The main Hispanic rivals to these neighborhoods are the Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats and Compton Varrio Largo 36.


Alex Alonso is an author, film maker and founder of Streetgangs.com. He is also a contributing author in the 2010 book entitled “Black Los Angeles: American Dreams Racial Realities” (New York University Press). He can be reached via email, at 800-249-1324, or on Twitter.

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57 Comments for “Teen shot dead near Compton”

  1. mexicano

    before somebody puts some kind of racist gang war spin on this please dont! dont waist your time people,its simply a gang war and i dont believe a racist war exists any where in l.a.

  2. we agree completely. The rival between FTP and Tortilla Flats or Largo is no different than their rivalry with Anzac Grape Crip. Not a race war on the streets of LA.

    • 2000blkpiru

      man it was them chick blank tunas I dont likek em cvtfk fhcck and who ever !

      • dry snitching

        dry snithcing like a motherf#@$ker! thats how you get down? let the streets take care of themselves.

        • f#@$kyou fool ki*l a black go to jail,,,just like when we ki*l a mexican yall hoez tell it to, I’ve seen it fist hand ,it dont even consern you e’s and you still ponit us out to the policeand you dont do sh*% to the mexican that tells on us, so we telling on yall as to ,ant black that tells when the mexicans brake the law is a hero to me!

  3. Jamieka Jackson

    Davionn , Ima miss you Bro. I Member you Back in Middle School playin Football with the Boys then You come & Mess with all the Girls & me Gettin madd at Youu:) I miss those Days But May yo Soul Rest in Peacee.

  4. 6-5 hustler

    f#@$k these Spanish mothaf#@$kas !!! where are my true crips and bloods at ? We need to bang all these punk Latino gangs
    f#@$k la eme f#@$k the Mexican mafia and f#@$k all this fake blank Hispanic wanksters !!!

  5. mexicano

    here we go!

  6. Florencia

    Florenica Pirus

  7. one less nigger

    one less future criminal to worry about.pooriest communitie my blank what the f#@$k is a mercedes doing in a guy hood i tell you them coons be selling drugs,cause they dont wanna work and there to dumb to go to collage.

    • FuckBeanersWetbacksSpicsTacosK

      f#@$k BEANERS!

    • Now they anit gona cacth those mexicans,but if a black ki*led a mexican ,he’ll be caught by sun down,mexicans anit afarid to point the finger at us, so we need to point the finger at they blank also ,now this is why we need to stop fighting each other they see that divison amgunsta us and are using it against us, wake the f#@$k up black people!

    • StreetGangs.Com Staff

      well thanks for letting us know how alive racism is in 2011. One old benz on the block does not define the social conditions of a neighborhood. You should go to college and learn something.

      • HARLEM30CRIP


      • Steve

        Nice to see the streetgangs staff actually attacking readers.

      • CrackerJackk

        Come on Street Gang Staff, just because one idiot (purportedly white) posts an ignorant, racist message does not mean racism is alive and well. I think racism as a whole is on the decline as well as bigotry in general. Schools these days take great pains to try and foster acceptance and tolerance in our youths to view people who are different as no longer a threat to their own identities. That was a pretty idiotic post you guys put on here, someone over there took it personally. One only has to scour this website to see post after post after post of blacks riing on latinos, latinos on blacks, blacks on whites etc etc. Weird how you pick this one time to make this kind of comment..

        • StreetGangs.Com Staff

          what blacks and mexicans are saying to each other comes from the history of how Whites oppressed people for years. The oppressed naturally can become the oppressor, but you want to point the finger at the oppressed for spewing comments but completely ignore the history and legacy of white oppression.

          So when did racism end? What year was that?

        • CrackerJackk

          Let me ask the Street Gangs Staff: Do you want racism to end or only certain parts of it?

        • CrackerJackk

          I think you need to re-read my post or take it to someone more intelligent to read it and explain it to you. And your staff?

