Will Lil Wayne’s Blood Gang Affiliation Affect How He’s Treated In Prison?

from DimeWars.com
March 1, 2010

Rapper Lil Wayne is headed tomorrow morning to serve a year sentence in New York’s notorious prison, Riker’s Island. On the outide – prison speak for the non-institutionalized world – Lil Wayne’s clothing, hand gestures in music videos and rap lyrics all suggest that he’s a member of the notorious L.A.-bsaed street gang ‘The Bloods’ aka ‘The Damu Riders’. Now, Lil Wayne is not from L.A. nor does he have any ties to the city, however, in the past 6 years or so, he has made numerous references to the gang, i.e.:

‘Soo-Woo gang, and if you didn’t know then you in the food chain’

Lines like the one above sound good in a song, but we can’t help to wonder how those lyrics sound to hardened inmates who spend their lives defending gang life. Rikers island is known to house both Bloods and Crips – rival gangs who have been in the midst of street warfare since the early ’70s. Both gangs would have something to prove by making an example of Lil Wayne; the Bloods for Lil Wayne’s “false-flagging” and the Crips for Lil Wayne’s allegiance to the Bloods.

SMH! Lil Wayne may be between a rock and a hard place – not a good thing at all for a newbie prisoner!

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97 Comments for “Will Lil Wayne’s Blood Gang Affiliation Affect How He’s Treated In Prison?”

  1. Wayne in yo Brain

    Lil Wayne has officially been raped in the butt 89 times since his incarceration according to the News

  2. Wayne all up in yo brain

    Lil’ Wayne confirms he enjoys the brutal anal rape sessions he endures while being locked up and does not want to go home. Claims he is still a real blood because he bleeds red from all the incessant butt pounding he receives.

  3. The Bee

    Rikers Island…….. United Blood Nation(UBN).Wyann will be ok.

    • first of all fuck UBN. second New York is where the largest gang is which is CRIPS..now how many bloods you see saying how big they are in New York?..none im a Crip myself and i live right on Queens where i was joined when i was 10 years old. now Lil Wayne left crip when he was 22 to join his fuck buddy birdman in Damu which aint shit to 90’s by the way..now Lil wayne all i gotta say is what happened to Cash Money crips?? there was a quote he said about that it was C.M.C’s. aint nobody fuckin with these now all of a sudden you switch to blood but yet you you where blue most of the time and never diss the crips but we diss you now dont we..Wayne C carful you dont wanna bang like this and aye why you call yourself a blood when theres niggas on your helmet sayin whats up CUZ! remember that? face it you a skittle maybe if you werent id have major respect for you but shut up even your own SET thinks you fake

      • c_NO_love

        anybody close to the gangbangin culture knows the ubn is the biggest set in NY and the crips are bigger on the west coast

    • smokiewight

      you guys gullible in the tombs too?he’s ok,alright,’cause he’s in pc.no real hardass bloods can get near him.

  4. Adam

    it doesnt make a fuckin different, waynes a blood yeah, its doesnt mean abunch of people will be after him, Tupac got raped in rikers once, Wayne’s asss is probably torn to shit right now

  5. monito

    atleast he in the 5point star ……king love.

  6. treylo

    im from ny and niggas out here false claiming. i sue to be apart of this shit unitl i got schooled by some real damus from la. i been hanging in la for a minute in the pueblos. i been in some wild situations , almost got into it wit florencia 13 niggas they thought i was from eastcoastrips. rite at the liquor store on compton and 59st. i chopped it up with the 30 pirus on central, niggas from centerview mobb niggas and rolling 20s even been to avalon gardens they showed me love cause i was from ny. nickerson gardes the jungled been all over la, i even some homies out in ny staying wit me for a month, they like shit brazy out here how niggas making shit up using five and six never been to the hoods they claiming dont know niggas straight fake. la is wild on the gang shit niggas out here dont understand we hustlers, trend setters not followers. even though im banging pueblo bishops its an alliance to my block in brookly an alliance with 128st in harlem when im in la im staying in the pueblos. been there for the hood day met alot of og homies, all them niggas know me out there. been to dockweider beach when niggas was banging, paramount cityand harbor city at that big ass park mad bitches was there bloods and rips nobodt tripped though. they got the gang injunction in la they aint got that in ny. if niggas wanna be bloods and rips do that shit the rite way go get turfed homie.

    • c_NO_love

      You sound abt like the realest homie on here man I ain’t a gangbanger but I met some real as bangers when I was locked up and I put in work and you the only one on here that sounds real to me so props for keepin it g homie

  7. richie richr

    False flaggin. Anyone in New York city who claims Blood or Crip is false flaggin(in my opinion).

