Kanye West and Suge Knight may likely go to court

Posted on Mon, August 30th, 2010

By Chris Masi
Kanye West and Suge Knight were unsuccessful at finding any mediation last Thursday. They were unable to come to any agreements regarding their dispute that traces back to an altercation in a Miami night club in 2005.

This is the second time they have met in order to settle the dispute, but neither attempts have proven to be successful.

The former Death Row label CEO has been threatening a civil law suit, and now Suge Knight’s attorney Marc Brumer made statements that they may be heading to court.

The most recent mediation attempt was held via phone calls. They met earlier in New York. According to Suge’s lawyer, West denied responsibility for the events that happened to the former rap mogul.

Knight was at a party in Miami’s Shore Night Club, which was being hosted by Kanye West, when a shooting broke out and he was shot in the leg. Suge Knight is suing West as the owner of the night venue for $200,000 in medical bills plus $1 million in damages for failure to provide security. He also claims he lost a diamond earring with $135,000 in the chaos of the night.

The trial date has been set for December 6th.

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2 Comments for “Kanye West and Suge Knight may likely go to court”

  1. j

    He need to just do a video with him at Lueders Park
    Like Wacka Flake Flame in the Jungles
    And Tyga on Hoova and 52nd
    A whats with that
    I guess Game gonna do one on Piru
    And Snoop gonna do one on 21st and Lewis
    Whats with that remix to Hard In the Paint

  2. bmbsatnght

    rbl posse wid uzis P

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