Rapper COREY MILLER will spend the next 10 years behind

c-murderRapper COREY MILLER will spend the next 10 years behind bars after pleading no contest to charges of second degree murder dating back to 2002. Miller, formerly known as C-Murder, was hit with the charges following the death of a 16 year old during a brawl at a New Orleans, Louisiana nightclub in 2002. He was convicted in 2003 and handed a life sentence, but it was overturned in 2006 after he had spent three years in a Louisiana prison. A new trial was granted based on claims prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three of their witnesses. Miller was placed on house arrest pending the retrial, which was due to begin this week, with jury selection scheduled for Tuesday (26May09). But he reportedly struck a deal with prosecutors on Wednesday (27May09) and has pleaded no contest to the two counts of attempted murder. As per the agreement, Miller will be sentenced to 10 years in prison but the term will not be handed down officially until 25 August (09), when State District Judge Tony Marabella will formerly sentence the star. Prior to the agreement with prosecutors, Miller the brother of hip-hop entrepreneur Percy Miller was facing a mandatory life sentence if convicted of teenager Steve Thomas’ death.

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12 Comments for “Rapper COREY MILLER will spend the next 10 years behind”

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  2. ricksmiff

    C-Murder made a video declaring he has seen more things than most people,when in fact he is just a punk who ki*led a little 16 yr.old kid.I am a square out of Harlem(N.Y.)but I have seen shootings ,stabbings,worked bagging dope(heroin)and coke(cocaine)before I won a scholarship to Princeton and left all that behind.These southern boys think being down is the sh*%,when in fact they never get anywhere,end up forty years old,standing outside the corner store with a cup,stemming.They stand there,cup in their hand talking"f#@$k that guy in his tie,f#@$king lame sell-out",while I jump into my Benz and zoom out of sight I catch their longing glare in my rear view mirror

    • Mora ToRium

      Instead of watchin a ni66a fade in your mirror, why don’t you help/him out? As was done unto you, do unto others…Thats why we in a mess now son, your Princeton degree aint gonna teach you anything about your heart. Be a good man, help a ni66a out, you said you’ve seen it now stop coming on here and talking about what you got and help someone that ain’t got. Peace.

  3. HIppy Hopper

    THis country does need to do more to help the poor, and black men have gotten totally shafted by history in Amerikkka, and poverty makes life terrible, especially when you don’t get enough care as a child or any education, that can just ruin you. I would say to black men either raise yourselves up, or go for real targets in this society, not innocents or each other. There are tons of people who deserve what you’ve gotten, but you gotta have the smarts, and that’s tough. You can help people, but they have to take the help as well. That’s the tough part. Anyway, black people have come a long ways just in the last 20 years, and Obama will make a lot of people think twice about being criminals.

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  5. crookedfig

    Quote They stand there,cup in their hand talking”f#@$k that guy in his tie,f#@$king lame sell-out”,while I jump into my Benz and zoom out of sight I catch their longing glare in my rear view mirror.

    Well i think your a sell out too…

    go do some time like a real Gangster, 10 years aint sh*%.
    Hell b out in 6…

  6. jump-street.ru – all rap

  7. kLLAbEez

    not badddd itz like cmurda vs kwest

  8. kLLAbEez

    lil wayne southern ki*lah

  9. kLLAbEez

    jenufa hubcap the tv kid ha ha nkotb on a snoop concert

  10. kLLAbEez

    guy heads always leak -13 ahat word

  11. kLLAbEez

    fat tone dloc

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