The rapper Game is being sued by 40 Glocc after a beat down Staff Writer
October 29, 2012 | 2:00 p.m. PST

Jayceon Taylor, known by his rap name The Game, 32, is being sued by a another rapper 40 Glocc, 37. Torry Gassway, aka 40 Glocc filed a lawsuit in The Los Angeles County Superior Court for a beat down he received from The Game over the summer. Glocc is claiming that he suffered injuries to his eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back.

Not that the beat down wasn’t bad enough, The Game decided to record the chase and fight with his iPhone, then he uploaded the video on Youtube. Glocc is suing for an unspecified amount, and we are sure that the lawsuit includes damage done to his thug reputation that is in question. The video portrays him as a coward.

Glocc said he was leaving a party, when he was jumped by The Game and Game’s 15-man entourage for no reason. He also claims that The Game chased him in the streets as he left a party in the Hollywood Hills, then caught up with him. According to Glocc, The Game then pointed a gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would “end it right now”. Glocc stopped and that’s when The Game and his entourage beat him mercilessly.

Video of Game assaulting 40 Glocc while simultaneously recording it.

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9 Comments for “The rapper Game is being sued by 40 Glocc after a beat down”

  1. bangin cedar

    Chuck should not have wasted his time with 40 Glocc, why?

  2. Gangsters are cowards

    All of these gangsters are nothing but cowards.

  3. YGSlimDuce15OOi

    both of them busters

  4. I am surprised that Game did not get arrested for Assault just based on the video. Was this in the Hollywood Hills or Beverly Hills? Also since Game said “on Cedar,” a reference to his neighborhood, a prosecutor could turn this into a gang thing so easily, being that 40 Glocc represents Crip and Game represents Blood.

    I know this had nothing to do with gangs, but it could easily get spun that way.

  5. stef

    These two fellas are in their early to mid 30’s already…when is it time for them to “grow up” and “mature”? Is this a typical behavior for thugs or rappers? I see it too often in the media that our rappers are feuding and I’m really not sure why is it that they keep the same street mentality as they begin to succeed. Doe that saying “you can take the boy out the hood… but you can’t take the hood (mentality) out the boy”. And, Isn’t the game MARRIED and has CHILDREN? Great role model there!

    • westsider

      The problem here is that 40 Glocc had been saying disresepctful things about Game for some time now, and they finally were face to face. He got to defend hisself and his name

  6. marina mafia

    hold you down…..

  7. salinaz

    on you………..

  8. Trushootacuhz

    Str8 up bkustaz bkoth of dem clownz are a fuccin stain on da hood gayme u used to bke a stripper in da clubk u ain’t no stopah period 40glocc wtf u should hav ur hood pblank revokked lame blank excuse of a man & a crip bkrin shame on da locs cuhz u gotta take dis nicca out period fucc wacc wall st fucc gayme fucc comptkon menblank fucc all slobks dat wanna bkrin it ecg ma nicca 97thst

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