Activist/Rapper Immortal Technique Heads Immigration Panel in Costa Mesa

Posted on Wed, August 25th, 2010

By Chris Masi

Underground rapper Immortal Technique heads to Costa Mesa to question the residing mayor’s immigration policies. He is rallied by groups of Los Angeles and Orange County based community organizers that have issues with the controversial Mayor Allan Mansoor.

The panel discussion will be on immigration and indigenous issues.

Immortal Technique will participate in discussions on the immigration topics that have divided the city throughout Mansoor’s occupation as Mayor.

The revolutionary MC has been doing his own self-promotion to his local fans via Facebook updates on his page. Immortal Technique recently posted his dissatisfaction with the concern for immigration vs the World Cup when he said, “145 comments about the world cup. 11 about the Immigration forum. f#@$kin’ clowns… I’ll see the real soldiers there (those dedicated but who can’t make it there cuz you live far please repost everywhere).”

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1 Comment for “Activist/Rapper Immortal Technique Heads Immigration Panel in Costa Mesa”

  1. Spuds

    You can’t have a country without a border and you cannot have sovereignty if the border is not enforced. Illegal immigration has been a blight on this country, has lowered wages for non-college educated workers. The construction industry used to be an area where men could earn a decent living but most of the industry has been taken over by illegal immigrants who are willing to work for less. Latinos graduate high school at a 50% rate which cost billions a dollars due to welfare, crime etc.

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