Lil Man from Inglewood talks about getting shot & focusing on producing hip-hop tracks

December 30, 2013 – Lil Man from Lockhaven (18th Street), Inglewood area talks about getting shot, slowing down, and focusing on producing music (Hood Music Vol 1 & 2).

Date: October 2013
Location: Lil Man’s Studio

StreetGangs.Com Staff Posted by on Dec 30 2013. Filed under Features, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

27 Comments for “Lil Man from Inglewood talks about getting shot & focusing on producing hip-hop tracks”

  1. wilfred

    keep doing ya thang bro, i been checking you out! xv3

  2. sskSAliNas

    u wont c tame bussin a tag on some old murked slobs

  3. yea botch

    l boy got hizz hee hee

  4. yea botch

    LIL wuT ??

  5. yea botch

    ill cut ur puta moms throat like spit on your grave reruns plus i spit on yourgrave el pinO blood out n

  6. yea botch

    tres putas throwin doggysyle welp welp

  7. yea botch

    villian in a wheelchair eastside bat club

  8. yea botch

    ish knows about rbl

  9. yea botch

    eMS killERS

  10. yea botch

    fock LSD bitach 187 scraPA

  11. yea botch

    tango has way too much folded dick in their mouths

  12. yea botch

    dust & ol E dead scrap tagga

  13. yea botch

    caines family got a lil pussy cuZZ ho ho

  14. yea botch

    after dark caines down 4 the clown lsob runnin like a tied up scrapa

  15. yea botch

    look fool sidewayz

  16. yea botch

    lil Gzz a good target like 7 layer burritosz dust and dead ash da bitch latin scrapas

  17. yea botch

    fuck bernadino scraps

  18. yea botch

    3 more dead carlos n a fast coffin talkin step 2 me

  19. yea botch

    badboy bill & psycho sam kottonmouth paybackS

  20. yea botch

    best scrap killas eazy e 2pac mac dre killa tAY

  21. yea botch

    fuck tango real flea dogs

  22. sskSAliNas

    crips always blazt scraps n da back ish

  23. surenos

    snokies crew will baatle 13 wid 13 shirts 4 everybody

  24. surenos

    psycho realm on whiz khalifas

  25. surenos

    ceriously who cares about more crew den?

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