Aspiring Rapper Arrested From Light Pole Stunt in NY

By Lora Neng
June 29, 2011

Commuters were irate and bystanders aghast when a man was allowed to rap from atop a light pole in the heavily trafficked Times Square while police stood around cautiously talking him down. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” said a woman from Wisconsin to the New York Post. “He got up and danced and rapped and prayed.” Another man remarked, “If he won’t come down when he’s told, they should stun him. There’s an ambulance right there.”

Raymond “CI Joe” Velasquez was banking on the media timing of Thursday following Alicia Keys’ performance for “Good Morning America.” By 9:45 am, 20 surrounding blocks had been closed off to cars by police, who were reluctant to intervene physically.  For nearly 3 hours, the man was allowed to laugh and wave at the gathering crowd, holding cds aloft.

The NY police were disinclined to use force, recalling two years ago how a man tasered from a fire escape ledge lower than the light pole had fallen to his death.

Velasquez was eventually talked down to an Emergency Service Unit truck directly below and handcuffed, but he wasn’t the only one escorted away.  “He’s the ’42nd Street Rapper.’ This is what it takes to make it,” said Bronx maintenance man Juan Figueroa, who incited the rapper by yelling, “Jump, jump, jump!” Evidently the publicity stunt worked. VH1 reports that Velasquez caught the interest of Grammy winning producer Jim Jonson.

Image credit: IDA MAE ASTUTE/ABC

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  1. sups

    shy cas rocking on live real wildstyle…..

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