Will Lil Wayne’s Blood Gang Affiliation Affect How He’s Treated In Prison?

from DimeWars.com
March 1, 2010

Rapper Lil Wayne is headed tomorrow morning to serve a year sentence in New York’s notorious prison, Riker’s Island. On the outide – prison speak for the non-institutionalized world – Lil Wayne’s clothing, hand gestures in music videos and rap lyrics all suggest that he’s a member of the notorious L.A.-bsaed street gang ‘The Bloods’ aka ‘The Damu Riders’. Now, Lil Wayne is not from L.A. nor does he have any ties to the city, however, in the past 6 years or so, he has made numerous references to the gang, i.e.:

‘Soo-Woo gang, and if you didn’t know then you in the food chain’

Lines like the one above sound good in a song, but we can’t help to wonder how those lyrics sound to hardened inmates who spend their lives defending gang life. Rikers island is known to house both Bloods and Crips – rival gangs who have been in the midst of street warfare since the early ’70s. Both gangs would have something to prove by making an example of Lil Wayne; the Bloods for Lil Wayne’s “false-flagging” and the Crips for Lil Wayne’s allegiance to the Bloods.

SMH! Lil Wayne may be between a rock and a hard place – not a good thing at all for a newbie prisoner!

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98 Comments for “Will Lil Wayne’s Blood Gang Affiliation Affect How He’s Treated In Prison?”

  1. Justin242

    I Hope Lil Wayne Gets Shanked to death by some NY CRIPS in Rikers Island Because my Belief Hes Fake I See Lil Wayne in Blue Clothing on the news and a real blood would not be caught dead wearing rival gang colors and the NY Bloods will not be to happy after seeing a fake blood like lil wayne claim the sh*% they have spend there entire lifes bangin in the streets for profits
    the NY Bloods will probably test his knowledge on the gang hes falsely bangin
    i’m very sure Lil Wayne Will Be ki*led in there

  2. Real ish

    Justin shut your corny white blank up, Ny bloods spending they whole life bangin, please them guys is millenium bangers.

  3. MAria Del Huevo

    I believe if someone was about to shank Lil Wayne in the back, he could quickly turn around and start singing and the other guy would fall down and die automatically.

  4. joco

    Bend-over Lil Wayne

  5. Rob

    First of all… The NY Bloods are considered ‘fake’ by the real LA bloods. There is no history behind the NY Bloods except that they started by one crazy guy in prison without LA’s blessing. He then proceeded to get his minions to slash peoples’ on the subway. There are cliques of Bloods all over the country, even in Salt Lake City, Utah. To think that Lil Wayne will even come in contact with any gang members shows how ignorant this article is. Wayne was put into PROTECTIVE custody. He will be among harmless sex offenders and white collar criminals if he isn’t in 23 hour lock up (which he most likely will be). No blood is going to come after Weezy because he reps the gang. Bloods have members and affiliates. Tupac was an affiliate, not a member, and survived a lot of jail time in LA, but ended up beating up that crip the night of his murder. I figured an article on streetgangs.com would take more of this into account, but obviously not.

  6. Hi, i just found this here when i did an good google search. Neat website you got here! Keep it up!

  7. nhb20

    Rob shut up if wayne get in population he’s dead a affilate is a member either your in or out f#@$k that bullsh*% you say pac was no members he knew members not affiliated thet a bullsh*% word for wanne be pac was a guy who knew some gangbangers that it he hung with them nothing else and even if wayne gets pc their always some guy up for stripes and some sexoffenders and whitecolar guy that dont mean they harmless man you sound f#@$kin stupid for real i wish he gets locked up with some bloods guyz from l.a that dont ride that sh*% he will have to pay them

  8. PJ

    joco Says: wants wayne to bend over. HOMO!