  8. Maxwell

    Not a single person on here haz ever met Weezy… Yall dont chill with him, record with him, work with/ for him, or even interact with anybody who doez… The man iz in the public eye 24/7 and hiz muzic iz regulated buy the federal government, it goez deeper than any of us would ever know… People hate on him becauze he iz BIG, globally… He putz out more muzic than any other artist, ever… So if you are claiming to know anything about gangz that were formed over 40 yearz ago, ask the O.G.’z that dropped knowledge on you to explain how it could happen… Just sayin most of yall on here didnt see the beginning, so be quiet… Lookin’ dumb with your mouthz open…

  9. yall go seek the lord
    get born again nd God will give yall some peace…which i know yall want
    buh kip deceivin urselfs as gangsterz n all…
    tell me guys dt u aint sick n tired of all d violence n rivalry

  10. yall shld receive d LORD
    i kno yall want sme peace nd re tired of all d violence and rivalry
    but yall keeep deceivin urselfs

  11. WEEZY F BABY GOT THE PLACE BELD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATS SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Caych

    Only Lil Wayne Knows If He’s A Blood Or Not
    Respect Damu, Once Again

  13. @ LD, I don’t bang, and I do believe that gang banging should not be in N.Y. because we left that shit alone a long time ago!!!!But N.Y.is big, and don’t get it twisted, we still do our thing, partna!!!! Stay in your lane and don’t worry about NEW YORK niggas!!!! And I will say this, most of those young niggas are playing their selves by following behind that B & C bull shit in N.Y. !!!!

  14. J@@Ms

    Just look at all the music videos he made when he was waiting to go to jail, he knew he was headed to rikers and was just waiting on his court date. and yet he was fronting blood hard in all his videos with his red rag and gestures and shit. if he knew he was headed to jail why would he be giving them a reason to kill him when he got in? true blood IMO

  15. garbage

    in prison its not about what gang you are in on the streets. it doesnt matter where you come from is about your race. each ethnic group must stick together to avoid being killed by another race. obviously the aryan brotherhood wouldnt be too happy with a white man with the blacks and vice versa.. that being said it doesnt mean your safe, your homies in prison will make u their bitch to show ur loyal and u aint leaving, but that leads to killings within the groups…

    “they lied, it aint how you die its how you breath, it aint what you take its what you leave and concieve. what you got is nothing if your soul dont represent itm present it, it aint where you from its where youve been kid. they lied.” – atmosphere

  16. 5Swoop5

    First of all; Lil’ Wayne IS a Blood^, he has ties everywhere, it doesnt matter what gang member kills Wayne in prison~if the=at person ever gets released, their gunna get killed right outside the gates.

    The point is: Lil’ Wayne is untouchable because he is incredibly famous, and whoever kills him is going to have a very difficult life after that, because people are going to be pissed. I’m going to be pissed if Lil’ Wayne gets killed~He is one of my biggest hero’s.

  17. TINYTCeee

    I cant agree with that too much@garbage it does matter what gang you are with and Lil Wayne aint a real blood no initiation,no work put in,and no stripes

  18. Ez

    he may die in there. or maybe when hes in there he might actually learn some stuff about music and writing it.

  19. Blood Gang 5

    Nothin gonn happen to Weezy.Blood Gang 5

  20. Sherm-Loc

    Lil Wayne may or may not be a slob in real life I dnt know him and his history like dat cuzz, and I like his music he goes ham but Im not a fan of his slob shit

  21. Buddy

    WHITE POWER! dumb niggers

  22. PsyChx LOC

    fuCC wat wat u Slo6 think Com3 to philli w3 shxw yall hxw W3 r3ally do Cuz IGC Insane Ganster Criminals ClaCC ClaCC And u gonna get hanged

  23. jakillweed

    Fuck that you fake ass niggas be on the internet n spittin mad shit but on the outside you just some bitches with sand in your clits. 9th Ward New Orleans you fake ass bitch ass pussy ass niggas!!!

  24. Laura

    Dummies Lil Wayne is not in a Bloods gang, but he probably has been aquainted with the gang. Like tupac he was not in a gang but he had been aqauinted with a bloods gang and he wrote a few songs about death. Lil Wayne could have picked up gang signs and lingo from being around bloods. As I recall on the E true hollywood story, Lil Wayne said he was never in a gang, but once this gang was looking for some kids brother and the kid didn’t want his brother to die so he said Lil Wayne did it and they drove by his house and shot at him. He wasn’t sure if he was dead but he survived.

  25. jsmooth(suu wuuu nigga)

    I rep bloods hard. Bt lil wayne a bitch 4rea. Nd oll boy right halfbyall a bunch of internet goons but in real life yall quite. If lil wayne a blood I’m

    a red toed pussy. Nd the white bitch who said dumb niggers can go fuck himself

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