Snoop Lion Weighs In On ‘Accidental Racist’

By Lora Neng
April 24, 2013

It’s unclear exactly who is driving the controversy around the song “Accidental Racist,” a head-scratching collaboration between country singer Brad Paisley and rapstar LL Cool J, but Snoop Lion decided to step up in defense of the piece. The song which sets up a musical conversation with Paisley as a southerner questioning whether his culturally-ingrained tastes might offend a black barista, voiced by LL Cool J, was panned for questionable taste.

Snoop Lion told Speakeasy that listeners just might be placing too much expectation on musicians: “Just shut the f— up and enjoy the music or don’t. There’s too much put on what we do. It’s just like a movie, or art, or expression, it’s not mean to create so much controversy. Be glad that LL Cool J and Brad Paisley made a record together, that two people from different genres were able to make a record together. Look at the positivity of it all.”

For LL Cool J, whose contribution included lyrics like, “If you don’t judge my do-rag … I won’t judge your red flag” and “If you don’t judge my gold chains … I’ll forget the iron chains,” he cites his aspirations along the lines of Martin Luther King. “I’m not advising anyone to truly forget slavery, but what I’m saying is forget the slavery mentality,” he explained. “Forget the bitterness. Don’t get bitter, get better.”

“I felt like what we had on tape was something that people needed to hear,” added Paisley on Good Morning America. Only days after its release, numerous parodies blossomed online, including popular sketches on SNL and The Colbert Report. Paisley returns the artistic assist with vocals on LL Cool J’s “Live For You,” currently streaming on Amazon.

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