Grand Hustle Mourns Fallen Affiliate Doe B

By Lora Neng
December 30, 2013

Not long after Doe B’s death, a suspect in his murder came forward. The Grand Hustle Records affiliate was shot dead in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday.

The gunfire that broke out in Centennial Hill Bar and Grill (formerly the Rose Supper Club) resulted in the death of the 22-year-old rapper, birth name Glenn Thomas, and Montgomery resident Kimberle Johnson, with further injuries suffered by six other patrons. Mayor Todd Strange closed the establishment for posing “an imminent threat to public safety,” unable to prevent the incident despite the presence of club security. WSFA reported that Jason McWilliams, age 25, offered himself up to local police detectives in relation to the shooting the next day.

“Security yall let guns in the club??? Again???!” echoed artist Manager DJ Frank White for the club’s closure. “You need to be arrested. This blood is on your hands #therose #centineiel hill???”

“RIP to my lil brother Doe B,” tweeted Grand Hustle founder T.I. “We gon miss u my nigga. U’ll never be forgotten & U WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN. We Love U champ. Always.”

The rapper was known to sport an eye patch covering the damage from another shooting three years ago.

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33 comments on “Grand Hustle Mourns Fallen Affiliate Doe B

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