Chris Blatchford on The Black Hand – Mexican Mafia member Rene “Boxer” Enriquez

By Alex Alonso for
August 16, 2009


Chris Blatchford, reporter from Fox 11 News in Los Angeles has been doing stories on the Mexican Mafia for several years, including stories on Rene “Boxer” Enriquez, a Mexican Mafia member that started out as a member of Varrio Arta gang in Artesia, Caifornia. He published the book, “The Black Hand: The Bloody Rise and Redemption of Boxer Enriquez, a Mexican Mob Killer” and spoke about the Mexican Mafia at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California at a book signing.

Boxer dropped out of the Mexican Mafia, debriefed to prison authorities and has even testified against other members after spending 10 years in Pelican Bay State Prison where he earned money for the organization. Boxer is serving a life sentence in protective custody on the “Special needs yard” of the prison. In previous interviews, Rene has admitted to participating in murders and drug dealing behind prison walls.

The Black Hand” is the true story of Rene Enriquez, aka “Boxer,” and his rise in a secret criminal organization, a new Mafia, that already has a grip on all organised crime in California and soon all of the United States. This Mafia is using a base army of an estimated 60,000 heavily armed, loyal Latino gang members, called Surenos, driven by fear and illicit profits. They are the most dangerous gang in American history and they wave the flag of the Black Hand. A riveting and bloody saga of murderous gangsters in Southern California written in an “as told to” style, but in a blend of first-person memoir and third-person literary reporting. A mobster with first-hand knowledge of all the material, who was in the thick of Eme business for two decades, Rene “Boxer” Enriquez had an unparalleled reputation as a mob enforcer who reached the upper echelon of the organization at a relatively young age. This is his harrowing story.

Interview: February 7, 2009
Location: Vroman’s in Pasadena, CA

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  1. I did read this book, it was very good and well written. I have read about the Mexican Mafia before in other books but I would say this was the most accurate and best description of it. I know most people involved despise Enrique and think of him as a snitch/chick/sellout etc and he probably has it out for him, but I appreciate that the public is able to see the darker side to this prison world and educate ourselves.

    • Read Blood in Blood out by Art Blajos aka Conejo from Primera Flats He was an inmate on death row. Probably was around same time as Boxer if not before.

      • Fracone

        Art Blajos was in the Mexican Mafia before Rene Boxer was. I think Boxer got in in 1985 and Conejo was in during the 1970s, his book is good too.

  2. ChinoLocc

    The blurb about the book is way off in stating that eme has a “grip on ALL organized crime” in Cali. For one, they don’t have as much control up north as they would like, though a lot of Sureno hoods are muscling their way up there. 2, the Asians still run organized crime dealing with things either Eme cannot or wouldn’t even think to have a hand in, as shown in the recent arrest and subsequent deportation of some Hong Kong chinese for running prostitution rings stretching from LA to Las Vegas.
    Simply put, yes the eme controls a lot of the drugs ran in the south, but Bomb diggity dank chronic still gets grown up north by whiteboys and they’ll never be able to get a leg up on what the Asians are into, especially any Triad-esque organizations.

    • Tiger

      Somewhat true but the EME is still a huge threat to the internal security of our nation and is still in the early stages of their criminal evolution just like the Irish and Italians before them In America. They are extremely powerful enough already after just being around since the 1950’s. For example Triads have been around hundreds of years and had the time to establish and legitimize their criminal efforts on an international scale. The Mexican Mafia has influence and power in unique areas other criminal organizations don’t and cannot for the brief period of time they have existed. Even the FBI and CIA itself would testify to this. They have a huge reverence in the underworld now on a much larger scale and our major players currently involved with upper “sophisticated business dealings” no one has knowledge of and our government controlled media will not allow the release of information. The EME have operatives already working in upper levels of our government, military and justice system. They actually have a stronger foothold in northern California more than ever and all states currently. One of their main mission objectives of being more powerful on the outside of American prison walls and international expansion have already come to fruition. They are heavily involved with the “Emerald Triangle” marijuana industry which is not just “white boy growers”and their family blood ties to multi-billion dollar Mexican cartels is unmatched monetary wise. It’ a fact they are actually running multi-million dollar prostitution rings with legitimate business fronts on the outside as well not to mention many other organized criminal activities. Truly the EME’s “Black Hand” has reached out from the abyss and their death grip within the landscape of organized crime is growing stronger each year. The American born EME prison syndicate has come a long way following their dark destiny. They are on a dreadful path to a much more darker and powerful realm worldwide. Wake up America!