  9. A lot of ni99as are always talking about NY ni99as ain’t real bloods! Well take your blank to NY and say that sh*% to them and see how real those ni99as are!!! I will admit, me being a New Yorker myself who moved awhile back, can’t believe that garbage is in NY…But, knowing NY, those ni99as will put in work! Ni99as always talking about NY but won’t set foot in NY, and the ones that do, change all that negative talk real fast, until they get home, and start telling lies!!!!! Lil Wayne is not going to be in general pop! There are to many wolves in that institution that would try to use him as a come up!!! Ni99as in NY are always trying to rob rappers and athletes!

  10. wonka

    I dont like Lil’wayne Ho blank…Fake blank SLOB.I dont like those SLOB blank homos at Rikers.
    Lil'(fartget blank)wayne is gone get his,he keep talking ’bout dat red,cause he think
    sh*% ain’t gone happen…but fo sho he sorely mistaken.”CRIP CITY MOTHAI dont likeAS”!!!.
    Rep dat “TRUE BLUE”(Chitty Chitty Cang Cang…Nuttin just a CRIP THANG!!,C’s UP
    Fo SCizzle DizzCle!.

  11. vegasvic

    yeah ny bloods don’t have the history like l.a. bloods but they still real.it dont matter where u from there’s ki*lers everywhere. how real do you want somebody to be.
    it seems like lil wayne start talking that blood sh*% when mack 10 joined the label.

  12. Bandana on my right side

    Soo Woo!!!

  13. Real ish

    to vegasvic:

    They real thugs, ki*lers, drug dealers whatever but they not real bloods. Am i mafia now because I dress in a suit, extort people and say I’m from the guyoni crew in LA COstra Nostra? And yeaha an individual Ny blood could bang u out, but they havesn’t experienced real gang warfare like LA gangs so NY “blood” sets couldn’t compare to an LA set.

  14. 73 Boy

    So Wonka you’re a CRAB huh? Keep hollin that slob sh*% lil chick I’ll show what real bangin is. Crabs bleed red in case you didn’t kno.

  15. GKB

    f#@$k a B-raB a$$ guy yall guy$ think NY Blood$ aint $hit??? kome to Brooklyn Bet ya khange ya mind real fa$t!!! and keep talkin Bout dat BloB $hit i make $ure u get dat $hit ova ya head!!

  16. G

    Man shut the f#@$k up chick blank NY guys yall aint bangin lil rascal blank guys we only wanna hear from real slobs on the west not yall lil spanky blankes.

  17. neek

    sh*% guys wear watever da f#@$k they want. & n some cases guys b wearin otha colors 2 catch they enemies slippn..smh guys is dumb

  18. neek

    Internet bangers eat a d#$k..personally I don’t think ny guys bang like la guys! No disrespect, but “it is what it is” remember la started that bdog n loc sh*%

  19. neek

    Internet bangers eat a d#$k..personally I don’t think ny guys bang like la guys! No disrespect, but “it is what it is” remember la started that bdog n loc sh*%

  20. neek

    Internet bangers eat a d#$k..personally I don’t think ny guys bang like la guys! No disrespect, but “it is what it is” remember la started that bdog n loc sh*%

  21. neek

    Internet bangers eat a d#$k..personally I don’t think ny guys bang like la guys! No disrespect, but “it is what it is”

  22. rossi


  23. My hood started this Piru Gang so we say ho is faccke not u guys that don’t even put in work stay on the side line if wayne get touch we coming to ny that’s it crab ki*lahs on the move.oyg BigRu142134Bompton.

  24. POPE

    i see it like this. now think about it. mack 10 was down with cash money. he’s a certified blood. jim jones reps 9tre and in his first video certified gangstaz he had booya tribe in his video. certified bloods. we all know lil wayne and baby didnt get the usual initiation. they just got put down.and if i had money and planned on getting more money when i get out, i’d be in pc too. yoju’d be a fool not to.

  25. lil dus

    its like dis in jail crips in blodz got to get along with each other he prolly got to catch sum fades but the mexican gonna try to ki*l cuhz so if he iz wat he say he iz then its gone be kool but if he td he gone be sum1 chick………….. anzacc grape compton crip gang TG LILDUS AKA MR.OFHK WHOODEEWHOO WE SUM FOOL

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