Game Claims Another Man’s Child As His Daughter

By Lora Neng
June 27, 2014

Game MadisonHow someone as active on social media as Game manages to keep a child a secret is baffling, but this story turned out to be awkward if benign. When a young girl appeared on Game’s Instagram post on Father’s Day, gossip stirred about whether she was his biological child.

Necole Bitchie got the scoop in an exclusive interview with Game’s ex-fiancée Tiffney Cambridge, who explained, “Madison is a little girl who plays basketball with this new basketball team that Jayceon threw together for the summer… it’s my understanding that she comes from a situation where there is not a father in the the home… And because Jayceon has done things like ‘The Robin Hood Project’ where he reaches out and helps other people in need, he’s sort of taken Madison under his wing and has decided to father her or God-father her.” But she had doubts about his motivation for “shock value… that’s part of who he is. He is a showman.”

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, aka Game, responded, “Doesn’t matter if I am biologically her father or if I adopted her or if a father figure was absent in her life the last 9 years of it or not… What matters is from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that WE BOTH we’re put into each other’s lives for a reason.”

Meanwhile the little girl’s biological father jumped on his own Instagram to post family photos with Madison. Jayceon implored all baby daddys to abandon the rumor mill and step up their own parenting game.

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2 Comments for “Game Claims Another Man’s Child As His Daughter”

    • Trushootacuhz

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