Guess Who this is? Jamiel?

Alex Alonso for Streetgangs.Com
June 9, 2008

Jamiel Shaw in early 2008

Jamiel Shaw in early 2008

I have been criticized by many in the media for an article I posted last month on a topic that has become quite sensitive to many. It’s the type of issue where the truth goes against most people’s sensibilities and I have been accused of having relationships with organizations and individuals that I have never, never, never met. I write on this issue because it is one that I have been pblankionate on for 15 years and I studied gangs as an observer and throughout my undergraduate and graduate time at the University of Southern California.

As a result of John & Ken on 640 KFI and Doug McIntyre on 790 KABC, I received a level of hate calls and messages that was unprecedented in the 10 years my website has been on the internet. Their commentary on the subject matter was just wrong, and their explanation to my motivation was also dishonest. I was invited to go on the John & Ken show, but I declined because their producer wanted me to defend a statement that I never made in my original article and that was an indication to me that the attack was on. McIntyre never called or invited me to go on his program, and on May 13, 2008 he made some insidious comments about me and my conclusions.

I was invited on the Larry Elder show, and although many love him and many hate him, I must say he was extremely respectful to me and unfortunately I did not receive that level of respect from the other commentators on this issue.

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70 Comments for “Guess Who this is? Jamiel?”

  1. CuzzMo

    thats a blood from the twinkies. You can tell by the Texas Rangers hat and the red of course.

  2. SMQ

    sh*%, I recognize that DISTINCTIVE bracelet from Jamiel Shaw's sympathy card on the web. This thug must have stolen it.

  3. OG Cabrini

    Damn! is that Jamiel Shaw?!?

  4. SMQ

    No, it's a kid playing Cowboys.

  5. Anonymous

    Wait, god damn… that's Chuck Norris! WTF?

  6. elias

    Hello "I"…

    I thought this was bout street clubs not about "I" this and "I" that…?

  7. Big Den

    It is what it is.

  8. Big Den 190

    Sad that it had to come out that way. I do think the illegal alien discussion needed to happen. Its still relevant.

  9. Les

    Plain and simple – just another f#@$kin moron. Not too hard to figure out.

  10. Left Asian


    Do you want to shut John and Ken up? Use Conspiracy Theories. For example, how the Illuminati or the Bilderberg use these misguided kids to do their dirty work and strengthen the economy by encouraging them to sell drugs, kil#i*gg opponents and disenfranchising the people by keep them, in fear…not by the LAPD or the LASD, as they are a well-regulated-unionized entity, but by the same entity that controls the media, law and so on. Reason why I would recommend the Conspiracy theory, because, John and Ken won't DARE to oppose one of their most powerful show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. John and Ken are shock talkers, but they are cowards when you bring up Coast.

  11. florence

    Oh well I believe your web site is an amazing source of information, you are truely reliable and your comments are always well written and respectful.
    I have been working as a volunteer for years in South Central L.A with kids in gang and I have learned so much by reading your web-site.
    You know the say what doesn't ki*l you make you stronger.
    Keep up with the good job.

  12. irdogg

    Well hopefully this young bratha lives long enough to gain sum wisdom i banged for many years lost alot of friends.. peace Irdogg from S/S Phoenix

  13. Sugar bear

    Another troubled young brotha hiding behind a mask, to ashamed to show his face.

  14. Troubled Mom

    Thiis is a lot of our troubled young people. So how do we help them now that we have the true facts? Because denying it isn't going to help them.


    Why are you people sending me this sh*%!Chuck Norris that man does more for the youth of this country then you are smartblank.

  16. JoeyZ

    Personally, I'm shocked at the lengths people went to lie about Jamiel Shaw Jr.'s gangbanger ways. Even resorting to the slander of the prosecutor and Mr. Alonso. What did they hope to achieve? It's not useful for these kids to have parents covering up their misdeeds and besides this is a homicide. They should realize it's all coming out at trial.

    Mr. Alonso, if I were you I'd sue.

  17. Shirley

    Please cancel this account at

    Please send to my new e-mail below

  18. Appears to be Jamiel Shaw… as i posted before, it was pretty obvious he was affiliated… even if he was a wanna be his dress style, ek ck, and the friends whom he blankociated with was enough to be consodered a twenty neighborhood blood…

    Many times the media gets the story wrong; often parents don't know their kids like they think they know them.

    May 'blood' rest in peace and may your critics look as stupid as possible and issue and apology. If not f#@$k them, because as i also told you- YOU are the gang expert homie, not them. They talk that sh*% to get ratings…

  19. ricardo

    so many people get really bent out of shape when the facts don't end up fitting the story they've already written (either in their heads or on the page). ignore the haters and keep doing your work, alex. especially ignore the ignorant m-fers who seized on jamiel shaw's death to try and push their own racist, anti-immigrant agendas.

    as you expressed in your writings, the senseless tragedy of jamiel's death is in no way diminished by his apparent gang affiliations.

  20. realtalk

    Why were you so desperate to expose this?

    Seems like you are just doing what black folks always do.

    Try to bring down someone else thats black.

    What do you have to gain from exposing this?

    Kudos from the white media?

    Did you get paid to uncover this?

    Black people suffer from this crabs in the barrel mentality bad.

    You are nothing but a UNCLE TOM.

  21. 2XUCDIVA - M. Sims

    When you are on the right track, you will be challenged. Very interesting that I saw an article in the LA Weekly that mirrored the same information you posted on your site. There has to be some truth to it. I love the armchair liberals that post things on the internet. Cowards.

  22. Frank

    2XUCDIVA M. Sims-The LA Weekly had the same information?? OMG! Call the conspiracy police right now because KTLA and City Watch had it and they probably read it HERE first on Alex Alonso's website. The blankociated Press… the whole damn world's getting it in court..Which, if you read the LA Weekly you'd know that the bandanna is court evidence. Everybody's got it, check? That's what happens when groups politicize a homicide with the wrong facts. The media beats a path to your door. But ooohh, Alex Alonso, will be "challenged". Spooky…

  23. SMQ

    This family is getting the wrong advice from the wrong side. They got with folks like "realtalk" who seem to think it's fine to demean people as "Uncle Tom." Speaking of the LA Weekly, a person commented like that there about "Uncle Tom" and was exposed for being "a bitter white lady who was fired from Los Angeles City." We should all hope the Shaws come to their senses and seek counsel in their church and from spiritual advisors. The events they involved in since their child's death, for example the Minutemen, seem divisive and troublesome.

  24. Dat One

    To quote homie who posted earlier, exactly why are you choosing to "expose" this perticular youngsta?? Can you imagine what his parents are going through? Let this youngsta rest in peace! Expose this bullsh*% government for what it is instead of wasting energy with this. We so quick to go against each other.

  25. Dat One

    And muf#@$kas need to be careful judging this family because some of you probably dont even know what your own children are into!

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