Cam’ron: Ferguson Shows Watchdogs “Soft” On NYPD

By Lora Neng
August 20, 2014

Cam'ron Montreality interviewDemonstrators riled by the Ferguson shooting are increasingly turning to their own hometowns to seek justice for abusive policing, but further scrutiny reveals that rarely are there perfect characters.

Cam’ron went on Montreality to bemoan the crazed sensationalism of an incident like Ferguson that overshadows the all too common brutality of policing in New York. “A lot of times what I think is honestly, us New Yorkers when it comes to situations like that we kinda soft as a city… it was a guy two weeks prior to Mike Brown who got choked up by the cops for just selling cigarettes. He got choked out on camera.” He then recalled a 2006 incident that resulted in 50 bullets launched into three men and kil#i*gg Sean Bell, who after stepping out of an argument at a bar had failed to heed a plainclothes NYPD officer, and drove his vehicle into an unmarked police minivan. During investigation, Bell was found to be intoxicated and implicated in a drug dealing dispute.

Details have since emerged that 18-year-old Michael Brown had tried to convince a friend to rob a convenience store of cigars, which were commonly used to roll marijuana, before he met his shooting death unarmed in Ferguson. The Brown family’s lawyer Benjamin Crump, who also represented the family of Trayvon Martin, acknowledged on WND that “you may see images or depictions that don’t paint him in the most complimentary light.” Still the wayward path of youth could not undo the unwarranted use of force by the police, and the family has urged abstaining from further violence.

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