      • Tiger

        Lastly, I would like to state the Black Hand was a very well written book. Mr. Blatchford did a superb job! Let’s remember that this book is a tale just through Mr. Enriquez’s eyes not the Mexican Mafia organization in its entirety. The absolute truth is there were highly secretive EME business operations “Boxer” himself did not have the knowledge of going on within the true upper echelons of this established criminal empire. Just as with the 1992 film American Me it was not the complete harrowing story. Either way the Mexican Mafia has a very dark and powerful vision…there will always be men behind the curtain…

  3. thiZzo Badazz

    This guy chinoLocc dumb azz I dont like cuhz

  4. Manny Adame

    Interesting as I worked as a street counselor in the mid 70’s with a character by the name of Charlie Meza, I was the paperwork man as I was in college then, I was the face to the state when the auditors came, but as time went on and I saw the caliber of people come in and got to know them, I understood that I was being groomed to work for them in a wider capacity but at 28 I began to sense that there was much that I wasn’t being told until the end when I finally found out what they wanted. Haven’t read the book but was told by other who did.

    • Rod

      Interesting that you mentioned those times and that person are you able to elaborate on some oft the events. I was just a kid back then and heard a little bit on the news.

  5. Sonny"s Niece

    Our family is sadden by the words of Mr. Enriquez on his comments on our Uncle Charles Manriquez. He was not a hopeless junkie. He was some one’s son, brother, father and uncle. He was loved by all. We dont know why he chose this life. But he kept his personal life out of ours. My uncle was used by James Olmos for the movie American Me. He was just a consultant on what the Zoot Zooter’s attire was he did art work for the movie. My uncle was upset and disappointed with just being awarded with a pair of pants and shoes. Who in hell gave him the right to write about my uncle in the first place.

  6. Jesse

    This book has a bunch of lies in it.. it should have never been released…. a lot of the men mentioned in this book.. yes they chose to live the life they did.. but ALOT OF WHAT WAS SAID WAS OVER EXAGERATTED…

  7. EARLA14

    I hear all this sh*% about the fukn asians and la eme but up NORTE its still all abut the NORTERN STRUCTURE Y LA NUESTRA FAMILIA IF YOU WWANT TRUE GANGEROS LOOK NO FURTHER THEN ALL THE WAY UP 99 NORTH

  8. Mi Bicho Grande

    I thought the book overall was boring as sh*% and did nothing more than a lot of name dropping….I have read better books by thugs.

  9. KeepGuessing

    I met Art once and sat down and talked with him TheDon. My impression was that I was talking with a truly changed man. And you are correct. He had a really good lawyer who was able to get him off California’s death row. He’s an evangelist today for VO. From death row to Christian evangelist. Interesting story.

    There’s a lot of Boxers out there. I even knew a couple white gang members who went by Boxer back in the day. But Boxer Enriquez definitely was a cut above during the time he was active. Those who downplay it today online are talking out the side of their neck. The dude was a well known carnales and respected for a long time. And now that period of his life is over.

    If they release him on parole, it’s going to get very interesting.


    • Becky

      Hello Mr. Guerrero,

      My name is Becky, I happen by your blog by accident. I went to school with your youngest sister Irene when she was attending Cerritos High School. I last heard/saw Irene about 15 years ago and I was wondering how she is doing, she wasn’t doing well at that time. Always kept her in my prayers, she was really cool people. If you can, please let her know that Becky, the Becky that used to hang around with Paulette Gonsalez was asking for her. We had several mutual friends from the 190’s.

