Rare Notorious BIG interview talking about conflict with Tupac Shakur in 1996

April 4, 2010

Sometime in 1996 (around Lil Cease birthday?) Notorious BIG did this interview with Luke on his Peep Show that aired on cable during the mid 1999s. He talks about his second album, Life After Death, being released on October 31, 1996 for Holloween and he talks about the conflict with his then rival Tupac Shakur. Shortly after this interview, Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas and then six months later, Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles

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3 Comments for “Rare Notorious BIG interview talking about conflict with Tupac Shakur in 1996”

  1. j

    RIP to Christopher Wallace

    But on some real sh*%, Pac was about more than just money, like he said he was just trying to be a rich guy, thats it. Pac and Suge was hiring guyz to work at Death Row, Bad Boys and Roc A Fella was just in the way.

    Look at all the billion dollars hip hop has made in clothes, music, video games and change the face of marketing. And look neighborhoods is still in crumbles and only a hand few got the money. And they wonder why they albums aint selling and they getting robbed and talk about so bad.

    Jay-Z, Puffy, Russell Simmons, Haitian Jack ( Wyclef ) all these guyz is paid beyond belief but the community still dont have no institutions nothing solid, o the Rush Card I forgot. Pac knew all that sh*% was gonna happen they like the black version of the Russian Oligarchs.

    White man dont give a f#@$k about money, the white man care about power, and thats what they need to come to realize.

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