Reverse the Mentality

By Kell Ramos for
February 5, 2006

No thugs
No guns
No iced out chains

No girls givin brain
In the back of the Range
No drinkin crystol everyday of the week
No more drug kingpins runnin the street

When you bust a gun
Take the bullet back
No more gang shootouts
No more peelin caps

No more industry beef
On the ten o’clock news
No more sellin crack
Let’s change the views
Talk about a different topic
What you got to lose
What you got to prove
Ya sound confused
You gotta live the life
Ya gotta pay the dues

It’s easy to be a gangsta
When you got 50 bodyguards
And fake thugs that wannabe rappin
That’ll shoot anybody
Once your fingers start snappin
But wont die for you
When them other kids start clappin


But that’s exactly what you’ll see
The back of their body
As they run away
Leavin you to get Shot, Rot and Decay
I guess you know now that crime doesn’t pay
But you were hard headed
Had to learn the hard way

Gangsters look fly
But they die everyday
And if you aint from the hood
You should just stay away
But you walk around like that’s where your from
You feel protected cause you know someone
Or your family lives there
Walk around by yourself
You start shaking you’re scared

You aint Scarface, you aint Al Capone
You aint John Gotti or Vito Corleone
You just an average thug wannabe
Fake rap prodigy
CD listener
You lack originality
A stolen identity
With no credability
You’re really a faggot
It’s in your heredity
You come from suburbia
You study rap videos
And now you’re a murderer
From a small town no one ever heard a ya
Went to jail one time as a serial burgala (burgler)
Stealin TV box
To smoke crack rocks
You was the number one customer at the coke spot
Not for sellin
But smokin the shit
And sniffin it
Rehab 3 times and you still cant quit
So who ya playin
Actin like ya some kinda DON
You just a average dope fiend hooked on methadon

But you wanna be a gangsta
You wanna be a killa
Wanna pollute kids minds wit ya raps and rhymes
Teachin the drug game
Baggin nicks and dimes

Don’t complain about slave traders
Cause you’re ten times worse
You lead your people
To a neverending sleep in a hearse
Let’s reverse
The mentality
Focus on reality
Just be yourself to avoid the calamity
That’s bound to happen
Once you start rappin
Gangsta actin
Leads ta dirt nappin
All gets started when lips start smackin
Guns get ta clappin
We start reactin
Down on the floor cause you wanna be a killa
Smoke from ya brain like you was godzilla

Cause your a false prophet
A legend in your own mind
I heard your CD
It was a waste a time
I seek the truth
You continue to lie
Bullshit like that
I refuse to buy
Real gangsta’s don’t cry
They multiply
Real killa’s aint afraid to die
They don’t rap about tha dirt they do
They just keep it all inside
They don’t snitch on the people they run wit too
They just do the prison time
They don’t talk about the drugs they sell
They just make the money hide
So ya wannabe a gangsta and get shot up
I gotta ask tha question WHY

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