  11. Lisa

    I hope that the profits from this book are not being given to this Enriquez person. Our grandparents and great grandparents didnt fight to come to this country to have our children end up like this. So much for “La Raza”. I can only pray that he knows Jesus. All of this evil is so unnecessary. Our people should be educated and living a good life, making an example for the generations to come not stuck in prison kil#i*gg people, especially innocent children!

  12. south san diego

    I was in prison with boxer many years ago hes a good vato and always had the snorthenios running to the c.o. one crazy mother f#@$ker but look at this way for every one southern snitch theres 15 snorthenio snitches and u do what u gotta do for urself

    • MARAVILLA 1975


  13. lifers

    rip howeerrr

  14. Maria Gonzalez

    Hello Mr. Blatchford,
    I am writing you this because I personally know Renee Enriquez (Boxer) and have been affected by his wrong decissions that He made while being a member of the Mexican Mafia. What you really need to write about is the people that these people have affected and how f#@$ked up their lives have been ever since they took their loved ones life from them just because they wouldn’t do what was expected from them I am a widow and have been for the last 16 years thanks to Renee and his wonderful family!! Not only did he have my husband ki*led but he also acted like a friend to me after all was said and done! Yea, look where he is at now and where my husband has been for the last 16 years! All my husband wanted was to be free from them and all he got was a hot shot!! well the only thing I have to say is Renee you may have pulled the wool over my eyes but God doesn’t forget! we had a good life till you all caught up with John! May God have mercy on Renee for all the destruction that he has caused not only in my family but in many others! I wish John would of been given this opportunity but no! So if you are going to write about people make sure you get every aspect of the story! we had a great life until the MEXICAN MAFIA took it from us!! I don’t wish you no harm and pray that Renee does get to stay alive because no matter what or where he is, he will never be safe as long as there is a green light on you!! But He knows that because he is one of the guys who use to order the green lights! Thank you for you time
    Maria R. Gonzalez

    • Glen Chase

      Mrs. Gonzalez:
      I know Enriquez has committed many more murders than he has admitted to. Here he is trying to say he is a changed man yet invalidates your husband’s life by denying he has committed any other murders other than ordering the death of Mrs. Gavaldon and Mr. Gallegos. Obviously it is because he has been convicted and has finished serving his sentence on those two murders. But how about your husband? He deserves justice. Please contact me as I am working with an investigator to solve Enriquez’ unsolved murders and keep him in prison.

