Hip-Hop Rallies Behind the Injustice of Trayvon Martin’s Death

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By Lora Neng
March 28, 2012

The shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by an overzealous neighborhood watchman has moved many people to song and protest. On February 26, Florida neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman called 911 when he saw the young man who he deemed suspicious coming out of a store. But when Zimmerman was asked by the operators to leave Martin alone, his suspicions took the better of him, resulting in the impulsive shooting death of the young black man. Martin was unarmed.

When Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera said that the boy was partially responsible for his own death because he was wearing a hoodie, the comment quickly shot the incident into the crux of the racial profiling controversy. Representative Bobby Rush’s show of support by donning a hoodie on the House floor resulted in an interruption to his plea, while others have taken to the streets all over the country.

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The hip-hop community is rallying behind the tragic struggles of trying to overturn stereotypes. The theme of inevitable violent victimization due to prejudice runs from Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” to Game’s “911 is a Joke”, and now Mos Def’s response in the song “Murder of a Teenage Life.” Jeezy told MTV, “I feel like we all got to get together and stop this, ‘cause I have a son his age and I just feel like that could’ve been either of our children.”

The greatest offense is felt in how the law has not held up its end of the bargain for accountability. The volunteer watchman Zimmerman, whose utterance of “f***ing coons” into the phone before he shot a 17-year-old remains free, while Trayvon’s life ended last seen holding Skittles and iced tea.

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10 Comments for “Hip-Hop Rallies Behind the Injustice of Trayvon Martin’s Death”

  1. Blondie

    I don’t understand how this became a white and black thing? Travon was Black , Zimmerman is Mexican. But I see shirts with Zimmerman’s face and the words Craker k or something to that affect.
    Either way it’s a tragity and Mr. Zimmerman should be sitting in a cell right now.

  2. ynot

    kofornia and nasty nas

  3. ynot

    trayvons a slob Atlanta no limit biatch like biz and jay z

  4. ynot

    nelly and 2 chainssss

  5. ynot

    tell lil wayne snoop will murk u

  6. ynot

    clowns master p

  7. ynot

    boosie vs crips ??

  8. ynot

    soulja slim and b gizzle

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