        • HARLEM30CRIP


  8. 6-5 hustler

    f#@$k the mexicans they all punks and mexican mafia d#$kriders they can t Handle no beef that’s why they ki*l innocent


    hardtimes u aint even black u is a wannabe wetback nortaco fake blank beaner no where even near la

  10. chucky


  11. StreetGangs.Com Staff

    Some witnesses said he was a black, while others said the shooter was Hispanic. We are just going to have to wait until the Sheriff’s department make an arrest.

  12. CrackerJackk

    As you can see by the comments above, Mexicano, no spin on this story was needed. To most of the gang bangers, perception is reality and the perception out there right now is that a race war does exist and until something is done about the PERCEPTION, then I am afraid things will get just worse.

    • What do you suggest be done about the perception? People are going to believe what they want. There are millions of Americans that believe President Obama is not an American and was not born in Hawaii. That’s called ignorance and there is not much you can do for wide spread ignorance. The fact is that there is no RACE war, Davion was friends with Mexicans, and we have no idea at this point why he was ki*led.

      • CrackerJackk

        Just a suggestion, Alex, and you must understand where I am coming from. I want nothing more than for everyone to lay down their arms and come together and hash things out, that may be a long ways away, but I hope it’s in my lifetime. I would also like racism to end, but I don’t see that anytime soon, I can only do for myself and not be around anyone that is a racist. I never was and I never will be. But anyway, Alex, along with reporting the news, which I say you have done a great job at, why don’t you open a page where people can actively discuss the black/brown problem. Whereas you don’t think it’s a race war, I do think there is some tension, but maybe having a page people can actively dialogue about first, whether THEY think there is a race war going on or not and/or what could a solution be? Maybe that’s too risky in some ways, and maybe I am not illustrating it very good because I am rather tired right now, but you get my drift? Go to your page on Raymond Washington and the Crips to see the comments that have been floating around and I think you will find it interesting. Thanks!

      • CrackerJackk

        Actually, Alonso, I have posted numerous messages to this thread that was more elaborate than my one above, but for some reason, it is not getting posted. I am not sure why. I am thinking certain “buzz” words will automatically deny a posting although I can blankure you none of my posts here contained any vulgar language etc…Frustrated that I can not air my point…

      • CrackerJackk

        I’m with you, Alonso, not against you, I actually wrote a pretty long opinion on here, but for some reason, it did not get posted. But what I said was that I really didn’t have the answer to what is going on. By the looks of the posts on not this story but others on your site, there indeed exists at least a perception of a race war then again, define race war, maybe it’s just racial tension, but when INNOCENT bystanders die, we do have to question the intentions. Granted, a few people on this site here and there going back and forth may not be indicative of what the “population” feels, but the perception is in the wrong hands.

        My other post that did not get posted, for whatever reason, also stated that while I applaud the efforts of Malik in his venture on A&E, I have to question whether airing this sort of thing on national TV is a good idea. While I think that more of an effort should be made to broker peace between the latino gangs and the black gangs. Im just playing devil’s advocate here, I am all for peace, but let’s be realistic about it, and not throw it on the air, because you and I both know in the end, it’s all about money. The execs at A&E could really give two sh*%s about peace between thugs, it’s about selling commercial spots etc…

  13. bl387d fucvk all mexicans and they dead homie TFK CVK davion bl387d ima missK u Fonk

  14. CrackerJackk

    Wow, here I thought this was a journalistic website. It appears to be a forum for haters run by a staff of haters. How unprofessional. That Street Gangs poster must be an intern or receptionist. Certainly not a journalist.

    • We do not censor comments and let people freely express themselves, but we have a professional staff. You seem to have the answer of how racism ends, but you must expose how & why racism started in the first place, expose it, and show the long lasting destructive affect it has had on our society for decades. It’s time to stop sweeping racism under the rug as if it does not exist, but I hear conservatives always blaming people of color for reverse racism but they are not willing to acknowledge that racism still impacts our society.