    • Jr. Munoz

      Why Is Homicide Different
      Hi Chris my name is Jr, Munoz I am the surviving brother of Hector Munoz I viewed a clip on the 11; 00 clock channel 11 news .I have followed a lot of your work and I have to say the glory always goes to the Gangs. I am a former gang member of the Pomona 12 St. Sharkies I can say I have come a long way from the thug mentality and reality of what goes on under the city lights. I want you to know I can never forget where I came from or the roots of our family tree. Today I am a Program Director of the S.E.E.D Discipleship home for men. Also a certified State Alcohol and Drug Counselor what I will say to you has nothing to do with the power of the Black hand or American has to do with the American Dream many families have before or after they enter the United States of American and the trail of blood and tears that stopped for my family after losing two well-loved brothers through gang violence (Homicide).my brother’s death was different than others because it was clblankified as a homicide. I was hoping you knew the difference. Chris Homicide is different from death by other means for a number of reasons. To begin with, homicide is usually deliberate. In other words, another person caused the death of a person’s loved one deliberately and with malice as opposed to a natural death by old age or a death caused by disease or accident. With homicide, there could also be extreme violence blankociated with the death of a loved one, increased media attention to the death, and for the survivors, my brother was shot execution style .His wife and children did not participate in a lifetime of courts, parole hearings, and the eventual release of the offender, all having a significant impact upon them as survivors. Understand this I cannot say my brother was a saint or a bad man .As you can see there is no mention of any one charged with the death of my brother. I understand the rules of the concrete jungle as a civilian and not a solider. Whichever you intend to serve evaluate what wants to stay hidden in your heart meet these people in their hearts as they grieve because of the impact of such a storm is still devastating to the family of my brother and of many others just like him. With the books you have written of the Black Hand I do not expect to see many teens or young men walking away from the gang culture. I see it as a text book with instructions on how to stay in a gang culture, a vacuum sucking the young and old into outer darkness. I have to tell you this is a tool of influence, a tool of deception. A tool that no one can master not even the Black Hand, as you can see by the men that spoke the thoughts and put them into action, stories in full view of children already struggling to survive in a dying world pledged with violence and drugs. This is the thug culture a culture with in a subculture it embraces evil because evil is intimidating. The thug believes the more evil or intimidating their environment appears, the more they feel empowered and validated as a thug. That’s why you have ridden parts of their community, bypblanking the positive and highlighting the negative. Why? Because, they believe individuals will blankociate them with their living environment, thus seeing them as intimidating. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being in or from the so called ghetto or hood, but it is wrong when someone boasts about the sinful elements and suppresses the righteous acts being done in the Community Filled with violence. No one can master deception men have left that broken down altar broken and confused only to become oppressed and depressed and are now on meds fighting depression and paranoia after worshiping there. They walk out the core doors of deep segregation through the gate across the prison yard over the double fence and all the way home into the barrio ghetto or surely I must say low income subculture areas. Professors ask what was the worst prison you served time in. my answer as always my mind and my heart. Chris as a person comes out of feeling depressed; they may be able to express strong feelings of anger and resentment. Some people may not be aware of their anger until the depression dissipates. Anger is an important and normal part of going through grief. But hard to accept when you become part of the problem rather than the solution Chris. When there is a significant loss, most people go through a stage where they are very critical of everything and everyone blankociated with the loved one who has died. I am not saying my brother was a saint and I am not going to separate the sheep from the goat that is not our job Chris. Sometimes, people need something to blame for the tragedy that occurred. This can cause hostility toward relatives, police and others. Even though anger is healthy, it is damaging if that emotion overrides everything else. For these reasons, many families of homicide victims like mine feel unique and very much alone in their efforts to recover from the murder of a loved one. This feeling of being alone is sometimes exasperated by caring relatives and friends who urge them to “forget the offender” and carry on with their lives. For them, it may not be possible and this can lead to them withdrawing further and further from family and friends. They might seek grief counseling or join a grief sharing group and feel that they do not fit in. like my nephew the death of his father Hector Munoz in their case is different from most, making it extremely difficult for them to grieve their loss which is essential to their recovery. I am sure you have family and losses too. I want to say I often wonder how nice and warm your home is in the days of winter or I can almost hear you whisper into your wife’s ear honey I love you as you take that walk down the shore line or into the beginning of a nice spring day. Chris do you share with your wife the hurt and pain the youth of today goes through as they sit in the chamber of darkness hoping someone will mentor them to be the
