Suspect in Mazaradi Murder Acted on 17-Year Retaliation

By Lora Neng
February 12, 2014

After a month investigating the shooting death of Mazaradi Fox, The Daily News reported that an identified suspect may have committed a crime that was 17 years in the making.

Jamal Scott allegedly unleashed gunfire onto multiple occupants of a Nissan SUV in retaliation for his brother’s death in 1998, when an argument with Mazaradi, real name Jamal Green, escalated to an blankociate pulling a trigger. Scott’s older brother was only 21 at the time.

Mazaradi stumbled out of the vehicle just far enough to die in a driveway at Farmers Blvd. and 134th Ave., while the black-garbed gunman sped away in a dark Hyundai sedan. The unsigned G-Unit affiliate had been out two weeks from incarceration for an attempted blankault conviction.

Longtime friend 50 Cent tweeted: “Saddened by the news of Mazaradi’s tragic pblanking my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

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2 Comments for “Suspect in Mazaradi Murder Acted on 17-Year Retaliation”

  1. surenos

    i neva sleep even if nas couldnt do IT

  2. surenos

    whos a ahat slob anyway lil wayne and 2chainss

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