      • CrackerJackk

        Again, I am misunderstood, that’s why it is so hard to write things, because sometimes it’s hard to gauge the other person’s body language and attitude on a monitor. Again, i didn’t think I was being censored, not at all, just thought that maybe some words in the system get’s picked up and my post or anyones is rejected. When I hit “post comment” it doesn’t show. Never did I ever say you guys censored. I like this site, I like your reporting and I try to be impartial on my comments, but I think that some people just seem to shoot from the hip and regard all white people as blue eyed white devils. And that get’s tiring. And again, never did I say that racism has ended. What’s going on here? I merely said that it’s not as prevalent as it was say 30 years ago and that I hear high school students nowadays being more tolerant toward gay people, being more open minded toward people of different races etc and I say that is postive, wouldn’t you? I think my tone on here is being misconstrued, perhaps I did get a little bit defensive toward your staff, but, I never relegated myself to cussing anyone out etc, I do apologize if I went a bit overboard yesterday, but I do everything I can to show all people love, and when you get rejected without being heard or being misunderstood, it’s frustrating. No disrespect toward your staff. I am neither conservative nor liberal, that’s just more alienating badges people put on themselves. I am human, period. My color, my religion etc should not matter, I offer a hand out to anyone who needs help, if I can help. I am just saying that racism, as it goes with whites hating blacks, is s l o w l y dying out, and I am thankful. I mean look at the KKK, them idiots used to have huge audiences, now the huge audiences at their rallies are their opposers! Things are not going to change tommorow and yes racism still exists, I said that yesterday, and I said that when I hear it, I turn away and make sure I do not blankociate with those people and not include them in my life, it’s not how I want to align myself. Anyway, solution? I don’t know, but I think schools have done a lot for molding kids in starting to show them to view people as people. I’m hopeful, Alex. But I want people to be human first, and not hang their hats on the color of their skin in either direction. That’s why I said an end to racism starts with the individual. Yes, what happened in this country in it’s early days is horrible, no one is saying to forget or even forgive, but it’s time to move forward. you give racist the time of day, and that’s what they thrive on. Sorry, if I ruffled feathers, perhaps my tone got miscontrued, but I am glad we can have active dialogue like men in an intelligent fashion and not cuss each other out. I have tremendous respect for you and your site. So my apologies again if things came out wrong. Nite.

  15. CrackerJackk

    Street Gangs Staff: Wait, am I reading correctly? You are saying that it’s ok that the opressed, opress? Hmmm…I guess it’s ok for the molested to be child molsters. That’s one of their excuses, anyway. When does this circle of hate end, then? It begins with the individual. I know I chose not to be a racist, what’s the point. If someone did me wrong, I don’t blanket that entire race, because one black person or one Asian or whomever did me wrong, I chalk it up to that individual being a d#$k and just keep going. That’s how racism ends, try it sometimes.

  16. mizzmax

    Wow, listen at all this hate going back and forth…did you all forget that a 16 year old child lost his life? This child happens to be the son of my friend. No mother should EVER have to go through what she is facing right now. Gangs are not what they used to be back in the day, the beef (used to be) kept between the rival gangs; now anyone can become a target, even if it means gunning down a 5 year old baby or a mother with a 3 year old daughter. I despise gangs and I think they are no better than terrorist. I wish you all could go to Afghanistan and fight those Al Qaeda fools, let them show how it is to be “down” and real”, see if you can survive their wrath. My pastor used to always say the reason why we have gangs is because their mother didn’t give them their milk and cookies when they were a child. I too am sorry you didn’t get your milk and cookies because maybe if you did, you would be an attribute to society rather than a nuisance. P.S. You still have a chance to turn it around…if you choose to do so. God Bless you!

  17. mexicano

    lol damn hardtimes is the biggest poser on this website! why is it that when a black ki*ls a black you clowns brag about who did what and who’s doing the most dirt,but when its brown on black you act like its wrong and you cry race war! its all wrong you dumbblank . fyi-its called gangbanging! the only race war is the one going on in your head!