      husband ,father ,or son they were meant to be. As you spoke of my brother I thought of the birthday of my brother’s wife, she buried him on that day. Again although the means of death may be different from most, ?families of homicide victims they must still go through a grieving process if they are to recover from their loss and continue to lead productive lives. Let’s talk about it . Luke 6; 46-49 Today we understand the statistics laid before us over 50,000 gang members control neighborhoods throughout L .A. THE PROBLEM is The Mentality Sin Nature of the Sons of Men. we have found through looking into our past that it is a weapon used by individuals and groups to intimidate through criminal activity or behavior to meet their needs and desires .we hear it said in the eye of the media (we want our neighborhoods back) I am here to day to tell you the neighborhoods will remain and someday burn with the rest of the structures in the world. It is the people that need to be saved to turn to the Lord that he may turn there heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Studies tell us Mailmen are still afraid to deliver mail, and some paramedics will not enter certain neighborhoods unless accompanied and escorted by police.
      As we speak today there are 25,000 gang members in the Sanbernardino Co. Inland Empire and Riverside Co. many are transplants from Los Angeles. 60% are said to be wannabes. Law enforcement needs our help and will always need our help. (Question) how can I be of help? Can the community continue to struggle with the issues of the heart you bet as long as the Herald drops of news like this in our front steps of our homes, In the case of the Jump out Boys, sheriff’s investigators did not uncover any criminal behavior. But sources said the group clashed with the department policies.
      Their tattoos, for instance, depicted an oversize skull with a wide, toothy grimace and glowing red eyes. A bandanna is wrapped around the skull. A bony hand clasps a revolver. Smoke would be tattooed over the gun’s barrel for members who were involved in at least one shooting, officials said.
      Isaiah 1;18
      Reason; we all need spiritual awakening it is impossible to touch such a subject without a spiritual awakening.
      1960 and 70s Whittier Blvd was where many low riders cruised, but the God of the chariots require that you appease them nothing new under the sun .the mentality of the thug has always been over us like a cloud without rain in our Government and Law Enforcement too. If you follow the pages of their journals as far back you find many scandals, and law suits that have followed and still lurk in the shadows of the arenas of the courts. Rampart Division when Officer Rafael Perez was arrested it led to the biggest scandal in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department Perez did what Rodney King could not do; bring down the L.A. force under federal supervision .was this the true Training Day? Rafael and Nino Durden shot know 18 street gang member Francisco Ovando . the paper printed that Perez and Durden were warriors in the Rampart Division known as the C.R.A.S.H UNIT on Oct ,12 1996 these 2 men believed that gang members deserved whatever fate they had coming to them .whether death in the community they had made so dangerous or prison sentences that would keep them behind bars until they were old .this case opened the door to investigate 70 police officers and the release of over 100 prisoners framed by police .Orvando said he became an active gang member because he was on his own at age 16 he said the gang became like his family . He had a basic desire to be accepted and loved like all of us. This desire the sons of men will struggle with until they submit to the authority of Heaven. the Rampart Crash members wore logos and patches the most notorious was of which a skull with a cowboy hat and a poker hand of a pair of aces and a pair of 8 s (the dead man’s hand ) this was the hand that the frontier outlaw Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot to death .the words of L.A.P.D. David Smith were quote on quote Rampart was home to a bunch of thugs Rafael and Durden also put together a gang with the same mentality as the thug ,Rafael who was looked upon as the golden boy of the Rampart Crash Unit was a thug . so who is the golden boy of today,You cannot use the same tactics as a thug would use (The Violence intimidation and fear to have one summit to authority ) they thought it would work on the gang member and therefore defuse the problem , instead as we know it today it only transplanted them across our nation and hardened their hearts.(question who’s to blame)2013 it’s still the same nothing new under the sun .
      The bible tells us there is a way that seems right for a man but at the end awaits destruction. In 2007 a bill was set on the table of the senate and pblanked. The state senate requires parents to be involved if their child commits a gang related crime. Most would pay fines the others lose their child to the state. Beloved it starts in the home this is the gap and lack of parents today.
      2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger announced (Cal Grip ) this was an initiative to combat gang violence it was always introduced like this {The California Gang Reduction Intervention and Prevention Program}
      # 4 Job training,
      # 3 Education # 2 Intervention # 1 prevention. The intention was to closely track gang leaders both inside and outside state prison and when released on parole. this is good but backwards
