Black Disciples Suspected in Murder of Teenage Chicago Rapper

By Lora Neng
December 20, 2013

Lest we forget that rap dissing can have real consequences, the Chicago Sun Times reported the death of another young aspiring rapper on Wednesday.

Don Darius, born Ladarius Brisco, used the Twitter handle @DonDarius2x_BDK–”BDK” standing for “Black Disciple Killers”–and had posted several music videos to YouTube to kick start his entry into the field. He died from shooting injuries sustained on the morning of December 16th, passing away two days later at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in Cook County.

News sources surmised that Brisco’s murder was in retaliation for mocking the Black Disciples gang, with lyrics like “BDK, F*ck the opps” in the song “Competition,” among other numbers. He was shot in the head, and his career ended at the early age of seventeen.

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28 comments on “Black Disciples Suspected in Murder of Teenage Chicago Rapper

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