Rapper Rick Ross Wins Legal Suit Against “Freeway” Ricky Ross

Posted on Mon, July 5, 2010

By Rhindi White

Ross has officially filed the suit in federal court in California to the tune of $10 million. He claims the Boss stole his name and identity and wants to stop the sale of his album. Along with Ross, the ex-con also names Jay-Z, Def Jam, Universal Music Group and Vivendi in the suit. Ricky reportedly asserts trademark and his rights of publicity in seeking an injunction that would prevent the rapper from using the “Rick Ross” name or releasing any albums using it. He also says that the U.S. Patent and Trademark officehas refused to let the rapper trademark the name.

“Just got update on lawsuit filed against me….injuction to stop release of my album has been denied!!aka tossed out!!”

Rapper RIck Ross reported on Friday via his Twitter account (@rickyrozay) that he would be releasing his upcoming album, Teflon Don, unhindered by “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ attempt to prevent it.

Teflon Don, the highly-anticipated fourth album from Ross, will feature production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, The Inkredibles, No. ID and Kanye West, among others. The album will feature guests including Jadakiss, T.I., Tre Songz and Jay-Z.

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11 Comments for “Rapper Rick Ross Wins Legal Suit Against “Freeway” Ricky Ross”

  1. zaggin4efil

    fin foo

  2. rick ross (miami - cop)

    Thats crazy that this dude from Miami (Rick Ross) was indeed a cop at one point and the so called gangstaz of Miami accept him as they front man. Mannnnn, they all foul for letting that roll. This dude was a real like cop claiming to be a drug dealing. Ric Ross is the biggest fraud, pranksta, mark, busta on the hip hop roster. Miami as a whole must be snitches since they accepting this.

  3. Tim

    Thumbs up to freeway rick ross, and f that other phony mother fkr and everybody who rub shoulders with him

  4. What Happening Here

    WOW! It just shows what type of people really come on here….Uh, duh…I think i’ll side with a drug dealer that ruined a lot of people and families with crack cocaine, I would rather side with him than someone who’s at least making an honest living making music. So what if he was a prison guard, how many ni66as u see out there as security guards???? Are they narcs too!!! Give me a break, you ni66as so fing dumb to side with a purveyor of poison instead…what a bunch of a-holes!

  5. stinger

    uhh…gang members come on here dumb dumb..

  6. nutcase1920

    dont nobody listen to rick ross anyways lol he just like guerilla black he gonna be hot for a couple seconds then we’ll forget bout his fat blank f that phony blank guy if u is a real guy u know wussup with the real ricky ross and woulda known that guy was biting from the begining

  7. jay money

    u guyz cross the wrold hate rick ross that much? this sum fed up ish have u chick made blank guys have anything else goin on in ya little towns Especially the rat capitol of the wrold…….NYC!!!! 8MILLION PEOPLE PACKED U MUTHA FAS SHOULD BE HATERS EVERY WHERE U TURN THERE IS A ANOTHER guy LOOKING AT U. GET A LIFE f STICKS.

  8. jay money

    freeway ricky ross? dude u locked up like forever!!! and u got a lawyer to take this ishhole of a case to be filed in a California court? C’mon man u got lyfe in prison…. in case u didn’t know U aint gettin out not now not ever!!! find something else to do…… like listen to RICKS NEW ALBUM..

  9. Hadman

    The DEFINITION of “Studio Gangster”, this clown-blank, fat slob, former Corrections Officer & wannabe cop, is also the very DEFINITION of “Hater”; he saw ( through his job as a C.O.), all the real life gangstas making more $ than he could ever dream of. So he stole the moniker of one of the realest to ever do it & made up a laughable backstory for his thugged out, hustling alter ego. Straight fraud. The REAL Ricky “Freeway” Ross, made more money ($600mil- $1 bil) risking his neck everyday, than his imposter can ever dream to, even after leaving behind his day job as an Uncle Tom locking up his own people under orders from his white overseer bosses for committing the very crimes he would later falsely claim as his own. One love to the REAL Freeway Ricky Ross, a.k.a. The Johnny Appleseed of Crack

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