      In 1997 through 2010, there were 161 peace officers ki*led worldwide. And 87% of those ki*led were from agencies in the United States. Officer Steve Gajada L.A PD. Hollenbeck Division ki*led by Mario Mercado 16 yr old. Officer James Beya 24 ki*led by robbery suspect Vineland boys gang member, Robert Steel 17 yrs old who later was ki*led in a shootout with polices. Officer Daly Black Long Beach Dept ki*led by Ramon Gumby Sandoval 17 yrs old, officer Thomas Steiner California Highway patrol Officer ki*led by Valentino Arenas 16 yrs old from Pomona 12 th street Sharkies, again we mourn over the loss of officer Ryan Bonamino gunned down in the streets of Riverside due to a hit and run traffic stop. Fellow officers stated the thug should have never been released because of his past record of mostly felony convictions. Although the media plays up the danger that police officers are surrounded by when dealing with street gangs’. But sad to say the most dangerous calls for police officers were domestic violence and not with gang members.
      Again beloved it starts in the home (prevention before intervention) in the high chair before the electric chair.
      You must chose today who you will serve where will you stand in the day you find yourself in this arena it a waits us all deep in the concrete jungles you will have a choice to be a spectator or participant you cannot be both .We also must clearly see not all youth crime is caused by gangs; they are increasingly responsible for crime and violence that impacts the perception on safety in our neighborhoods’ and schools. In a trial concerning a gang member is his role in the non-roles ;(1) OG’s or veterans long time core gangsters hope to die dedicated to their gang. Well acquainted with the system and the heart of stone and therefore continue to pblank this poison in the cup like old china to the next generation. (2) G’s are gangsters who comprise and mainly focus on the troops or foot soldiers in a gang most come from broken homes and some never knew their biological fathers which abandon them to serve life in prison . The sons are willing to join a gang and take that chance to live or die a violent death in hopes to walk the yards in prison with their fathers someday. (3)Wannabes are young interns willing to become gangsters at any cost .and most likely end up in a gang and soon on their way down the pipe line to prison. Most likely be shot under a gun tower of a level 4 or 5 state prison while still trying to make a name and gain acceptance in to a prison gang. Proverbs, 18; 10 tells us The name of the lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. The following are the main elements of the penal code 186.22 often referred to as gang enhancement law .the states in part that; every person who actively participates in any criminal street gang with knowledge that the members are engaged with or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity .
      Criminal street gang means any outgoing organization, blankociation or group of three or more persons. Whether formal or in formal ,having as one of its primary activities the commission of {crime
      lists }.active participation means that the person (1) must have a current relationship with the criminal street gang that is more than in name only (2)must devote all ,or substantial part a {his}{her} time or effort to the criminal street gang .in order to prove a gang crime each of the following elements must be proved ;1 a person actively and currently participated in a criminal street gang . 2, the members of that gang engaged in or have engaged in a patterned of criminal gang activity. 3, that person knew that the gang members engaged in or have in engaged in a patterned of criminal gang activity; and 4, that the person added and abetted members of that gang in committing the crimes.
      Some cities police agencies have adapted to the (Set the Trap and Take the Rap) the cost added a crack to the foundation of economy. Where they dropped the sledge hammer others came along in their frustration and took a swing too. Also the watchmen and gate keepers of the cities joined them which have brought us to where we are now. Today we still hear of the Law enforcement adapting to this mentality using the same power of darkness to have the sons of men renounce their ways through force and past resentments of their own which they have not sat through their grieving process. Psalms 127;1 Unless the Lord build the house its builders labor in vain ,unless the lord watches over the city ,the watchmen stand guard in vain .
      Luke 6; 46 let’s turn to the pages of his story .The greater crime is committed when we refuse to admit there is a problem and walk away from a funeral home in defeat. In the mitts of a funeral whether Law enforcement is laid to rest or a gang member. It’s not the Black Hand you should go after it is the one whom it belongs to, his name is Satan.The thug culture and its pagan roots and its ancient pagan roots
      People will sometimes ask why you have to bring religion into this. Through research over the years it’s been discovered that every component of the thug mentality is religious .even the name thug ….. All of it has roots in bible history. It is impossible to touch this subject without a spiritual awakening .to do otherwise is like plucking the fruit and leaving the root.
      Research tells us that the street Gangs poses and practice everything the typical pagan cult does. These roots again lead back to the dark Babylonians arts.
      This is a short list of the cultic practices done in ancient Babylon
      2.human sacrifices
      4.sexual perversion
      6.musical worship
      7.dancing (A FORM OF WHORSHIP)
      9.Painting symbols (graffiti)
      Tell me is there any similarities between these acts of the occult and those of a street gang. The music industry has become the street cults’ supreme guru and church. This music has given birth to millions of thugs and wannabes. the most requested books in the correctional facilities?
      NO- ITS NOT PLAYBOY OR LOWRIDER it’s The art of war by ancient warrior Sun Tzu. The other book 48 Laws of Power by Joost Elffers. Some gang members from around the world have admitted these books are mandatory reading in their gang. They believe the strategies given them in the books give them an edge over their enemies.
      Here are just 3 of the key principles in the book. The art of war

