Fuck the Police by Ceebo the Rapper – Lyrics

f#@$k the Police by Ceebo the Rapper Lyrics

Intro: Leroy “Lil Bugzy Hill speaking: He [Ezell Ford] was holding his pants like this, right, he was holding his pants, because that how he walk, the police pull up, they jump out, and as soon as the police jump out, they rush him, one of them [LAPD officer] rush him over here to the corner right over here, next thing you know, they got him [Ezell Ford] over here they are scuffling him up over here in the corner, they smashed on him, scuffling him on the corner, then the other police jump on him and he on him too, next thing I know I hear a shot, BOOM! Then another shot, BOOM! Then another police officer, the other one that was with him says, “shoot him” then another shot, BAM!

What you thought? You was gonna ki*l my guy and we weren’t going to say nothing?

Hands up they ki*led Eaze / Handcuffed he couldn’t get free

f#@$k police and f#@$k peace / When they ki*led Eaze they should have ki*led me

Tell Baby Eaze guy hittin’ the weed / When you bleed guy I bleed

Because we family, f#@$k the cops / When you see a badge, guy still squeeze

How the f#@$k can they tell us we free? / When the PD is the enemies

Another black man on the TV screen / Means rest in Peace bro, sweat dreams.

They trying to cover it up / close crime scenes

They the KKK in the flesh / They aim and they bang til you dead

Ain’t you the one wearing a vest? / How could I ever be labeled a threat?

Give us respect / Clean this sh*% up or we making a mess

They trying to replacing him with bread / ain’t no replacing the death

f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k the Police!
f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k the Police!
f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k the Police!
f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k em, f#@$k the Police!

I’m screaming rest in peace to Little E / Man, Dante Parker rest in peace

Free Leebo and Free the Fee / they want a war but it won’t cease

Man f#@$k peace, f#@$k peace

Mother: I got a call that my son had be shot, so I hurried up and sped to the scene, when I arrived at the scene I tried to get some information about what happenedd with my son, and the police slammed me on the ground, they just slammed me on the ground, and they stood over me and told me how they were going to beat my blank, and I’m telling them, I’m just trying to find out what happened to my baby, that’s my baby down there, please tell me something, they wouldn’t tell me nothing [crying].

Tell the truth, we all really need to unite / Cuz if not, we’re all gonna die / And we all should be ready to ride / it’s a sign of the times


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August 24, 2014 – The media and police react to Ceebo’s Anti-police protest video

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1 Comment for “Fuck the Police by Ceebo the Rapper – Lyrics”

  1. Joey Cross


    Thanks I needed a good laugh!! One less worthless thug collecting welfare. Good riddance!!!!!

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