Are 18th Street members really usings bars for murder?

Alex A. Alonso for
June 27, 2009

18666tattooThe Los Angeles Times published an article about how the 18th Street gang is now involved in running after hour bars. These after hours bars actually exist all over the City, and it is not part of street gang culture to open after hours bars. What most likely happened was that a couple of people who happen to be from 18th Street started an after hours bar as a business investment. Naturally they invited their friends which would have included other 18th Street members and over the course of 18-months, you can expect many people to enter the doors of their establishment.

They ran the bar(s) like any other after hours bar in the city with the main goal of making a profit. There is usually no evidence that these bars are the “sources for funding gang activity,” which according to the police are murder, assaults, drug dealing, and rape, but most likely are funding the business interests’ of those that are running the bars like any other capitalist.

In the article notice that not one single bar location is mentioned where 18th Street members where arrested, and the bar on 60th & Vermont mentioned in the article is not linked to the 18th Street gang. Also missing are the names of any of these defendants that are accused of running an illegal business operation with the purpose of advancing “gang activity.” This article represents the typical one sided story stating “the clubs are often in neighborhoods where the gang members use intimidation to keep residents from notifying authorities, investigators say,” but as a journalist, the author should tell us the reader who these investigators are. Make them accountable to these serious accusations and find out if an activity is truly gang-related or rather an activity just done by a person who happens to be a gang member. These are the questions we should ask because often times being fed information from one source will bias a story.

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25 Comments for “Are 18th Street members really usings bars for murder?”

  1. Bay Area OG

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  2. Bill O'Reilly

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  3. Ata Loss

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  5. JusAnotherNigga

    When the f#@$k did spelling become a sign of intelligence? Nothing that he was saying was a lie. The only problem with his statements is that there has always been humans kil#i*gg each other over influence and rights to things that cannot be literally owned. Sounds alot like gang warefare to me.

    I mean, isn’t gang life equal to what would happen if you stuck every country together and then took away the borders? Hell, would we have to take away the borders? Look at the world wars or the middle east today.

    There’s always people who strive to attain things in life, and are willing to do anything to get those things. Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of follower blank guys and a justice system thats heavy on things that gang members embraced.

    What if gang members invested in legal business instead of drugs, and sh*% like that?
    We’d run the mother f#@$kin world.. We’d run guys like bill gates out of business.

    Bay Area OG is partially smart, the only solution is to stop kil#i*gg each other.
    But since we gon have to ki*l someone might as well ki*l the people in our way to real success. (Which would be most high ranking officials) … Same sacrificies, except eventually America would be a better place.

    sh*% that’s just what I think though.

    • pancho

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      • Raskalkid

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  6. JusAnotherNigga

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    I dont know, stab in the dark maybe, since obviously you’re the only guy to know what gang life is.

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  9. Pink Belle

    So..what about the families of these possible gang members, are we somehow safe, or more at risk? 🙁

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  11. simusocat

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  15. Cantiflas

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