      In the book 48 laws of Power just a few 3- conceal your intentions 7- get others to work for you ,but always take the credit
      3.Law 11- learn to keep people depended on you.
      4.Law 12- use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim.
      5.Law 14 -pose as a friend ,work as a spy
      6.Law 42- strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.
      Scripture tells us this
      He Satan was a murder from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar, and the father of lies. John 8; 44
      Today as we speak this philosophy continues to spread like cancer in our inner cities and also has created a dog eat dog mentality. It is no respecter of race gender or age. Self –empowerment is held in higher regard than spiritual integrity. It’s been made accessible to violate your conscience and self-respect all in the name of greed, pride, and power, again the thug mentality is surly a spiritual issue.
      And the father has the antidote his son Jesus Christ. Please accept the words of this puritan; written in the times of old.
      1.Precious remedies against self-empowerment which are Satan’s devices to draw the soul to sin.
      2.To present the bait and hide the hook.
      3.To present the golden cup and hide the poison.
      4.To present the pleasure of the profit, the sweet that may flow in upon the soul by yielding to sin and by hiding from the soul the wrath and misery that will certainly follow the committing of sin .by this device he took our first parents. Genesis 3; 4-5.
      Here is the bait the sweet the pleasure, the profit .OH but he hides the hook- the shame the wrath, and the loss that would certainly follow. Is this what our children will follow without a mentor in their lives? Satan with ease puts fallacies upon us by his golden baits and then he leads us and leaves us in a fool’s paradise, he also promises the soul honor, pleasure, profit, but pays the soul with the greatest contempt, shame, and loss that can be we must always remember how by the golden bait he labored to catch Christ, Matt, 4; 8-9 he shows him the beauty and the bravery of a bewitching world. Which doubtless would have taken many a carnal heart? But here scripture tells us the devils fire fell upon wet timber. And therefore took has been said there has never was any Wars in Rome, it was the pelage’s of the emperors people ask your self-
      Why does Satan aim at your life?
      What are the weapons he uses to attack you?
      What is the purpose he wants to achieve?
      What are the defenses God has provided for you?
      So with that I hope you could tear down the fence in your heart and answer the knock on the door of your heart Jesus has been standing their knocking since you were born to give you a new birth.
      It’s not the wood pecker knocking outside the house we should worry about damaging the home; it’s the termites that live within. These were the words of Donald Garcia one of the co-founders of the Mexican mafia this man came to the knowledge of Christ and his saving grace a coin is not complete unless it has been stamped with heads or tails, you are just a man like all the sons of men Donald like many before him throughout history understood that nothing in this world belonged to him but his sin. And guess what he found out where to take it to the day he answered the knock on the door of his heart. Chris this is the flip side of the coin you are missing write about that why don’t you.

      If you have any questions this is my contact information; Gang and Drug Prevention Intervention Ministry I am just a beggar telling another beggar of the bread of life. If you go to this web-site view the video’s. This is the solution to the problem

  15. M. Martinez


    It me from cell block d. i helped smuggle that Mexican food for your birthday in my blank and you said it was spicy and we laugh. Get in touch esse, I be out and looking for work around 18th st.


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