    • StreetGangs.Com Staff

      excellent point

      • CrackerJackk

        To Street Gangs Staff: My aplogies for overeacting on this site yesterday. But please understand I never did say racism has ended, only that what I have seen, it has mellowed a bit over the last 30 years. Like I told Alex, and you can read my post below, maybe I am just too hopeful. I have love for all peoples and as I have said, I judge the indivdual that has done me wrong when i’ve been wronged and not the entire race. I am saying that the tides are changing. Anyway, I am straying off point, I really just wanted to apologize again for being a bit disruptive and for making idiotic statements concerning the staff. But I think it’s good that we can handle this like gentlemen and move on. Again, apologies. Thanks!

  18. The Question

    The question I would like to ask is that when the vote for Gay Marriage was initially struck down in California, the largest group to vote AGAINST gay marriage were blacks. Not that I am championing gay rights, however, does anyone else see the irony here? Do I need to turn the clocks back 60 years so one can see the irony?

    • poops

      what does sticking your d#$k in another mans blank have to do with what color you were born and can”t change? You wanna relate gay people to blacks but gays don’t have the history blacks have had in AMerica, hell some of the leading politicans supporting and drafting these anti-gay laws are gay! Homosexuality is something you can hide and isn’t restricted to a race and therefore can not and should not be compared to a race.

      • David Copperfield

        Well Poop, your name says it all. It says more than enough. The opressed become opressors. That’s what it means. Being gay is more than “sticking your d#$k in someone’s blank” you ignorant ‘groe. There is more political muscle in gay money than in any other minority group in this country. These same queers as you would probably call it, would have the blacks back on any issue if it were relevant today, my point is too bad the blacks don’t remember what they went through and take other people’s backs that are in need. Hypocrites. As one gay scholar once wrote “If we were born with Pink skin, we would have full rights by now” Chomp on that, POOP~

        • poops

          chomp on this d#$k, oh wait you would like it, gays wouldn’t have anyones back you f#@$king idiot, because gays aren’t one homogeneous group. There are racist gays, Asian gays, midget gays, conservative gays, Christian gays, self-hating gays, etc. and some of them don’t choose to put their sexuality in the forefront of their identity so go pick on another group, blacks fought for civil rights for everybody, gays fought for their f#@$king selfish selves, thinking that just because they are attracted or love someone of the same sex it’s a big f#@$kin whoopty doo. So take your most likely white gay blank somewhere else and parade that bullsh*%, because any black with sense gay or not knows their blank is on the line for the color of the skin first, not who they are attracted to. Look up James Baldwin, famous gay black literary figure, he never put his blackness down to parade his homosexuality, now this fool wants us to cowtoe to an extremely diverse group of people that don’t share anything with the black Americans except for saying they’re an oppressed minorty too? Well so are fat people, little people, the old, handicaps, etc. go talk sh*% about them you goofball.

        • David Copperfield

          Poops, I won’t continue this argument here because this is not the correct forum for it, being this an article concerning a dead gentleman, however loosely I use that term. In any case, you need to understand that your same arguments about gay people were used against blacks in the 50’s. Go back to drinking your 40oz and beating your wife.

        • poops

          “Drink [my] 40oz and beat [my] wife,” lol, and I should support this poor similarly oppressed minority who thinks so high of me. Thank you for proving my point. And you won’t continue the argument because I shut your bs down,

  19. 122910

    maan thaat whaas maah brotheer maan nd wee baanqqiinqq FTP fo liifee

  20. black texas

    alax alonso, you have a nice site but you are a sell out. you lie for these mexican losers, all you hear them say is guy. They start the racist acts. What ever the hell you are? Stop kissing these wetbacks blank, guy. If you are gonna report news, don’t give us propaganda to miss direct out beliefs on the truth. Stop accepting the Mexican diss on blacks but you wont accept the black diss on Mexicans, you uncle Tom (Pedro) guy.

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